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Lilya İrem Salman, a young star who became famous when she participated in the Kardeşlerim series. She was one of the richest students in the school. Let’s get to know together about the young star Lilia in detail, what is her age, her religion, her family and her life story.

Our star dazzled the viewer with her strong presence, along with her great acting and talent, which she presented through a few works. And when she appeared in her most important role now, “Talia” in the Kardeşlerim series, she met with great success, especially with the success of the series that she is witnessing in its first season.

The most important information about Lilya İrem Salman

This is the most important personal information about the Turkish actress Lilia Eram

Born: January 1, 1999.
Age in 2021: 22 years old.
Her religion: Muslim.
Place of birth: Cihangir – Istanbul.
Her husband: Not married.
Length: 165 cm.
Weight: 52 cm.

Her life story, childhood, religion

Let’s start from the beginning with the beautiful Talia, who played the role of the girl’s friend “Harika”. Her full name is Lilya İrem Salman. She was born on January 1, 1999. She was born in Istanbul and raised in Cihangir. Because of Lilia’s love for acting, she decided to study theater at Haliç Üniversitesi.

Our beautiful woman has beautiful physical features. Attracts the attention of her followers. We start with its length, which does not exceed 164 cm. And her athletic weight, which she always maintains, is 50 kg. Our star Lilia is one of the girls who eat healthy food and exercise constantly to maintain her healthy and athletic body shape.

Lilya İrem Salman
Lilya İrem Salman

Lilya İrem Salman’s Personality Traits

Lilia, the daughter of Capricorn, naughty and hardworking. She is one of the females with solid affection and a strong sense of sensitivity and romance, so she is one of the harems that gives a great rate of love to a man who can seize her charm. Once exposed to the moment when she must express her emotions to the other party, she seeks to hide her feelings, even though they may be burning from the inside.

In love, she does not like randomness in entering into romantic relationships, but he prefers organized and linked romantic relationships that are under domination, so that if she meets a man who admires her, she makes sure to start with his sincere love before revealing to him feelings of love.

She is a leading figure who seeks all methods to reach the highest levels of victory, as she has many wonderful ideas that she presents to work and that supports her in the field of effort. She pays great attention to the element of time and appreciates it remarkably, so she accomplishes a large amount of procedures in small times, just as she possesses a large amount of creative and creative ideas that help her to modify the practical field in which she works.

Lilya İrem Salman a young star
Lilya İrem Salman a young star

Whoever marries her is counted among the lucky men, because she is a sane and not petty lady, at the same time she is an exemplary housewife. This lady enjoys a charming and attractive smile, as she enjoys high femininity in all the behaviors that you conduct with the other partner.

Lilya İrem Salman and her boyfriend

Actress Lilia is not married and is not in a relationship with anyone. This girl is characterized as a rainy personality and has a smooth and calm voice as she talks poise in her speech, with a few spontaneous terms, has dreamy looks with which she can charm her lover. The Capricorn woman’s navigator is modest and expressive. She is most likely a beautiful woman, but she constantly doubts her beauty, but apart from that, she does not like wearing a large number of makeup and prefers that others love her as she is.

She is a very honest person in her feelings, as soon as she loves the other partner, she devotes all her life and interest to him. It looks at traditions deeply and consciously, so that it makes traditions a necessary part of its life, besides having a limited number of answers to make the traditions that it adheres to in line with the current era.

This lady is likely to be introverted, loving stillness and meditation and sitting alone for a long time. This woman has the distinction of being a martyr of the truth and does not compromise in the truth and does not abandon the application of that right. This woman is very dedicated to her work, because it occupies a huge place in her life.

Actress Lilia
Actress Lilia

This lady is doing her best to have a calm and completely vacant life. She has that stubborn personality in her behavior, which makes her lose the large number of bonds in her presence in the world. This woman is characterized by chaos and lack of headquarters in a large number of things, which may cause her to have a few marital problems with the other partner, as a limited number of people may stay away from her due to lack of organization.

This woman may not be able to express her emotions in a clear way, as she always seeks to hide her feelings, and if she expresses her emotions, she will not be able to express her in a good way that communicates to others.

The beginning of acting

Although she gained a large audience and followers, she has only appeared in one series so far. It is the Kardeşlerim series. It was agreed with the Turkish artist Onur Saeed Yaran, Yigit Kocak, Khaled Ozgur Sari, and the recent joining of the artist Cihan Şimşek, and negotiations are continuing with the artist Jalil Nalcakan to join the cast. A Turkish series called “Kardeşlerim,” published by “NGM Medya,” was published and promoted through social media, and it will be shown on the “Atv” channel.

Begins his journey on the screen, the largest show of the Kardeşlerim series expected to be shown on ATV screens with the crowd, the cast of the Kardeşlerim series My Sisters, a group with distinguished specifications from the most prominent Turkish stars, the effort that will tell the story of four pain-causing and loving brothers, their only problem is the struggle for the purpose of life.

The series is starring in a necessary fashion from young talents, namely Celil Nalchakan, Ahu Yagto, Konit Mete, Fadik Sevin Atasoy, Halit Ozgur Sari, Su Burku Yazgi Koçukun, Yigit Kocak, Simeg Selcuk, Damla Su Ekizoglu, Onur Seit Yaran, Cihan Şimicek and Kaşık.

talya in the series Kardeşlerim

She played a strong role in the Kardeşlerim series, the role of Talia. It is one of the modern Turkish series. One of the most worthy episodes of the Turkish series 2021 in the Arab world, which achieved high insight on YouTube, was also popular with the audience of the Turkish Atv channel.

And let us not forget that the motive behind this is the participation of the brightest Turkish representatives of the old generation with newer generations. She loves what she offers and has a love for the honorable competition, and the result was the Kardeşlerim series, which has been running since its first episodes. It makes the viewer eager to stand over the conclusion of the series or how its follow-up episodes will be.

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This lady is characterized by the presence of a mixture of hatred, hatred and hate in her. The Capricorn female is one of the women who seeks to adhere to customs and traditions as much as possible, because she is a woman who is serious and strict, this characteristic may expose her to some problems with others.

That woman wears an exaggeratedly graphic dress in the workplace, which draws her attention. He lost a suit and high-heeled shoes. She is a stubborn person who finds herself always right and does not admit her mistakes. One of the best flaws and shortcomings of this lady is that she is a moody woman, and you may find her joyful and after a short period of time you will find her sad, just as she loves solitude and staying away from others.

She is a remarkably pessimistic female, so a woman full of destructive energy.
This woman is remarkably emotional, which makes her judge people by her feelings and not her mind, which exposes her to many problems.