Gokberk Demirci religion, age, series, wife and more

Turkish actor Gokberk Demirci, the hero of the Oath series, a lot about his series, his height, weight, age, wife, Gokberk Demirci’s religion, nationality, astrological sign, works of Turkish actor Gokberk Demirci, upcoming projects and biography, special details about his life, talent, favorite sport, and academic qualifications.


Who is Gokberk Demirci?

Gokberk Demirci was born on October 20, 1989.
Gokberk Demirci’s age in 2020: 31 years.
Birthplace: He was born in Adana.
Gokberk Demirci Nationality: Turkish Nationality.
Gokberk Demirci’s height: 181 cm.
weight: 77 kg.
Gokberk Demirci Religion: Probably Muslim.
Astrological sign: It is the sign of Libra.
Academic/scientific qualification: Studied acting in a theater.
Gokberk Demirci and his wife: single.
When did his artistic career begin: His artistic career began in 2016.

Gokberk Demirci, his life story and biography

One of the Turkish artists known for their handsomeness and strong talent, he impressed the spectators with his beauty and presence.
The star was born in 1989 in Bazmit, with origins in Adana.
However, as a result of his father’s work, he lived between many cities,
He is 1.81 cm tall and weighs 80 kilograms. His astrological sign is Libra.
His eyes are blue, his hair is light brown.

One of his hobbies is riding motorbikes, except that he is in love with them. Nothing prevented him from doing so. Until he had to give up his passion and adoration for this frightening hobby,
As a result of the death of his 18-year-old brother as a result of a motorcycle accident,
One of his hobbies is the practice of practicing martial arts for several years.

Born in Izmit, originally from Adana due to his father’s job, he lived in many cities.
Contributed to many advertisements for Rexona and Letgo. He is 1.81 cm tall and weighs 80 kg.
He first appeared in a series in Back Streets, and then in a movie, Love in My Life.
In Yildizlar Kayar and in Malazgirt 1071, a motorcyclist,
But he had to give up his passion when his 18-year-old brother died as a result of a motorcycle accident
He has been in the martial arts for many years.


Gokberk Demirci was born on October 20, 1989


He has been doing mixed sports for a long time. He has participated in children’s plays throughout his education. He is also a member of the Turkish Republic Theater, and he has the ability to use swords and ride a horse With sports, his professional presence began with Kroos, He continued to perform sports exercises such as basketball, boxing, Muay Thai and Muay Thai. Just as you practice swords, defense and choreography from İlker Can Karagül and Slovak Belicka, In addition to that, the documentary film “Behind the Vocabulary” worked as a model for Italian photographer Eduardo Dellil for a period of time.

The works of Gokberk Demirci, the beginning of his art and his first works

The beginning as an actor in the series The Ottoman Empire, and before that he was working in advertisements, this work revolves around the Ottoman Empire in 1711 AD,
After the Ottoman Empire defeated the Russian Empire, the story begins with the organization of the Ottoman Sultan can not oppose the Janissary forces,
And a few of the destructive gangs of the Sultan who are trying to organize to dare to revolt, and even a few people realize the plot against the palace, but all things are greatly delayed in some matters, starring Hakan Akin, Erol Alpsoykan, Mehmet Aslan.

In 2016, he participated in the competition of the series “You Name It What You Want”. With Mosab Ekeshi, Gözdi Gurkan, Merv Sevin. His novel revolves around an immoral and unfriendly man, who remains the one woman who has all the time. His sister Aisha, then moves to contribute to the last seasons of the series Back Streets,
Zafer Ergin, Sevket Koruh, Ozgur Ozan compete. It is a long running crime television series on Kanal D, which began broadcasting in July 2006. In its 11 seasons on repeat. The series has become a novel that surpasses its TV ratings. Aside from her criticism of the logic’s continuity errors, next to the superhero’s basic individual capabilities.

Amir, the hero of the series “Oath or Right”

The events of the series revolve around a young prince in the prime of life, Ibn Agha, Aram and Ghani. He only cares about his person and the intense chariot competitions that could take his life. The other, Rehan, a beautiful, gentle and polite child, the daughter of Amir’s aunt. He makes the father’s decision to marry the two after he persuades his niece,
Two people who are completely different from each other, as they did not see each other before the father of Amir (she) brought her. Rehan is a simple, young and beautiful girl, trained in the classical style, in the wake of her mother’s death. She transforms in a completely unexpected moment. She will move from Erzurum to Istanbul to live with her uncle. She asked Rehan to marry his reckless son and take care of his sick daughter.

Rehan was not in her imagination to marry someone she did not know. Because that would be unfair to her and to a prince whom she did not witness in any way. However, as a result of her uncle’s sick attitude, she was satisfied, as he was seriously ill and at risk of perishing. She would not be happy to please him, but she would ratify that marriage for the safety and satisfaction of her uncle,
She will marry a prince, and her uncle will give her the ring of a prince’s grandmother, not only her cousin. However, his father also was not satisfied with this marriage, and the Lady of Kafidan did not allow it. Even by kissing her hand, I despised her for being a humble child, born and raised in a village. Kavidan does not accept that marriage and does her best to disrupt their marriage until now to ratify them. Amir does not like Rehan, but he married her only in fulfillment of his father’s wishes. So far, the marriage Amir wants to annul the marital relationship by telling Rehan that that marriage was not in the form of any of them.

Gokberk Demirci Series Movies & TV Shows

One of his first works is the series Once Upon a Time in the Ottoman Empire “Bir Zamanlar Osmanlı: Kıyam” in 2012.
The second work he participated in a non-essential role in “Osmanlı’da Derin Devle” in 2013.
In 2016, he played the role of Seif in the series “Adını Sen Koy”.
He played the role of Adel in the series “Hayatımın Aşkı” in 2017.
In 2018, he starred in the series Back Streets.
But his fame came after he starred in the series The Alliance, the Oath or the Oath in 2019.
He also worked in cinema, first in the movie Demir Atlı Gringo, then he made the movie Yıldızlar Kayar, and then he starred in Malazgirt 1071.

The right series, season three

With the success of the big series, a decision was made to make a second season of this work, despite the absence of the main heroine in this part, but he confirmed that the audience would like the idea of ​​changing the actors in this work. The artist says about his role in the series “Al-Qassem”: “Live what I have earned, and I will know the price of a tooth. Thank you for the abundant themes that always support us. And dear viewers, sincere and loyal club, etc.

Thank you Yameen family seeing us as a member of his family, our precious audience who hugs you. I respect you and love without conclusion, believe a limited number of sentences created. I feel sad and broken, it was just a tiny fraction. I will look forward to the reunion on healthy days. With respect and love in return, in a speech issued by the Foundation for the release of the series. It is true that the news that “Özge Yağız will not be in the upcoming “YEMİN” series.

That separation occurred because our representative did not have a written agreement or role in the aftermath of that script.” Regarding season 3 of the series, “The upcoming season, we will continue to tell our story with excitement on the biggest day. Thank you for your understanding, common sense and concern. See you at the 3rd season.”


height: 181 cm

His family, personal relationships and secrets in his life

He is an animal lover and loves to listen to music in his spare time. And spending a little time with the animals while he was affectionate, which he mentioned has a beautiful voice. He likes to listen to himself while he sings, and he prefers to stay away from social media and magazines. He studied acting and then started acting on stage in the play Cengiz Küçükayvaz Gökberk Demirci. Despite his first acting experience in theater in his student years, he began to adopt fashion. He went to visit a friend in a series of groups in Izmit and by chance stood on his feet and decided to stay in that sector.

In an interview with one of the art websites, the artist said that he loves to prepare breakfast himself.
Demirci prefers to serve meat dishes as a main meal in his dishes.
It is the advertising face of one of the famous men’s clothing brands.

Gokberk Demirci and his girlfriend or wife and children

He loves to practice sports since he was a child until now, and he is very attached to it. He devotes a large number of his time in order to perpetuate the highest, acting was not a talent of recent times above. He lost contributed to children’s plays during his school studies. After entering the university, he appeared on the stage, as well as becoming a member of the Turkish Balad Theatre. He trained a lot in the use of swords and riding horses with sports. Among the games he likes to play are Basketball, Boxing, Muay Thai, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing. In 2009 he ranked No. 3 in boxing, he is not in a romantic relationship and is not married yet.


Gokberk Demirci Religion: Probably Muslim