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Deniz Can Aktas, what is his date of birth, what is his religion, when did he start acting, his personal relationship, for each of the actor’s fans, this is a complete article about everything you like to know about him from his work, secrets of his life, upcoming projects and biography,, special details About his life, his talent, his favorite sport and his favorite star, what is his height, weight and academic qualifications.



Deniz Can Aktas

Personal card and private information

Date of Birth: October 16, 1992, AD.
Age in 2018: 26 years old.
Place of birth: Turkey – Izmir.
Nationality: Turkish.
His religion: Muslim.
Height: 183 cm.
Weight: 75 kg.
Astrological sign: Libra.
Academic/scientific qualification: A university graduate.
His wife or girlfriend’s name: Not married.

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Secrets and life story of Deniz Can Aktas and biography

Is a Turkish actor Chat A young model, he loves to play football and plays sports constantly. He loves to travel a lot. He entered the world of acting and started acting in 2015 and was famous for his role in the famous Turkish series Sweet Little Liars.

Starring Melissa Zenlon and Dylan Cicek Deniz, despite his young age, he was able to get a major role in this series. His work, has become the focus of girls’ attention in fact, as it was in the series, about his upcoming projects, as he is the hero of the series (Avlu), the series starring Dimit Evgar, Seren Murray and Nursel Kos. Another, Deniz plays the role of Albe Ibn Qudrat (Nursel Kos), who works in illegal business and he helps her. A woman named Deniz enters prison unjustly, and when she is proven innocent, she is accused of killing the prison warden. The series has a lot of excitement and mysterious action events.


life story of Deniz Can

Series, movies, and plays

Avlu series 2018 – Nerdydesen Beyradir in 2017 – Life is sometimes sweet in 2016 AD – Sweet Little Liars 2015 AD – Series The story of the Weeping Love series Information, full report and photos Aşk Ağlatır.

Deniz Can Aktas old, new and exclusive photos

Deniz Can Aktas Deniz Can Aktas is a shining TV star, he became a distinguished actor with time, the audience fell in love with him, and he became a large fan base, which made him a first star. Picked him up from reporters nothing is known about her.

Deniz Can Aktas when he is young

The viewer loves his look. Whenever he appears with a work that forces the viewer to look at his behavior, his way of acting, his interesting artistic style and his ability to assume the role, Deniz is a fun young actor with a great and mighty talent, who predicts a lot of great stardom for him, and that he records a great position in Turkish art, like many young stars of Turkish art .

He was born in Izmir on October 16, 1992 AD, his religion is Islam, he is tall, 183 cm tall, his astrological sign is Libra, he studied at the university and during his studies he started working in fashion shows that qualified him to stand in front of cameras and dared to act.

Deniz Can Aktas new and exclusive series and photos

Deniz Can Aktas was born on July 28, 1993 in Istanbul, Deniz Can Aktas was born in Istanbul, he is originally from Kastamonu Inbolu, graduated from Piri Reis University, Department of Marine and Business Engineering, the young actor started his career in 2015 with the series Tatlı Küçük Liars (Sweet Little Liars), then he played a role in life, sometimes sweet in 2016, and then played the role of Ali in Where Are You, and he was distinguished as the murderous psychopath in the Avlu series in 2018, and now he is the hero of the Ask Aglatir series.

Deniz Can Aktas photos taken by journalists

Deniz Can Aktaş also known as the best model of 2014, before appearing as a TV drama actor, who was recorded with his good looks, to escape from being the center of attention especially for young girls, as Ronaldo Burak magazine chases him to become its model, this model is one of the most popular names The most handsome and attractive, portraying a young football fan, the 24-year-old has a beautiful temperament with his strong and gentle attitude, Ronaldo Burak, who travels between Sevda and Gozde, is the main actor of many entertaining stories throughout the series.

Previously known as the Sweet Little Liars series, this model appeared and improved his ability with every acting attempt, for the role of Pierce Acalay in School of Life Is a school theme like Life Science or the Dirty Seven, which we’ve hosted in our homes in the past, has proven Gani Mogdi, screenwriter at all The three programs, his success in this topic for everyone, Pirs Akali is admired by all TV viewers young and old and causes the series to be watched with his sympathetic attitude, Deniz Can Aktaş who took the opportunity to develop his talent by participating in this project, made a big difference in her contributions to the work team, this The handsome actor is the center of attention of students in school and young girls in real life.


Deniz Can Aktas photos

Avlu series

Avlu is considered one of the most important and first absolute starring series for him, as it is the main male role in the series, he presented the role of a spoiled, mentally ill young man who loves himself and owns things to the point of killing them instead of staying away from him. She moved away from him for fear of her, but he did not leave her unkilled, and when she knew her mother, he started a war between them, trying to kill him to take her revenge.

Ask Aglatir series

The most wonderful series, Al-Hob Al-Weeping or Ask Aglatir, is the second starring for Deniz, it was shown for the first time on the screens in September 2019, a romantic drama series taken from a Korean series, revolving around two young men, a girl and a man, brought together by the harsh circumstances of life, Ada is a girl whose mother died as a child At the age of seven to be raised by her severe uncle, he degraded her a lot because he was the one who raised her, and she is grateful to him and his wife because they allowed her to live with them instead of living in an orphanage, but she lives a very harsh life, she met Denise after he read her mother’s answer to her when she was young, and he tried to He meets her to return her answer, at this time an old man asked her to marry and she was rejected by her cruel uncle who wants to force her to marry him because he is rich, and she is forced to escape from her uncle’s house with this young man (Deniz), to be arrested and leave her alone in the big Istanbul against his will.