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Melisa Sözen Nationality, religion, age, husband and other details
Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Melisa Sözen
Complete information about actress Melisa Sözen
Melisa Sözen in the series Wreath
Melisa Sözen and her husband Alikan Yosoy
The most important works presented by Melisa Sözen from films and TV series
Awards received by Melisa Sözen


Melisa Sözen Nationality, religion, age, husband and other details

Date of Birth: July 6, 1985
Residence: Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Age: 34 years old
Weight: 53 kg
Height: 169 cm
Hair color: black
Eye color: dark brown
Academic Qualification: Graduated from the Pera Institute of Fine Arts, Department of Theater
Marital status: Alikan Yugesui (married 2013–2014)
Astrological sign: Cancer
Parents: Nilgun Karaja

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Melisa Sözen

Instagram Melisa Sözen: Sözen
Facebook Melisa Sözen: Sözen
Twitter Melisa Sözen: Sözen


Melisa Sözen religion

Complete information about actress Melisa Sözen

Melisa Sözen (Turkish: Melisa Sözen) is a Turkish actress, born on July 6, 1985 in Istanbul. He has a brother named Barish. He started primary school at Atta College, but she graduated from Lutfa Girls School. She studied at Atta College. She also attended Elif Bemore Ballet School. She started as a musician at the age of 14 on the musical “Seven Hormones”. There he met Nelong Bogun and Levent Ozdilek in 1999 and played in the first TV series called Kadınlar Kadın Kulübü’ (Women’s Club).

She graduated from the theater department at the Pera School of Fine Arts. In Turkey, she has acted in several Turkish series, including Narin, in which she starred. She participated in many works in the field of theater, and presented films. In 2008, she participated in an environmental project entitled “The Woman Who Saved the World”, an environmental awareness program.

She also dubbed the character “Clover” in the movie “Totally Spies” in 2009. She participated in about 15 works, including: the movie “Wish me luck” 2001, the movie “School” 2003, the series “Wreath of Roses” 2004, the comedy movie “He Now Convicted” 2004, “While We Wait for Heaven” 2005, “The Edge of the Knife” series 2007, “Nareen” 2009 series, “Hunting Season” 2010, and “Stories from the Southeast: Home First” 2010 presented at the Ankara Film Festival The sixteenth, from 3 to 13 March 2005. There he met the director Darwish al-Zaim. A few months later, Dorvis the leader starred in the movie Waiting for Heaven.

Melisa Sözen in Çemberimde Gül Oya

Çemberimde Gül Oya (is a Turkish social drama series, produced in 2004, the first Turkish series dubbed into Arabic. It was the gateway to the success of Turkish drama in the Arab world. After its success, it presented the lost years and others dubbed into Arabic in the Syrian dialect. It was shown on MBC 1 in the summer of 2007 It has also been shown on 2M channel and Libyan channel.

The story revolves around a hardworking journalist named (Farah), who is asked by her boss to bring an article about youth in the seventies, so she goes and tells her mother (Samar) and asks her for help, so that Samar tells her story. That she was living in a house owned by a Greek woman and lived with (Sonia), her father (Ghazi) and her grandson (Kanan). Another family consists of (Jumana), her husband (Ibrahim) and her daughter (Gamila). And a girl named Hanan, who used to work as a singer. And (Gamila) was in love with a person named (Wahid). As for Samar’s family, it consisted of her husband (Amjad) and his mother (Khadija). After Samar married Amjad, her father refuses, but she opposes and loves him more and more, and there are clashes between a group of young men, including Amjad, and the Turkish government, where Amjad is imprisoned for a few months, and Jamila escapes With her lover Waheed, but her smitten cousin (Mamoun) reveals their whereabouts, but Waheed and Jamila escaped and they will travel to Antalya to get married there. Jamila goes to see Samar a day before they travel, and while he is waiting for Jamila, she comes and when her father sees her, a violent clash takes place between Jamila’s father and his enemies, and Waheed goes the victim of this clash. .

Jamila is surprised and gets a strong shock that makes her not talk to anyone. As for Hanan, she leaves her ex-husband (Suleiman) and marries a rich person named (Emad), but his mother refuses that, and then Emad falls ill to death, and his mother takes Hanan and Hanan disappears permanently. Samar gives birth to a girl who is Farah and who named her this The name is Jamila and it was the first word she said. Mamoun marries Jamila and they go to the village. Amjad asks for the army and goes and then he never sees. Salma, mother of Kinan and Sonia’s daughter, comes and takes Kinan with her to Germany, where she works there. Jumana and Ibrahim die, and a wealthy family comes to The Greek owner of the house and they ask to buy the house, then she accepts their request and asks (Sonia – Samar – Amjad – Ghazi) to leave the house and leave it


Melisa Sözen in Çemberimde Gül Oya

Melisa Sözen and her husband Alikan Yosoy

Melissa Sozen married theatrical actor Alikan Yusoy on July 31, 2013. In the fifth month of their marriage, Turkish actress Melissa Sozen, famous for “Futun” in the series “Harem Al Sultan”, separated from her husband, actor Alikan Yugesoy, after a short marriage period. . The husband stated that he had been living away from his wife for a month, and that they had taken the decision to separate together after realizing the impossibility of continuing life together because of their affiliation with the artistic community, which leads to different work schedules and which prevents the formation of an ideal family.

The most important works presented by Melisa Sözen from films and TV series

2020 Kirmizi Oda (TV Series) Alef 2019 Damien veut changer le monde 2018 Babamin Günahlari (TV Series) 2017 7YUZ (TV Mini Series) 2017 Çember (TV Series) 2017 Le Bureau des Légendes (TV Series) 2017 Hayat Sarkisi (TV Series) 2015 Bes Kardes (TV Series) 2015 Bir Varmis Bir Yokmus 2014 Anali Ogullu (TV Series) 2014 Kis Uykusu

2012-2013 Subat (TV Series) 2012 Pazarlari Hiç Sevmem 2011-2012 Muhtesem Yüzyil (TV Series) 2011 Reis (TV Series) 2010 Av Mevsimi 2010 Güneydogu’dan Öyküler – Önce Vatan (TV Series) 2009-2010 Bir bulut olsam (TV Series) 2007-2008 Biçak sirti (TV Series) 2007 Kabuslar Evi: Seni Beklerken (Video) 2006 Azap yolu (TV Series) 2006 Eve giden yol 1914 2006 Cenneti Beklerken 2005 Çarpisma (Short) 2004-2005 Çemberimde Gül Oya (TV Series)

2005 O Simdi Mahkum 2004 Kayip asiklar (TV Movie) Okul 2003 Büyümüs de küçülmüs (TV Series) 2003 Sarkilar seni söyler (TV Series) 2003 Sih Senem (TV Series) Içerideki 2001 Bana sans dile 2001 Yeni hayat (TV Series) 2000 Ask güzel seydir (TV Movie) 2000 Köçek (TV Movie)

Awards received by Melisa Sözen

İsmail Dümbüllü Awards, Best Female Actress, Bıçak Sırtı 2008
4th Yeşilçam Awards, Best Supporting Actress, Hunting Season 2010
Al-Sadri Theater Award – Best Actress 2015
Film Critics Award – Best Actress 2015

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