Nil Keser religion, age, boyfriend & information


Nil Keser, a name that shone in the sky of Turkish art. After she co-starred
in the series Çilgin Dersane Üniversitede. She played the role of Dafna, from
which she became known by that name. Nil Keser is a young actress with
beautiful tan skin. Soft green eyes. She played with the viewer’s hearts as
the lover plays with his beloved. The viewer forced her to believe in every
role that she presented. This is what made us do this report to satisfy its
followers who follow its news constantly. So here is all the information
available about the buried Çilgin Dersane Üniversitede star, from Nil Keser’s
childhood story to her religion, boyfriend, age, personality traits, and the
characteristics of her dream boy. Her artistic debut and an exclusive photo


Nil Keser religion

Information about Nil Keser

The artist has a lot of important information, and this is what made us
collect the most important 7 information about her:

Nil Keser’s birthday: March 25, 1995.
Age of Nil Keser in 2021: 26 years
Place of birth: Istanbul.
Nationality: Turkish nationality.
Her religion: Probably Muslim.
Her debut as an actress: 2014.
Her husband or lover: single.


Age of Nil Keser in 2021: 26 years


her childhood story

Actress Nil Keser has a happy childhood life, who started acting at the
age of 19. She had a strong presence and a likable personality. Nil Keser was
born in Istanbul in 2019. Followers wonder about her religion, is she Muslim
or Christian? We recently confirmed that she converts to Islam. The beautiful
face received a strong acting education and joined acting workshops to
strengthen her great talent.

Nil Keser is 160 cm tall and weighs
only 55 kg. One of the Çilgin Dersane Üniversitede butterflies. Her
astrological sign is Aries. Born on March 25th. She loves to help people and
give gifts to the needy and help in the stages of adversity, life has not
reciprocal bonds, but reciprocal possession, and everything is subject to
exchange. The house with regard to her is a punishment because the procedures
of the house do not accommodate her talents and creativity, and she was not
created for the purpose of issuing children. It may give warmth and a feeling
of family, so beware that you hold the magazine and eat breakfast with her, so
do not be distracted by her with the newspaper, for she is not a maid who
prepared breakfast. We wish that you convey to her your feelings and feelings
the evidence of happiness, so you wake up early and prepare yourself the food
for breakfast, and do not bother yourself with the hardship of dialogue.

its qualities

One of the characteristics of actress Nil Keser is that she does not
expect any man, she is a confrontation in life with the aim of living, and she
does all the actions more worthy than many men. She is fully convinced that
she is the only woman on the planet who is meant for all men, and that man
will come standing in her hands, asking for forgiveness and love.

woman who possesses all the elements of splendor and femininity and knows what
a man desires and knows his desires.

She loves the
enthusiastic man, and love is a necessary thing to possess before the sexual
bond, unlike the Aries man. She is very proud of her dignity and may disappear
from your life if you feel the coldness of your feelings towards her.

is greatly affected by the words of love and romance, and she loves her when
she is used to performing sex, just as she is very sensitive to any word that
comes from you, for example, a word from you that explains your
dissatisfaction with her appearance. She seeks to imitate her because she is
very jealous about such matters.

Nil Keser and her boyfriend

A mother about Nil Keser and her boyfriend, she is currently not in a
romantic relationship with anyone. She sees that all men are attracted to her,
and they purely wish for a smile from her, but she will only give her to this
man she wants without informing her, she is talented and does not care about
all the traditions within the society, and on the biography of traditions, she
does not like the classic ways of intimate sexual life with her partner.

a fiery ball, she loves to be praised and satisfy her self-love, knows what
she desires, and does not wait for love to knock on the door of her heart, but
goes to search for it without artificial shyness, is extremely sensitive to
criticism, and when her emotions are hurt, it becomes difficult to follow the
path with her. She’s very emotional, but don’t expect her to become attached
to you at all because no matter how hard she feels for you, she’s always
protective of her independence. In the end, she is very frank, so she does not
seek to hide any secret from her, and if you know it from others, you will be


Nil Keser and her boyfriend

A man should know that a woman of Aries is romantic,
but she can live without a man. The knight of her dreams has distinguished
characteristics, and he must be a man in all sense of the term. She is a woman
with a solid advent, but whenever she finds a suitable man and her hardness,
she only limits her presence to give him leadership.

She admires a
man with an independent personality, seeing him confronting her with a mystery
that is difficult to solve, and she will start chasing him, and she is proud
of her person, so he did not create the heel of a man who does not accept her
The Aries woman is not afraid of opponents and will defend her
beloved with composure, provided that he fights the world for her and kneels
at her feet.

The Aries girl is a valiant, talented and clean woman
who re-establishes herself, and establishes her glory if it is destroyed. She
can withstand her tyrannical femininity, and her abilities and her terrible
efficiency appear if this is required of her, and therefore she loves a strong
man who trusts his person and is stronger than her.

Her start as an actress

The first work in which Nil Keser participated was in the series “The
Crazy School”, a comedy series released in 2014. A group of young actors stood
on his feet, who perfected their roles, which were mostly comedic. It is a
work that has been produced in several works and has been made as a movie and
has been reproduced in multiple seasons.

The events of the series
revolve around the universities and the young people they attend, and the
series discusses their problems and conditions and what those years and that
period mean with regard to university youth. The events of the series revolve
around a comic character that makes work one of the most insightful works.

series also includes the recreational life of university students, which is
represented in the recreational efforts conducted by the university, not to
mention the tourist excursions that the youth spend on the beach or between
the tourist resorts. The series is from the year 2014, and the series is
directed by the Turkish director Yasin Uslu.

Çilgin Dersane Üniversitede series

One of the most important series in which Nil Keser has participated is
Çilgin Dersane Üniversitede. Turkish drama / psychological thriller TV series.
The show was first blacked out on June 29, 2015. It is from the competition of
Ipek Karabinar, Ozgur Çivek, Piran Damla Yilmaz, Kökçe Akıldız, Hazar Mutan
and Occupy Solakrmak. The biggest part was messed up on June 29, 2015. On
January 12, 2016, it won the award for Most Valuable Drama Series. He was
awarded the Best Series Award at the Retail Awards Ceremony organized by
Istanbul Gelisim University. It has also been nominated for award ceremonies
in both Korea and France.

series ah where ah nerede

ah where ah nerede summer series called Ah Where is being filmed. whith Oktay Cubuk Filming of its first episode has already begun in Istanbul. It is one of the most awaited series by viewers.

Instagram Nil Keser

One of the sweetest Nil Keser pictures that I posted on Instagram. She
is characterized by her spontaneity and innocence like children, and her
relentless trust in others, which makes her vulnerable to shocks, but
regardless of this, she can pass those shocks, become tougher than before, and
continue her presence in the world, the Aries woman is a person who is not
lazy, loves activity innovation, and deals in a special way with all the
things around it, and it takes from one period to another a little time in
order to regain its activity, and arrange its ideas, and despite the fact that
it is an open personality; However, it requires some eternity, in order to get
used to new individuals and deal with them, the Aries woman is characterized
by her huge frankness, which is revered by those around her, but her frankness
may injure a limited number of personalities, and she is a character who loves
life, challenges difficulties whatever they are, and walks In order to
investigate its ambitions and goals, without talking about it.