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Yasemin Yazici is a Turkish girl who shined in two performances behind each other. She has an Arab beauty with long black hair, gorgeous burgundy skin, and dark brown eyes. She starred in two series that made her name shine recently in the artistic community. We wish Yasemin Yazici starring and prosperity in Turkish acting and drama. The heroine of the last summer series “Naz” Yasemin Yazici, let us know the story of her life and childhood, her religion, age and date of birth. Her lover and best friend. Lots of information about Yasemin Yazici’s personal and professional life.

7 Information about Yasemin Yazici

Our young star, Yasemin Yazici, who learned to dance and sing, has many important news and information. Here are the 7 most important information about Yasemin Yazici:

Yasemin Yazici was born on September 8, 1997.
Yasemin Yazici’s age in 2021: 24 years.
Her place of birth is in Istanbul.
Yasemin Yazici’s religion is probably Muslim.
Qualification Yasemin Yazici graduated from the London School of Economics.
Yasemin Yazici’s husband is not married yet.
She started her acting career in general.

Outwardly barren, however, hiding behind that coldness a volcano of fervent emotions. Love and romantic relationships. She believes in the existence of true love, but she does not believe in that unreal love depicted in cinematic works. She is a real woman and is hard to please, so a man who intends to marry her should sing a lot. He works hard to gain her satisfaction, and often her requirements are not monetary, and that is why it is more difficult for a man. She wants a man to be a real man, gentleman, strong in character, responsible and firm in his behavior with her, and he does not betray her and does not act with her in a fickle mood, because she is sober and the slightest mistake from him withdraws from his age decisively

Who is the last summer champion Nas?

Our beautiful heroine, Yasemin Yazici, has captured the hearts of viewers since her first appearance. She has a different look, a different beauty, close to the Arab beauty. She has black hair and black eyes. She was born in Istanbul in 1997. Her astrological sign is Virgo. Which is characterized by a lot of qualities taken from that strong tower. Her religion is Islam. She has lived in Istanbul with her family until now.

A talented star since childhood where she studied dancing and singing and forced everyone to adopt her great talent. Years later, she received a great education in acting and recitation. Not only that, but she also attended Dialog School and Pera Fine Arts and received enough technical education in order to develop her talent. During that period, she participated in a number of plays that were presented in many languages, French, English and Turkish as well.

As for her education, in addition to studying art of all kinds, she studied social anthropology from the London School of Economics. She graduated from that college in 2018, to begin her career with the search for a real opportunity to appear in the world of art and acting. But before that, she joined the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA).

Personal Traits of Yasemin Yazici

Yasemin Yazici has strong and wonderful qualities as the daughter of an uncompromising Virgo. She enjoys a solid, sensitive and calm personality, and a lot of skin, and occupies the first place on the level of the most kind zodiac signs. She is distinguished by her sincere feelings, behaving spontaneously and by nature.

She is characterized by her gentle and shy nature, very simple and gentle, rational and adherent to reality, customs and traditions, sincere in her feelings, loves complete and ideal romantic ties, loyal and faithful to the partner and strives strongly to realize the other side and do everything in her power to make him happy and satisfy him.

Yasemin Yazici was born on September 8 1997
Yasemin Yazici was born on September 8 1997

She knows her love for good, and kindness dominates her personality, and she does not trade others arrogantly, and she can make others happy when she is with them, and makes them smile and supports them in stressful situations, she always knows the method and how to solve problems, is trustworthy and bears efforts and responsibilities, and she can control stressful situations, It is possible to count the highest in copious amounts of things.

A dreamer who is tyrannical, very beautiful, of natural beauty, clean in spirit and feeling, very beloved by others, because she is peaceful and gentle in her dealings with people. She has a cheerful childish spirit, loves to laugh and be very happy, has a positive and optimistic outlook on life, and has tremendous enthusiasm as soon as she determines and resolves a goal that she would like to reach and convey thanks to him. Her determination is unyielding and indomitable.

Yasemin Yazici started working in acting

Our star started acting in some plays such as “Oedipus the King”, “Antigone”, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Lysistrata”, “Faust (vol. I)”, “The Hugo System” and “Separation”, and these plays are very diverse. In many languages. She gave a very good character about her talent, which she tried in various ways to develop.

The first series in which she participated is the series The Last Summer. And the co-starring Alberan Duymaz, Ali Atay, Fonda Irigit, Havsanur Sancaktutan. The novel The Last Summer revolves around the prosecutor, whose name is Selim Kara, embodied by the actor (Ali Atay), and between the young Akgun, who is embodied by the singer (Albrin Dimaz), a young man in the prime of life who does illegal acts and grew up and grew up in the world of crime and crime as a young man in the prime of his life Age is dangerous and bad manners, one day Akgun’s father asks Selim Kara to protect his son instead of telling him the secrets of the gang that he was working with them and the prosecutor is forced to approve his request.

Yasemin Yazici's husband is not married
Yasemin Yazici’s husband is not married

Naz is the heroine of the last summer series

Yasemin Yazici recently starred in the Fox TV series “Son Yaz” as “Nazz.” The Last Summer series belongs to the type of social drama, whose events contain the presence of a social and suspenseful approach to events with a discussion of a group of important social issues and things. And who is embodied by the star (Albrin Dimaz), a young man in the prime of life who does illegal acts and was raised and raised in the world of crime and crime, and he is a young man in the prime of life, dangerous and bad in behavior and morals, one day he finishes a petition from the plaintiff Selim It is necessary to arrest and bring young Akgun to investigate a matter with him, and to cross out Selim’s forcing him to bring him to justice.

Her first cinematic work

Her first film work was in the movie “Love Tactics,” director: Emre Kapakosak. Author: Belen Karamehmetoglu. Stars: Demet Özdemir, Sukru Özeldez, Doğukan Bulat. Demet Özdemir and Churku Özeldez play the main roles in “Aşk Tactics” with Emre Kabakuşak in the director’s chair.

She is cheerful and loves to laugh and have fun, but in the effort we find her serious, strict, and devoted a lot to her work. The Virgo female is good at equilibrium between the sane and the emotional. She is a truly perfect woman, so only the treatment of princesses and palaces is worthy of her.

She is also characterized by purity in her mind and behavior, and therefore what makes her a real woman far from being pretentious while she is in love, we may see her cold, reserved and unable to display her feelings, but in reality and within her, she is full of femininity and intense feelings. She is a realistic lover in love with her and does the impossible to please her husband. She does not like critical opinion in any way, but she is critical and gives great necessity to the little things.

Skillful and eye-catching with her charm. She tends to make all things systematic around her, as she is a practical woman par excellence. A simple woman who loves frame and arrangement in the various details of her existence in the world. She has enthusiasm and indomitable determination when her goals are lofty and the issues are missionary, and she does everything she has in pursuit of the service job, his judicial guidance.