Damla Su Ikizoglu religion, age, lover, series


Damla Su Ikizoglu since her first appearance in the series “My Brothers”
time has been very popular with viewers. Here is a lot of information
available about the shining star Damla Su Ikizoglu, her religion, her
age and her date of birth. Is Damla Su Ikizoglu engaged or in a


Damla Su Ikizoglu

The role of Melissa in the series My Brothers

Damla Su Ikizoglu since her first appearance in the series “My Brothers” time has been very popular with viewers. Here is a lot of information available about the shining star Damla Su Ikizoglu, her religion, her age and her date of birth. Is Damla Su Ikizoglu engaged or in a relationship?

7 Information about Actress Damla Su Ikizoglu

Damla Su Ikizoglu starred in the series “My Brothers”, which gained great fame after appearing in the series. This is what made us collect for you the most important 7 information about them:

Damla Su Ikizoglu’s birthday was July 8, 1998.
Damla Su Ikizoglu’s age in 2021: 23 years old.
Her religion is Islam.
Damla Su Ikizoglu was born in Antalya.
Her nationality is Turkish.
Damla Su Ikizoglu’s husband is engaged to actor Ural Ozer.
Her artistic debut in 2018.


Melissa in the series My Brothers

Who is Damla Su Ikizoglu?

She is one of the rising stars of Turkish drama. Damla Su Ikizoglu does not have much artistic credit, but she succeeded with her first artistic championship. She co-starred in the Babylon series. Khaled Arganesh will play Irfan, a university professor divided between three women, who hides many secrets from his past.

Details about the series are still scant, as the above curators prefer to reveal its story, with the launch of its first promo in the coming days, until it is shown next January.

The first promotional advertisement for the series was launched at the Mipcom exhibition in Cannes, which is one of the most prominent exhibitions of entertainment content in the world, and caused an uproar in artistic circles interested in Turkish drama, as praised by Turkish and international sites and newspapers, which talked about the enormity of work and casting. The specialist who composes between a number of Turkey’s most stars, as critics did not expect to see so many stars in a person series.

Turkish and international newspapers praised the masterful performance of singer Khaled Ergenc and actor Ozan Goffin.

The heroes of the Babylon series. As for the Turkish journalist, Sana Kologlu, he talked about the role of the singer Birgi Aklay in contributing to the effort. He wrote, “The beautiful eyes, Birji Aklay, will be seen in a completely different way in the Babylon series, and she will embody the character of the past fiancée of Irfan (Khaled Ergenç), a rich child who lives an excellent life, but The patience of a great grudge inside her in the face of praise because he left her despite her love for him. Her character will be complex.”

Damla Su Ikizoglu starts acting

Damla Su Ikizoglu started acting through TV commercials. With time, she managed to snatch a role in a 2018 Turkish TV movie called “Inheritance.” Director: Irai Kocak. Starring Ekin Mert Dimaz, Folia Zengener, Eileen Kapasakal.

One of her most famous roles was Melissa in the series My Brothers. My Brothers- Kardeşlerim series: It is considered one of the modern Turkish skits and one of the finest Turkish series 2021 in the Arab world, which achieved high insight on YouTube and was also popular with the audience of the Turkish Atv channel, and we do not forget that the justification behind this is the participation of the brightest Turkish representatives of the deep generation with generations An ascendant who loves what she offers and has a love for the honorable competition, and the result gave the series “My Brothers”, which, since its first episodes, makes the viewer eager to find out the finale of the series or how its follow-up episodes will be.


Damla Su Ikizoglu starts acting

Her work in TV drama

Damla Su Ikizoglu’s first appearance in TV drama is Babel series. And I played the role of “Bossy” and his story was new and strange.
A Turkish drama TV series that started on January 17, 2020 on Star TV, from the competition of Khaled Ergenç, Ozan Guven, Asli Anwar, Birci Akalai, Nur Fattahoglu and Mesut Akostazz.

The two stars, Khaled Ergenç and Nur Fattahoglu, who were known and loved by the followers as Sultan Suleiman and Sultan Nahid Doran, joined them, and Ozan Goffin, who was loved by the crowd as Rustam Pasha in the same series, will meet them, as will the star Birji Aklay and Asli Anver, in the series describing and pictures that it is a package. Turkish Drama Explosive.

Clearly, the Moon Foundation, which produces the Turkish series “Babylon”, disclosed that the series will be broadcast on the Turkish “Star” channel, after it had been specially prepared to be shown on one of the platforms on the Internet. Starring Damla Su Ikizoglu.

Filming of three episodes, each of eighty minutes, has been completed, while the Turkish skits that are shown on TV screens last for more than two hours for the episode.


Damla Su Ikizoglu's husband is engaged to actor Ural Ozer

It is not yet known whether the rest of the episodes will be of the same duration, or the duration of the episodes will be increased, but what is certain is that the season will be only 13 episodes.

The investigation was opened in the series, according to what the website of the Turkish “Samanulu” channel reported, as being “offensive” to the government and deliberately “corrupting the look” of its image through a script code of the dramatic effort.

The series “Babylon”, according to what was mentioned by the “Turkish Conditions” website, focuses on the life of a university professor who was dismissed from his job, his bank accounts were frozen, he was banned from traveling and leaving the country, and he hopes to start a modern life by trying to enter the United States of America illegally.

The series clearly refers to civil servants who were dismissed from their jobs under presidential decisions from the crisis constitution, issued in the past two years until now, the failed coup attempt in Turkey in 2016.

The role of Melissa in the series My Brothers

my brothers (Turkish: Kardeşlerim); It is a Turkish TV series for the year 2021. It is shown on ITV channel from the beginning of February 20, 2021. The series talks about the four brothers and their struggle for the purpose of life, they were living a beautiful and joyful life with their parents, they were in need of empty pockets, but their hearts were filled with love, and their lives turned on a dark day The darkest of their lives and left them alone without their parents.

My Brothers series revolves around a number of brothers who live the same inevitable fate. Celil Nalçakan, Ahu Yağtu and Kaan Sevi will be the primary actors of the Kardeşlerim series, which will appear on the screens below the release of NGM Media, one of the soon-to-be release institutions in the buy-and-sell venue. The series My Brothers, which will be produced by Nazli Hepturk, is expected to be one of the producers of “Severin’s Daughter” in the drama genre.

A number of stars joined the work, including the star Onur Seit Yaran. Onur Seit Yaran is a fan favorite with his character Canberk in the Kalk Gidelim series. He was born in 1996 in Istanbul and is 24 years old. He was chosen as the best supermodel in 2016. He contributed to the popular TV series Vuslat on Trt in 2019 as the savvy and financially savvy Enes. Onur Set Yaran, adored by an unknown woman, is 1.87 meters tall and weighs 78 kilograms.

Her religion is Islam