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Sevda Baş,

an actress who appeared in a Turkish series and gained fame after she presented her role in the series “Ishq Mantiq Retaj.” She has charisma and a strong presence, as well as a good talent. She succeeded in giving soul to the character “Zeno” in the series and a number of other works. Let’s find out more information about Sevda Baş, what is her religion, age and date of birth. Her husband, nationality, and where she grew up. More about Sevda Baş’s height, weight and more.

7 facts about Sevda Baş that you know for the first time

We were interested in collecting the most important 7 information about the Turkish actress Sevda Bas, the heroine of the series Love Mantiq Retaj:

Sevda Baş was born on January 1, 1996.
Sevda Baş’s age in 2021 is 25 years.
Her place of birth is in Istanbul, Turkey.
The religion of Sevda Baş is Christianity.
Sevda Baş Bash’s husband: Not married.
She is about 162 tall and weighs 50 kg.
She made her acting debut in 2020.

Who is Sevda Baş “Zeno”

It was time to get acquainted with actress Sevda Baş, whose artistic debut was theatrical, and she succeeded a lot, and this encouraged filmmakers to choose her to play strong roles in Turkish drama. Our star is a young rising artist who is no more than 25 years old in 2021. Her astrological sign is most likely Capricorn. She was born and lived in Istanbul and her religion and belief is probably Christianity.

Sevda Baş is a fun, witty and beautiful girl with wavy, natural hair who lives her life naturally. She loves singing and theater since childhood. Besides her love for nature and the sea, which is shown through Sevda Baş’s Instagram photos.

Personal Traits of Sevda Baş

Sevda Baş has very distinctive qualities besides her passion for acting and her great talent, she loves to play sports. She always maintains her perfect body.

She is a wise woman, combining boldness and joy at the same time. However, it is difficult to understand easily; Where her mix controls her personality to a huge barrier. Often, you see her as playful and laughing, and at the same time you see her transformed, sad, depressed, frustrated, and isolated. However, despite this, she has a good heart.

In many cases, tend to be isolated and introverted. She is stubborn, pessimistic and moody. The Capricorn woman can only express her emotions simply because she is romantic and extremely romantic. The Capricorn woman is characterized by patience, humility, and patience of responsibility towards others, and she possesses an overwhelming ability to control herself, as well as controlling things well and the ability to abide responsibility and useful work. She is an ambitious and useful personality and can transform those around her with her valiant personality.

Just as she adheres to and adheres to customs, traditions and values ​​in abundance, she is considered one of the most important, firm, serious and diplomatic people in communication, humble, patient, wise, cautious and loyal. She always prefers freedom and independence in her presence in the world, whether in practical or personal aspects, and she constantly seeks to prepare her plans and goals and manage all her work, whether home or business, in a good manner.

Sevda Bas as an actress

Sevda Baş started with the theater, then started working in front of the cameras through the short series “Kanaga”
The story of Mardin Tamay who searches for his father, an archaeologist who is believed to have died 30 years ago. On his journey, he will not only explore his true self, but discover that he is one of the mystical figures known as “Kanaga”. Directed by: Nnaco Starring: Mohamed Ghansour, Yaz Yusel, Kevork Malkian.

Zeno in the series Love Logic of Revenge

One of the most important TV roles in which she co-starred is the series “Love Mantiq Retaj.” To know the full story of the series Love Logic of Revenge, read the following article, the story of the series Love, Logic of Revenge. It is a summer comedy series that premiered in 2021 in June. The series Love Logic Revenge starring Borgo Ozberk, Elhan Chan, Burak Yoruk and Melissa Dongal. His story was beautiful, telling about the events of the series revolving around a married couple who divorced due to differences between them. Then, after he became rich in the world of technology, Al-Talliqiah seeks to seduce her divorcees again.

Young creative star Han Shan is considered the hero in the Turkish version of the Korean series. The series narrates the story of a woman who works in a restaurant and gets married to a woman who changes her existence in the world. However, a large number of difficulties face their married life, so they decide to separate, and then interesting events begin. After her separation from Ozan, he makes a decision to write off his presence in the professional world and build himself repeatedly in order to become rich and possess a great institution, soon forcing Laila’s conditions to work with him in the same commercial establishment.

Does Sevda Baş have an Instagram?

Yes, the rising star Sevda Baş has a personal account on the social networking site Instagram. It interacts and follows him closely. And through her official account, we knew her as a very stubborn actress. She is trying hard to grow up in this field, as it is the dream of her life.

She is conservative and conscientious, and a woman burned by love will have deep trust issues. If she can win her trust, the Snow Queen will melt like snow some hot summer day, because beneath her frozen form, she is a hot, enthusiastic woman with a good sexual reason. Right now, I should add that this is not true of all Capricorn females. Case in point, if I don’t really trust who I’m with, I follow along with caution with fulfillment issues. So, if your Capricorn woman partner is hesitant about you, there may be trust issues. If that be the case, you may have to wait for the lady’s attention; If you choose to wait, it will be worth it.

Sevda Baş was born on January 1 1996
Sevda Baş was born on January 1 1996