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pelin abay a beautiful Turkish actress standing up the ladder of glory, appeared in a number of series, and achieved great success. Pelin abay, star of the series The Phoenix and You Are My Homeland, her beginning was in Julisar, and she gained great fame when she participated in the series The Phoenix. Actress Pelin Abay is a rising star. Her religion and a lot of information about that star.

pelin abay and her ID

Here are 7 basic information about the star:

Pelin abay date of birth: 1993 AD
Pelin abay age in 2021: 28 years.
Pelin abay religion: Muslim.
Pelin abay Nationality: Turkish.
Her studies: She graduated from the Conservatory Theater Department of Istanbul University.
Her religion: Islam.
Her artistic debut year: 2018.


pelin abay

The religion of pelin abay age and its characteristics

Pelin Abay is considered one of the stars whose star rose soon, when she participated in a number of series, and our star was born in 1993. She lived and grew up in Istanbul until she finished her studies at the university.

She is an attractive, clever girl, a natural critic and a talented analyst. Possess the ability to logically judge other people’s practices and divergent situations. The Virgo woman tends to keep everything around her in order, she is a practical person and pays a lot of attention to the little details.

She loves order and arrangement. She is also a humble and diligent individual in her work. She is very enthusiastic about lofty goals and huge issues and makes every effort she has in pursuit of a service job for those issues.

It is not possible to meet with clothes that are not well dressed or did not finish ironing well. And she may be the enemy of herself as soon as she exaggerates in examining and examining every little case that exceeds her. Hiding behind her calm and patient personality is a volcano of feelings and emotions.

How did pelin abay start acting

Our young star Pelin Abay started acting through the stage. And then I moved directly to work in TV drama. Which she succeeded a lot. Where she played the role of Fattoush in the series “Julizar”, and her beginning was big and strong.

The Gulizar series is a Turkish television work in a dramatic setting, consisting of a single part directed by Çagan Irmak, while the most important details associated with the series come
The events of the novel of the Jullizar series revolve around a young girl of 25 years old. She lives in one of the poor neighborhoods of the Turkish city of Izmir, has a beautiful voice, and has a dream of becoming a successful and famous singer in the near future, as she works hard to meet and accomplish that dream. However, that contrasts with her investment status, which does not allow her to enter that field, since she works in one of the bars in the place, just as there is a mature man who wants to marry her, and above her there is a combination of all these problems.


pelin abay start acting

Julisar meets Murad at the farm that she moves to live with under the guidance of Refaat, knowing that Murad is a successful and wealthy veterinarian, who supports her through a huge obstacle in the pursuit of her various dreams, which leads her to fall in love with him later, and she faces a large number of problems in return for that love, The facts follow a suspense, especially when Murad begins to adopt Julizar artistically in a total manner, and begins to support her and produce her first song, which achieves great success in the surroundings in which she is located, and from here begins his concern about the connection that binds him to that girl, and about his emotions towards her, and his fear of The blossoming of those emotions into true love, and here he searches for a way and how to tell her that he is in love with another girl, which makes him feel guilty about this.

The beginning of the fame of pelin abay

Pelin abay became famous when she participated in her second work, You Are My Home. You are my homeland (Turkish: Vatanım Sensin) is a Turkish historical drama series produced in 2016, with the competition of Khaled Arganj, Berguzar Korel and Onur Saylak. Knockout on the Turkish channel Kanal D on November 27, 2016 and ended on June 7, 2018. The largest season consists of 31 episodes, the effort concluded on June 8, 2017, while the second season began on November 2, 2017, and the series ended on June 7, 2018. Its dubbing ended with The Syrian dialect was shown on MBC1. His offer was subsequently invalidated for political reasons. The effort presents the stories of individuals affected by war, which led them to meet severe challenges as they live an internal struggle to choose between their lives and their love for their country.

Pelin abay success in the gift series

She participated in an important role in the series “The Gift”. The series revolved around a painter in Istanbul who embarks on a personal journey where she discovers global secrets about an archaeological site in Anatolia and its connection to her past.

Attia lives with her family and lover Ozan a simple and happy life in Istanbul until her life changes with a discovery made in Göbeklitepe, the oldest temple in the world. Archaeologist Erhan, who is doing excavations in the area, discovers a code that reveals the mysterious relationship between Atiye and Göbeklitepe. Atiyah is chased after this mysterious event, which opens a different door for her. She decides to research her past in the ancient temple. When this mystery is revealed, Attia will question everything between the past and the future, between the real and the spiritual.


Pelin abay success

Suhandan is the heroine of the Emerald Phoenix series

In 2020, she presented the role of Suhandan in the series Phoenix. The role of the activities of the Phoenix regarding the young man Serhat / Alp Navrouz, the grandson of the richest families in the village, and he lives with his uncle until now, the death of his father and mother, which makes him feel lonely, so he becomes bitter and strict in temperament and has a brave heart, writes off his studies at the Faculty of Hengis and then joins the military service To perform his national duty, he travels to the Syrian Republic with groups of occupying soldiers.

Serhat establishes a love story with Zumurud / Jiren Yilmaz, who is the daughter of a poor family, they meet in a continuous manner, and he informs her once about his travels to the Syrian Levant and his joining the military forces there, and bids her farewell before his travels, until he marries her until now that he returns from his mission at once, Rather, Serhat suffers serious injuries, and confusion arises between him and one of his colleagues who were martyred with him on the mission, and everyone in the village imagines that he died in the battle.

The events of the second episode:


 Otherwise, this results in what was not taken into account, as the Zumrud family is involved in a great religion and insists on marrying the younger sister of Zumrud to a rich man she does not love and leaves her fiancé, whom she loves, at the same time Sade Sarhat advances to ask for the hand of Emerald, Emerald sacrifices her person to make her sister happy, considering that her lover has died, and after him, all men are equal and there is no difference between that and this, as she will live on the memory of her buried love in her heart without end, and even on the wedding night Sarhat returns to find his girlfriend became his uncle’s wife, He is completely shocked, and considers her deceitful because she abandoned him and did not wait for him and violated her covenant that she would be alone until death.

Suhandan is the heroine of the Emerald Phoenix series