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Leyla Feray, a Turkish rising star, endured so much that she was able to get a great opportunity in her acting career. Leyla Feray has managed to capture the attention of the viewer since her first appearance on television. This article contains all the available information about it. Who is Leyla Feray? Who is love Leyla Feray? And what is the age of Leyla Feray? And when did it start acting? And what is her first job? And many more about her religion, nationality, characteristics of her dream boy and her personal characteristics.

Who is Leyla Feray?

One of the stars of Turkish drama. who recently starred in her roles in Turkish drama. Let’s get to know the 7 most important information about Leyla Feray:

Leyla Feray’s birthday: 1993.
Leyla Feray’s age in 2021: 28 years old.
Place of birth: Istanbul.
Leyla Feray Nationality: Turkish.
Leyla Feray’s religion: Muslim.
boyfriend of Leyla Feray: Serhat Tioman.
Technical start: 2013 AD.

Leyla Feray

Leyla Feray’s Religion and Childhood Story

Leyla Feray was born in Istanbul. Her passion for acting was from a young age. She studied at Koç University and graduated from the Department of Media and Visual Arts. She lived with her family and was brought up to love and appreciate art. She is from a Muslim family, and she is also a Muslim.

Our star since her childhood loves art and constantly develops her talent, as she took intensive lessons in acting to develop her talent. Laila has the distinction of gaining more than 154,000 followers on her Instagram account. She also has a dog named Hatton.

Who is Leyla Feray’s boyfriend and lover.

Leyla is in a relationship with the Turkish actor Serhat Tioman. The source of the star Serhat Tioman goes back to the Republic of Turkey. The star Serhat was born in Diyarbakir, within the town of Izmir in the Republic of Turkey, and that was due to his father’s circumstances, as he worked as an officer in the security services. His birth was one day on the 4th of June throughout In 1983 AD, his first steps in education were represented in studying the Department of Electronics at Buca Secondary School for the professional industry. He loved art since his childhood, so he decided to study. He joined the College of Fine Arts specialized in the theater world with one of the art field agencies, and then until now he joined the University of Sinan Department The theater and obtained his graduation certificate from it all the time loved by his fans, even if he always played a bad or evil role, he was shown in a secondary role, despite all that he was loved and had a luxurious artistic status.


Leyla Feray's boyfriend

Little news circulated about the existence of a beautiful love relationship between the star Serhat Tioman and Lily Firay, and that Ebana was above her to marry, but she refused the first time and said that they had to wait until the relationship reached a period of three years, and the matter remained like this until Serhat rose to express the marriage over her again until Now it’s the fourth year, and her response was beautiful, as she said if things continue to be good, we will wear the rings as soon as possible.

Leyla Feray’s debut as an actress

Leyla Feray started acting in 2013. By Beyaz Show. The program consists of White interviewing many celebrities and sectors of his unique brand of humour. After graduating from the Department of Media and Visual Arts at Koç University, she took her first step in her acting career in 2013, with the TV series “I Loved Him”. Throughout her career, she successively starred in the TV series “Pasa Glum” (2014), “Three Friends” (2014), “Magnificent Century-Kösem” (2016).

Leyla Feray, finally played the role of “Leyla” in the feature-length film “Kardesim Benim-2” in 2017. She is an actress from Turkey, like Hazal Kaya. She has earned more than 110,000 followers on her Instagram account. The Turkish actress who played Leyla in the 2017 film Kardesim Benim 2 and also appeared as herself on the Beyaz Show in 2017. One of her first roles was as Ayse Sultan in the 2016 TV series Muhtesem Yüzyil: Kösem. She has a dog named Hatton.

The most important series of Leyla Feray

One of her first series that she co-starred in was “I Loved Him So Much”. The story of the Turkish series I love you so much Ben Onu Çok Sevdim. The story of the series embodies one of the most interesting stories, as the Turkish series “I Love You So Much” Ben Onu Çok Sevdim tells about: In a highly unstable period in the country’s political history from 5019 until the country’s attempt to enter NATO, during this period one of the politicians in Unparalleled love for a woman.

The Democratic Party came to power in 1950, but a limited number of turbulent measures took place in the political journey of the Prime Minister, and thus the Korean battle and the Soviet threat would take place, and consequently entry to the North Atlantic Treaty would take place, and the mission would be difficult to run the state in a growing manner, and thus the measures of the Military Council appear to overthrow In the government in a panoramic manner, within the framework of all these facts, a love story takes place and penetrates into the souls of the heroes of the series and attracts the crowd in an interesting way.


Leyla Feray's birthday 1993

Her first tournament

She co-starred in the series Sultana Kosem and played the role of Aisha Sultan. She also played the character of “Layla” in the movie “My Brother” Part II in 2017. The story of this movie was great revolving around the death of two famous brothers, Tatu friends Hakan and Ozan. Two days later, Hakan’s wedding took place, but they went to a friend’s house to perform their last duties. Hakan will marry Didim, the daughter of Muzaffar, one of Rize’s leading tea merchants. And Muzaffar reacted to this marriage because Hakan is a famous singer. They find themselves in the Black Sea from the Aegean to central Anatolia, off-limits as if they are not enough, and at the end of the journey full of surprises.


Leyla Feray's religion Muslim

Leyla Feray’s new series

Leyla Feray participates in a new series called “Our Secret We Two” The story of the series Our Secret Us Two revolves around marriage The monthly arrest of a poor woman whose husband has passed away finds it difficult to save her 7-year-old daughter and a three-year-old business man whose mother is sick, will soon fall on ATV The name of the series has been determined , which will be shown on the ATV and in which Cem Akyolda will be seated; On the exit seat. “Marriage Certificate” based on the South Korean drama “Marriage Certificate”.

She also participated in the Great Seljuk Renaissance, a historical drama and unreal television series, written by Serdar Uzunalan, directed by Inji Women and produced by Emre Konuk. It focuses on the life of Malik Shah the Elder and his son Ahmed Sanjar. It tells the narrative of the structure of the Seljuk Empire, political events and wars. In the series, Turkish artist Buğra Gülsoy portrays Sultan Malik Shah, and Ekin Koç portrays Sinjar. The TV series premiered on September 28, 2020 and consists of two seasons