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Turkish actor Caner Şahin, one of the well-known Turkish drama stars. Where he participated in the series Nafs for Nafs, Al-Ghurab and other beautiful and powerful works. In the following article, all available information about the star Caner Şahin, his religion, and whether he is married or not.

Caner Şahin Personal Card

Here are the 7 most important information about artist Kaner Sahin:

Caner Şahin was born in 1992.
Caner Şahin’s age in 2021: 29 years old.
Place of birth: Eskişehir, Turkey.
Caner Şahin religion: Muslim.
His Nationality: Turkish.
Caner Şahin’s Wife: Not married.
His acting start in: 2016.

The life story of Caner Şahin, his religion, his age

Kaner Şahin was born in Eskişehir in 1992. His mother and father are retired teachers and he has two older brothers. He lived and grew up in the town of Eskişehir.

While he was studying mechanical engineering at Istanbul Technical University, he left this department and moved to the theater department of Istanbul University Conservatory.

He made his first television experience with the character of Kader in the TV series My Father and the Family, which started on Channel D in 2016.
In this series, she plays with names like Ayça Bingöl, Bülent İnal, Ceyda Düvenci, Sercan Badur and Erdem Akakçe.

The beginning of Caner Şahin’s acting career

Janir began working as an actor in 2016 AD through the role of Kadir in the series “My Father and His Family”. The events of the series “My Father and His Family” revolve around Kamal, the rich, handsome man of action (Bulent Enal), who lives with his wife and children happily and stable in Istanbul. Suddenly, his old family, whom he was forcibly forced to ignore for years, and he lived away from for many years, began to suffer from the clash of the two families above. In the wake of the revelation of the secret of his double life, and his concealment of the secret of the existence of a first family for him in his existence in this world, he did not reveal it to his second family.

Caner Şahin
Caner Şahin

The quarrel rages between his first family in (Adana), which he left behind after being forced to love his first woman in the youthful vigor, and his circumstances forced him to separate from her, and his running family in Istanbul, and the quarrel spreads to his children in shocking and frightening advances, the results of which cannot be predicted from the father and the two women at his age.

His successful appearance in captivity

Asir, a Turkish drama series signed by 1441 Production, directed by Serhan Şahin and starring Pamir Pekin, Gulber Özdemir and Kanir Şahin. The novel of the Captive Tutsak series is considered one of the most modern Turkish series episodes, as it began showing that interesting series on September 20, 2017, and it was shown only on Wednesday of every week, as the clarification of one episode does not pass by two hours, the quality of that series. With its dramatic, romantic and interesting story since its inception, as this series managed to attract a large number of spectators at the beginning of its episodes, the translation of the series into Arabic was completed through YouTube channels, as it became available to watch, and in the future the story of the prisoner series.

The events of the novel of the Prisoner series revolve around a beautiful girl called Elif who lives with her parents. Elif is characterized by innocence and beauty, love of life and optimism in it. Rather, soon the facts turn around so that her parents die, and following the death of her parents, her uncle forces her to marry a man thirty years older than her, called Saad Allah. Elif lives with that man a miserable and lonely life and is subjected to humiliation and humiliation with him, as he inflicts on her various forms of cruelty and injustice, and constantly seeks to prevent her from going outside from the house in various ways. Elif’s consort, who is called Saadullah, was always blackmailing the Gulhan family with many dark secrets And related to them, in the wake of this Saadallah disappears from the center for several hidden factors that are not clear to anyone.

Turkish actor Caner Şahin
Turkish actor Caner Şahin

Ramadan in the Brotherhood series

In 2018, he played the role of “Ramadan” in the series Al Okhwa. His story is when Youssef, 17, returns home after spending four years in a juvenile detention center. Returning to the family, he recalls the act imposed on him by other family members, adhering to strict traditions, as the youngest son.

Youssef, who obeyed the decision of the family elders and directed his sister to the honor crime, and his brother Ramadan who committed the murder, meet 4 years later when Youssef is released under surveillance from the detention center. Instead of Ramadan, the family moved to Yusef, who was under 18 at the time of the murder and would receive a reduced sentence. Upon his release from prison, Yousef ends up sever in the family-run truck parking lot on the highway to Iran, suffering from his guilty conscience and remorse for what he did. Surrounded by the rigors of traditional moral and religious rules that can turn a child into a killer, every move he makes is monitored by his family. Entering the lives of two brothers who end up ruling over each other’s fate, Jasmine becomes an unwilling witness to an honor killing that is kept as a family break. As Youssef and Ramzan reckon with their past and conscience, Jasmine becomes another threat.

Caner Şahin series is more powerful

Turkish star Kaner Sahin co-starred in the series Nafs Nafs in 2018. He also played the role of Kertal in the Turkish series “The Crow”. The series narrates about the young man, Cozkun Cepigi (Jalal in Arabic dubbing), who has gone to Istanbul until now, for twenty years, as soon as he was lost in his childhood at the age of eight.

This is with the aim of taking revenge on the Bilgin family, and its chief Rifat Bilgin, who was his father’s friend in the security services before he defrauded the charge of possession of narcotic substances for him in exchange for money that gave him the honor of Dagestanli, who will be the first of their aggressors Kuzkon. However, his love for Della Bilgin’s daughter constantly raises the bar between him and revenge. And the revenge begins with the help of the tailor, Darwish, who made it clear until now that Bahram was the stalker of the honorary chief of Dagestanli, just as he was the grandfather of Kuzkon, and therefore did not forbid Kuzkon from killing him in the aftermath of the greater part. The second part: Kozgun leaves prison, so the accomplices of Bahram Adi, a fugitive, attack above to kill him, but they did not succeed. After that, he searches for Dila Bilgin, who is executed by Ferman Koroglu, and she lives immediately with him, his aunt and his cousin

Caner Şahin girlfriend
Caner Şahin girlfriend

The series, the state of the world, the first championship

The first episodes of the series, “Hal Al-Dunya”, starring Jenner Shaheen and actress Pelin Abay, were filmed. To be another new work in the middle of the upcoming summer series. Screenwriter and director Osman Neil Doğan is preparing a new series for Trt 1. Finally, Osman Neil Doğan, who has co-directed and screenwriter on TV series like Tutunamayanlar and Dengi Dengine, will also be the director and screenwriter of the World Carpet series. Murat Kaman and Idriss Midi will also support the script of the Hal El-Diny series, which will be produced by Why Film.