The story of the series leyla ile mecnun crew and dates


leyla ile mecnun is a Turkish series that started many years ago. Now she is back to life again, so what is the story of the new 2021 series, leyla ilemecnun, and who are the actors and crew of leyla ilemecnun? Much more information in the next report. The Leila El Majnoun series begins again on Exyn! Who are the representatives of Layla and Maknoon? What is the subject of Layla and Majnun?

leyla ile mecnun 2021

Ajon Aligalli announced that on the episode of Survivor 2021 on May 25, 2021, the Leyla and Mecnun series will premiere on the platform called Exxen soon. The actors are wondering, the location of the shooting and the subject of the TV series, Leila Wa Maknoon, which will be filmed again with the same cast. Here is information on leyla ilemecnun series.


series leyla ilemecnun

The story of leyla ile mecnun

When does Layla and Majnun start? Acun Ilıcalı has announced that the Leyla Il Mecnun series will start again on exxen very soon. It is also reported that the shooting of Leila El Majnoun will begin on June 26. Will Layla and Majnun start again? The question is asked by millions of viewers sad about the end of the series. Layla and Majnun, where Onur Unlu, Eyup Boz and Murat Onbol sat in the director’s chair, managed to become one of the most watched absurd comedies of the period in which it was broadcast. So will Layla and Majnun start again? Here’s your curiosity about the topic.

Destiny brings Mecnun and Lily together as babies and again years later. Despite the changes that occurred in Mecnun’s life, Lily’s life did not change. A ridiculous Turkish comedy series produced by Eflatun Film, broadcast on TRT 1 for 3 seasons and canceled before it reached the end. The series is primarily based on the story of the legendary characters Layla and Majnun, adding elements of silly comedy, science fiction, and situation comedy.

Behzat c. It was planned to shoot a movie on the same scenario after Laila and Majnun, the first television series in which different production companies hosted the series, but the idea was abandoned because some actors left the series.


The story of leyla ilemecnun

Who are the representatives of Layla and Majnun?

Ali Atay, Serkan Keskin, Koksal Engor, Cengiz Bozkurt are among the representatives of Leyla and Meknon. The claim that the TV series “Leila and Maknoon”, which was broadcast on TRT1 and left its mark in a certain period, will return again, fell like a bomb on the agenda. In the lead roles fans of the series, which includes names such as Ali Atay, Serkan Keskin, Cengiz Bozkurt and Ahmed Mumtaz Tilan. “Do Layla and Majnun start over? Layla and Majnun start over again?” Find answers to questions. It is said that the series will be broadcast on the Exxen platform.
The TV series Leyla and Mecnun, for which broadcast rights have been bought by Exxen, will be shown on screen with its new episodes. The re-launch of the series, Laila Majnoun, excited the audience. New episodes of the Leyla ile Mecnun series, which will be filmed again on the Exxen platform, are eagerly awaited.

It was broadcast on TRT 1 between 2011-2013. Layla and Majnun managed. Where Onur Unlu, Eyup Boz and Murat Onbol sat in the director’s chair, it became one of the most watched productions of the period when it aired.

Layla and Majnun will start in EXXEN

The famous series, which appeared on the screens for three seasons and was a huge success with the young audience, will be re-filmed by Onur Unlu for Exxen. In the summer he will start filming Layla and Majnun, who you know will continue with the same actors and the same story.

Ali Atay, the lead actor in Layla and Majnun, is currently playing the lead role in the TV series Son Yaz, which is broadcast on Fox TV.

Crazy topic with Layla

Two babies born on the same day are admitted to the same hospital side by side due to the small number of beds. The babies, whose cradles were dug up based on their family’s words that they “found each other as soon as they were born,” take their names from legendary lovers Layla and Meknon.

25 years pass. One morning, his family told Majnoon about the situation, and they went to ask for Laila. Although Majnun is uncomfortable with this situation at first, he falls in love with Layla as soon as he sees her. The madman does not know what to do to impress him, and one night dreams of a bearded hard-working. Things get complicated when Grandpa Akbard breaks out of his dreams and begins living with a madman. Majnun loses Laila in a traffic accident. Unable to accept this situation, the lunatic does not talk to anyone for one year. Later, he learned that Layla’s organs are being donated. To follow up on this, Majnoun meets Sherine, who takes Layla’s heart, and Sayf, who takes her liver. On the one hand, there is the educated and knowledgeable Shireen, and on the other hand, there is Sadaf, who works as a courier and looks like her. Crazy vacillates between the two, but he can’t be happy with either. Sadaf and Sherine leave the neighborhood. On his way to the deserts in search of Layla, Majnun later falls in love with Omar’s daughter, Laila, who is an old friend of his father.


Crazy topic with Layla