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Özge Özacar, her religion, is she a Muslim or a Christian, her date of birth, age, height, weight, her husband, her lover, her artistic beginning, her most important works, and a lot of exclusive information about her. Özacar, through this report, we will present an overview of her life story, in addition to presenting a group of her best works and best series, and the latest and latest news that has spread around her in the recent period.


Özge Özacar

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in the series Dear Past
The most important works of Özge Özacar

Information about Özge Özacar

Date of Birth April – 22 – 1995
Age in 2021: 26 years
Birthplace: Istanbul – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Occupation: Actress – model
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Academic qualification: Studied journalism at Marmara University
Hobbies: Acting, listening to music, photography
Marital Status: Unmarried
Friend/lover: Unknown
Astrological sign: Taurus
The most famous dramas: Maryam series

Özge Özacar life story

Young Turkish actress Özge Özacar is one of the most prominent young faces who managed to catch the eye since her first appearance. She has great talent despite her young age. Özge was born on the twenty-second day of April 1995 in Istanbul, Turkey. She was born Taurus, whose births are characterized by strength and lightness in addition to calmness and complete focus at work, and these are the most prominent qualities that characterize Ozji, since she was young she loved art and acting, and tended strongly to follow technical news, series and films, but she did not know that she would be able to become one. One of the most important stars of Turkish drama one day.


Özge Özacar life story

Özge Özacar’s artistic beginnings

At first, Özge decided to study anything related to art, so she studied journalism at Marmara University in Turkey, then began to get some offers to appear as a fashion model in a number of commercials for many well-known companies, and then joined the Istanbul Academy of Culture and Arts and there she studied acting In addition to her studies of photography, her studies helped her greatly improve her talent, until she got her first chance through the series “The Way of Life” or “Yolunda’s Life”, and this series received a high rate of viewers not only in Turkey but in many Arab countries, which greatly increased Ozji’s fame and became a celebrity in the Arab world.

Özge Özacar series

One of the first series presented by Turkish actress Özge Özacar is the well-known series “The Way of Life” or “Yolunda’s Life.” It is a series that talks about a group of doctors and what they face daily in their profession. The series talks about more than one aspect, the practical aspect and the emotional aspect, and although That this idea has been implemented in more than one country, but the Turkish version has managed to obtain unprecedented success, which helped Özge a lot to become more known to the public.

Later, she rolled her distinguished artwork, and she got a distinguished role in the well-known Turkish series “The Liaring Sweets”, a series that talks about four girls who have a strong friendship but suddenly decide to separate after the mysterious disappearance of their leader, and then the girls try to search for The cause of their girlfriend’s disappearance and then an unknown person sends them a number of mysterious messages to decide to meet again.

Özge Özacar in the series Dear Past

After a number of small roles, through which Ozji was able to prove her talent greatly, she began to get a number of important roles with larger spaces, and one of the most prominent and most important roles she has presented since her artistic beginnings until now is her distinguished role in the series “Dear Past”, which she got It has received a lot of acclaim, both from critics and from the public.

The series talks about a girl who has lived in the orphanage since she was a little girl after her family left her, and she met a girl whom she considered her close friend and they never separated, and then the two girls decided to go to look for work, and indeed they worked in a nightclub, and from here the events of the series began after They meet by chance a gangster, and then events follow.


works of Özge Özacar

The most important works of Özge Özacar

Life road series
Maryam series
Dear Past series
Game spoiler series
High School Patrol Series
The series of sweet little liars

in the series Dear Past