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Ege kökenli age, her religion, her nationality, her information and photos

Ege kökenli, Bahar Tunç in the Kalp Atisi series, her religion, is she Muslim or Christian, her nationality, to which country she belongs, her age, date of birth, astrological sign, the beginning of her artistic career, years of activity, her artwork, and all information about her and her personal and professional life And her biography, all this and more we learn about through this article and some photos.


Ege kökenli

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Information about Ege kökenli

Full name: Ege kökenli
Date of Birth: March 20, 1993
Her age in 2021: 28 years
Astrological sign: Pisces
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Weight: 54 kg
Height: 166 cm
Eye color: green
Hair color: copper
Academic Qualification: Graduated from Bilgi University – International Relations
Languages: French and English
Hobbies: ballet, belly dancing and playing basketball
Husband: not married
Profession: actress
Beginning of her artistic career: 2004
Years of activity: since 2004 until now

Ege kökenli’s life story

Ege kökenli, a Turkish actress, was born on March 20, 1993, at the age of 28, and her astrological sign is Pisces. She was born in Kirklareli, and lived there until high school, then moved to Istanbul to study at the French high school, and completed her education at the institute. Musician at Halleck University, fluent in French and English.

She had hobbies that she practiced when she was young, which are ballet, folk dance and playing basketball, and in 2004 she was a member of the theater team that prepared shows in French for 5 years, and her first TV series was “My Best Friend” End “Iyi Arkadasim”, directed by Hamdi Elkan .

In 2013, when she was eleven years old, Ege had her first acting experience with the Best Friend series, and she participated in the series “Anatolian Tiger”, “Yahzi Kazepi”, “Maalem Kemal”, “Chalikusu”, “Cichik”, “No” Never Surrender” and “Daughters of the Sun”.

Ege kökenli is about 166 cm tall, which brings to life the character of Yagmur in the Forbidden Apple series that is broadcast on television sound screens. She portrayed the character of Mary in the Calikusu series, which was adapted from the Resat Nuri Gultekin novel of the same name, and in 2015 she appeared in the series Cunesun Kizlari Girls Of The Sun in 2017, the character Babar tunc, gave life to Heartbeat.


Ege kökenli's life story

Ege kökenli . engagement party

Turkish actress Ege kökenli celebrated her engagement to her lover Lior Ahitov after a 4-year-old romantic relationship. The engagement ceremony was attended by a number of the bride’s closest friends from inside and outside the artistic community, the most prominent of whom attended the ceremony was Turkish actress Oyko Karayl, in addition to her family members.

Pictures from the ceremony spread, reflecting its noisy atmosphere, and the most striking thing was the distinctive white cake, the same color that the bride chose for her elegant and simple looks.

Ege kökenli’s fans were keen to congratulate her on social media, wishing her a new and happy life, especially since Ege announced her readiness to enter the golden cage next September, and that her wedding would be held in Bodrum.


Ege kökenli boyfriend

Ege kökenli in Kalp Atisi

Ege kökenli played the role of Doctor Bahar Tunç in the series “Kalp Atisi”, a Turkish series adapted from the successful South Korean drama “Doctors” in 2016, and the Turkish version was shown starting July 30, 2017, on Show TV, and the series starring Turkish actor Gokhan Alkan, Oiko Karel, Ali Burak, Salah El Din Basli and a selection of actors.

The events of the series revolve around a girl named Ayloul who is expelled from school because of her aggressive behavior. She is a master of martial arts. Her father takes her and forces her to live with her grandmother, at the request of his wife. Her grandmother takes her and puts her in a school where a teacher named Ali Asaf studies, Asmaa becomes her best friend and Bahar hates her because Professor Ali falls in love with her. In September, while Bahar is in love with Professor Ali, Professor Ali left the surgery after a failed operation and started studying at the school, and after several years he met with September in the hospital, and then interesting events began.

Ege kökenli in Benim Tatli Yalanim

Ege kökenli joined the cast of the series “Benim Tatli Yalanim” as Cairo’s real mother Eileen, and this work is social, dramatic and romantic as well, and a Turkish newspaper said that it tells the story of the survival of the owner of a private brand of glasses, whose eyes only see his daughter Kaira, who lacks nothing but the absence of Her mother is next to her.

Sona is a smart and funny girl who lost her mother at an early age. She studies tourist hotel management and works in a hotel bar. Sona and Najat’s lives intersect and they find themselves in a very sweet and hard lie that they never expected, and a lot of things happen that result in multiple stories and novels that start with the beginning of the episodes.

Ege kökenli in the series Wrench

Actress Ege kökenli participated in the series “The Bird of the Wren”, a Turkish drama series written by Rashad Nuri Gontekin, directed by Doğan Umit Karaja. The series revolves around the Ottoman Empire, which is on the verge of collapse, and most of the story is told from one point of view, which is a unique point of view.

Farida is an orphan girl to an army officer. She lost her parents when she was a little girl. Farida enrolls in a French boarding school located in Istanbul. During the summer holidays, she settles at her aunt’s house, and shows what she suffers from through violence. During her presence at school, she behaves in a way that harms others who are calm Although Farida grew up without experiencing the love of her parents, she does not feel any loneliness, and through school work she has a large group of friends.

At the same time, she can enjoy the family atmosphere when visiting her aunt, her aunt has two sons, the first is a handsome young man named Kamran and the second is Najmiya who is jealous of her cousin Farida, and can’t stand the idea of ​​seeing her parents show love and closeness to Farida, and Kamran is a very successful and ambitious doctor quiet and distinguished, at first it appears that both Kamran and Farida can never get along, they are in constant disagreement and argue a lot without important reasons, but in fact they fall in love with each other without actually realizing it.

Farida hides her love for him by treating him harshly, and on one occasion she tries to harm him after she finds out that he has a relationship with another girl. Events follow a suspense so that Kamran and Farida realize the truth of their love for each other, and in an atmosphere full of romance they are engaged, but this happiness does not last as Farida leaves the house. The night before the wedding when she thinks Kamran is cheating on her and moves to Istanbul leaving everything behind, she tries to start a new life as a young teacher at a school, who can never forget her first love.


Ege kökenli in the series Wrench

Ege kökenli’s series and works

2021 Dogu (TV Series) 2020-2021 Kefaret (TV Series) 2021 Menajerimi Ara (TV Series) 2020 Son Saka 2019 Benim Tatli Yalanim (TV Series) 2019 Yasak Elma (TV Series) 2019 Aykut Eniste 2018 Cicek (TV Movie) 2017 Taksim Hold’em.

2017 Kalp Atisi (TV Series) 2015-2016 Asla Vazgeçmem (TV Series) 2016 Intent Niyet (Short) 2015-2016 Günesin Kizlari (TV Series) 2014 Karanliktan sonra (Short) 2013-2014 Çalikusu (TV Series) 2011 Yahsi cazibe (TV Series) Series) 2010 Ogretmen Kemal (TV Series) 2006 Anadolu kaplani (TV Series) 2003 En iyi arkadasim (TV Series).