Hilal Uysun religion, age, series, biography and photos


Hilal Uysun, her religion, her age, her series

Hilal Uysun, the Turkish actress, information about her, her pictures, her religion, her nationality, her age, a full report on her, the beginning of her entry into the art world, her role in many films and series with a group of her most important works and a bouquet of her brightest pictures.

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Actress Hilal Uysun and some details
Biography of the Turkish artist Hilal Uysun
Actress Hilal Uysun and TV series Gümüs
Actress Hilal Uysun and the series Thief of Hearts
The most important works of Turkish actress Hilal Uysun
Actress Hilal Youssin’s photo


Hilal Uysun

Actress Hilal Uysun and some details

Date of Birth: February 2, 1987, AD.
Birthplace: Bursa, Istanbul, Turkey.
Age: 36 years old.
Nationality: Holds Turkish citizenship.
Academic qualification: She graduated from the theater department at Istanbul University.
Profession: actress.
Marital status: in a relationship.
Astrological sign: Capricorn.
Height: 178 centimeters approx.
Weight: 57 kilograms approximately.
Eye colour: green.
Hair colour: black.
Favorite colour: White.
animal: cats.
Favorite food: fish.
Favorite drink: mango juice.
sport: Swimming.
Hobbies: Go shopping – early morning walk.
The beginning of her artistic career: in the year 2005 AD.
The first dramatic work: the series Gümüs.
First cinematic work: One Heart movie.

Biography of Turkish actress Hilal Uysun And her husband

She is an actress of Turkish origin, born in the Bursa area of ​​Istanbul, Turkey. She was known among her audience all over the world as the actress with wonderful, shining eyes. She was born on the 2nd of February during the year 1987 AD. Her beautiful shape drew the attention and attention of many producers who wish to She works with them and this was the main reason for her entry into a lot of business.


Hilal Uysun her husband

She graduated from the theater department at Istanbul University and began appearing in artwork by unexpected coincidence, by embodying the character “Nihal” in the famous Turkish series “Gümüs”.
She appeared in many other works of art, the most famous of which is the movie “One Heart” by Turkish director Hasan Kiraj, as this work is one of the most prominent works produced in the Turkish world, as a budget of 50 million euros was set for it.

Actress Hilal Uysun TV series Gümüs

This series belongs to the list of drama series, written by Songul Odan, and directed by the great artist Mustafa Kemal Ozun.
The number of episodes in this series reached 100, according to the Turkish system, and 175, according to the Arab system.
Actress Hilal Uysun’s role in this series was to embody the character “Nihal”.

The story of the series Gumus

The events revolve around Muhannad’s lover, who passed away with his son in her womb, whose death caused him to plunge into depression for a long time, which made his grandfather “Fikri Beik” marry a simple girl living in the countryside. This girl loved him during her childhood, and she is a relative of “Fikri Bek” But Muhannad could not escape from his controlling thoughts about Nihal’s death, so he ran away on his wedding night and eventually returned after they searched for him a lot, but this causes Gümüs to enter the same cycle of depression and angers his grandfather and his “honest” mother, but with the passage of days Muhannad begins to get close to her He hides his love from her and his sister “Dana” plans to prepare her to appear beautifully to go out with each other, but the feeling of indifference remains. On the same night, “Dana” decides to return to New York, but her grandfather prevents her from returning after learning that she has a daughter named “Alma” and angers her grandfather and her mother. And her father, but Gümüs stands next to her and offers Muhannad to bring “Alma” to Turkey. At this moment Muhannad’s admiration for Gümüs increases and a problem arises during Gümüs’s pregnancy, where “Darren” who loves Muhannad appears and asks Gümüs to leave him and confronts Gümüs Muhannad and there are problems between them, and he unintentionally throws her of peace and die The child is in her womb, knowing that Muhannad did not know that Gümüs was pregnant, and his mother, Sharifa, was aware of this, but she hid this news from Muhannad because he did not like children, and after leaving the hospital, she left for her town and Muhannad tried to persuade her to return, but she insisted on her decision and from here It was revealed that he loved her so much.


Hilal Uysun TV series

events develop

Muhannad is imprisoned as a result of the vehicles loaded with drugs belonging to his grandfather’s company, but despite everything that has passed, Gümüs stood with Muhannad in his ordeal until he came out of his crisis. Gümüs works on a small project for her and Abdeen participated in it, who was killed as a result of his kidnapping and attempting to kill Muhannad with a pistol, but Gümüs She shoots him and is detained for a short period, and Muhannad is very sad for her, and Muhannad’s mother admires Gümüs more than she used to get Gümüs out of court as a result of having defended herself.
Nihal, who remained alive after the accident, returns and causes many problems in Muhannad’s life, then these problems turn into peace and mutual love between them.
The grandfather marries an old woman named “Heba” and she comes to live with her, her daughter and her son-in-law. Her daughter’s husband enters the company and makes a commotion. A group of people are against Muhannad and Gümüs. One of them is sent to intercept Muhannad’s car and they stab him with many severe stabs. He moves to the intensive care unit and his condition becomes very serious. .

Then the events follow, with an atmosphere full of excitement and suspense towards this family.
The heroes of this series: Songul Oadan _ Kivanc Tatlitug _ Ekrim Bora _ Gungor Bayrek _ Omri Karayel _ Swedan Suedas _ Lasin Ceylan _ Serdar Orchin _ Isha Varler _ Sevinc Gilsen _ Kamil Gulor _ Fozon Airblak _ Kansin Ozosin Seyi _ Yili Uysun_Ugur Arslan.

Actress Hilal Uysun and the series Thief of Hearts

This series was produced during the year 2014 AD. The events revolve around chance and its role in light of the awakening of the child “Bora”, who lost his speech and was unable to bear the absence of his father and his longing for him to see “Tekini”, the beautiful young man who had the habit of stealing antiques and antiques to treat his brother The person with kidney failure believes that “Tekini” is his father, who used to ask about his mother “Dafne”, who had lied and hid the truth of the real father, so “Dafni” becomes confused about her matter, either to reveal the truth in front of Bora, which belongs to his father, or to say yes This thief is your father and you bring him home, especially after the child has become very well and is speaking again.

The heroes of the series: Kenan Egy, known as Amer in the series Nada Al-Omar _ Mina Togay, who was known as Manar in the series “Mar Al-Zaman” _ Inder in the series Medd and Jazar.

The most important works of Turkish actress Hilal Uysun

The series Please Let’s Separate, which was produced in 2016 AD _ The Thief of Hearts series, which was produced in 2014 AD _ The Lemon Tree series, which was produced in 2008 AD _ The Hedgehog series, which was produced in 2008 AD _ The Gümüs series, which was produced in 2005 AD – One Heart movie – Little Women series.