nilay duru religion, age, husband, series, and photos

nilay duru

nilay duru religion, age, husband, series, and photos

nilay duru, her religion, her age, her husband, her biography, her life story, the story of her most important works, and her great role that she embodied in the series Our Story, the truth of her engagement and her marriage to the artist, the woman of the entity of her series, a full report and photos about her.

Biography and information about nilay duru

Nationality of nilay duru: Turkish nationality.
Nilay Duru was born on the 8th of October 1990 AD.
nilay duru astrological sign: Scorpio.
Age of nilay duru in 2020 AD: 30 years.
Birthplace of nilay duru: Istanbul – Turkey.
nilay duru qualifications: Faculty of Economics, Uludag University – State Theater Institute.

Nilay Duru’s artistic start: 2013 AD.
Nilay Duru’s career: Actress.
nilay duru’s skin colour: white.
Eye colour: black.
nilay duru hair color: black
The length of nilay duru: 167 cm.
Weight: 57 kg.
The first act of the play: the play of life is a game.
Nilay Duru’s first TV work: The Red Apple series, 2013.
The first starring role: the series Please Let’s Break Up.
Marital Status: Married.
Husband or friend of Nilay Duru: A woman is an entity.
Number of children of nilay duru: one.

Information about nilay duru and her life story

The young Turkish artist, Nilay Duru, was born on October 8, 1990 AD. She was born in the sign of Scorpio. She was born in Istanbul, Turkey, to a family of immigrant families to Turkey from Romania. This year, she turned 30, she studied in Turkish schools until she reached university education. She studied economics at the University of Uludağ, after graduating, was not satisfied with studying economics, but because of her strong love for art and acting, she studied acting at the State Institute of Theater and soon participated in her first play, which is the play “Life is Difficult.” Because of the beauty of her performance, she drew everyone’s attention. Everyone also expected her to have a brilliant future in the field of art and acting. After paying attention to her performance, a number of A large Turkish director and producer asked her to participate in a number of works, and she has already participated in her first dramatic work, which is the Red Apple series, which was first shown in 2013 AD and proved her superiority in the role she embodied, which prompted the directors and producers to assign her the first starring role in the series Please Let’s Separate She likes to have a permanent presence on social media through her personal pages, so she always shares with her audience the most important details of her life.

She also always takes some pictures while filming her work behind the scenes of the work until the number of her followers on the Instagram network reached more than 310,000 followers, her expected fortune is about $5 million, but her wages in the business she participates in were not known, and the number of cars was not known. owned.

The story of her most beautiful work is a series, please let’s break up

The events of the series begin with the character of Ezizi, who is the character embodied by the beautiful artist nilay duru, during which she embodies the character of the beautiful poor girl who goes to work in a large company and the director of the company is a very famous broadcaster in Turkey and falls in love with the poor girl but remains to love him from one side for a very long time She reaches two full years, but he does not give her any attention and does not give her any feelings. He is the rich handsome young man who all girls fall in love with and changes all young men and men from him, but he is a very arrogant young man who does not like any girl and is not easy to catch.

information about nilay duru
information about nilay duru

The truth about nilay duru’s sermon from an entity woman

Pictures of the beautiful actress and young Turkish star nilay duru, collected by the artist, Imra Kayan, were circulated. The pictures include information about her association with him and their engagement. She published a picture of the engagement ring hanging on it with the word “Yes.” The engagement took place on August 27, 2016. They celebrated the engagement, as he offered to marry her. In the same month, on August 11, her response was via an Instagram photo, and they got married in 2017, and in late 2018, Nilay announced her first pregnancy and her readiness to receive her first child.

About the role of nilay duru in the series Our Story

The beautiful actress nilay duru participated in the famous Turkish series Our Story, so nilay duru embodied the character of the eldest daughter of the hero Fikri, who is the mother of a child named Zainab. Instead, despite being a little girl, her father is an irresponsible man who abuses alcohol, and as a result, many problems happen to those around him, and the family suffers from his presence and harming them with his reckless behavior. The family lives in a slum in Istanbul, Turkey. The children, led by Velez, try to strive to overcome the difficulties that they encounter. She faces them together in order to resist the difficulties they face due to the circumstances that Velez suffers from, and a feeling that there is no place for love in this life, until the circumstances bring her together with a young man who falls in love with him, who makes very great efforts to satisfy her, so he helps her and her family as well, but like all dramas in Turkey A love story is not complete without facing difficulties and problems, as they face many obstacles, the cause of which was the first being the past of the mysterious young man, his mysterious life that he did not part with. She has something for his girlfriend and Nilay is one of Feliz’s siblings who lives far away from them and gets involved in some legal cases of illegal activities.

The Red Apple series and information about it

The Red Apple series is one of the first and most important dramas in which the beautiful young artist Nilay Duru participated. It is considered one of the best dramas in Turkey that was produced in 2014. The events of the series revolve around the police framework, and the events begin with the injury of two intelligence agents in Turkey with bullets from smugglers.

Love is stubbornness and the most important role in the life of nilay duru

The famous Turkish series Al-Ashq stubbornness is considered one of the most important works in which the star nilay duru participated. It is considered one of the comedic works with a romantic character, which narrates the events of two parties falling in love, the first party is a very stubborn man, and the second party is a girl who is more severe with him. The rich people of Turkey come from a large and ancient family and the handsome young man with a macho athletic body is very troublesome and stubborn and on another context you find the role of a mother who has 3 girls who are the most important in her life and all her goal in life is to secure their future financially, but she falls in love with a rich man and the man asks to marry her, but The girls are angry at this request and refuse to marry their mother.

The most important works of films and series nilay duru

All the hardships of love in 2015 AD – Please let us separate series 2016 AD – The Red Apple series in 2013 AD – Love is stubbornness – Our Story series.