Zehra Yılmaz religion, boyfriend, series and biography

the Turkish actress Zehra Yılmaz and a lot of information about her personal life, sexuality, religion, age, upbringing and other details about height, weight, academic qualification, when she started her artistic career in acting and the most important works she presented from series, films and her official social networking sites, and a group of new and exclusive photos to her.


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Zehra Yılmaz Nationality, religion, age, weight, height and more
Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Zehra Yılmaz
Complete information about actress Zehra Yılmaz
Melissa in the series Cennet’in Gözyaslari
Tugce Isik starring in Kimse Bilmez
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Zehra Yılmaz Nationality, religion, age, weight, height and more

Date of Birth: June 25, 1994, AD
Residence: Istanbul – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Age: 25 years old
Weight: 54 kg
Height: 168 cm
Eye color: brown
Academic qualification: Graduated from Marmara University
Marital status: single
Astrological sign: Leo


Zehra Yılmaz Nationality

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Zehra Yılmaz

Instagram: https://:WwW.instagram.com.Zehra Yılmaz
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com.Zehra Yılmaz
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com.Zehra Yılmaz


Facebook and Twitter Zehra Yılmaz

Complete information about actress Zehra Yılmaz

Zehra Yılmaz is a television actress, born on July 30, 1994, in Istanbul. The hardworking girl was able to turn her love of acting into a career in a short period of time by supporting her family and taking acting lessons. Since her childhood, I was attached to the world of acting. Zehra Yılmaz was forced to take acting lessons because she She studied another specialty during her university studies. Thanks to these lessons, she was able to enter the world of art very quickly. She has one sister named Damla who studied in an acting workshop and attended Marmara University, and she is one of the most famous television actresses. Zahra was born in Turkey, she played the role of Melissa Sawyer in Tears of Heaven, Zehra was ranked in the list of the most famous celebrities, her height is 168 cm, her eye color is cloudy brown, her hair color is light brown, she also participated in the Pogon competition what before, she had her first acting experience with Kanal Tab in Bodrum, and at the time Later in the Black Line series. She has more than 90,000 followers on Instagram.

She drew attention through her participation in the program What will I wear today Bugun ne Giysem, as this program was attracting many viewers in Turkey, and we can say that it has become one of the most searched and talked about names in this program, even if it did not take first place in the list. The competition, which she participated in 2011, but she was able to draw the attention of the producers to her and began receiving offers to participate in the series. In order to reach a professional level in the world of acting, she chose to take lessons in the Ceynet Sayıl workshop, where she performed various roles in drawing attention to her for her success in performing various roles with great skill.

The first participation in the world of art was through the series “The Story of Bodrum”, which was represented and shown in 2016 “Masalı” on Kanal D; Later, she participated in Kara Yazi’s team. Posted on ATV screens; Starring Berk Atan and Elmilla Ada and Melissa. She embodies the character of Rana in this series. The story of the series, The Story of Bodrum, revolves around a very rich class. The property of this family goes to hotels and ships. And he returns from zero to where he started, which is the village of Bodrum… She then participated in the Black Writing series and participated in the Cennet’in Gözyaslari series.


Zehra Yılmaz has more than 90,000 followers on Instagram

Melissa in the series Cennet’in Gözyaslari

The Cennet’in Gözyaslari series is one of the Turkish works recently shown on Turkish channels, where the drama deals with one of the most important topics and problems of family life, the relationship between mother and daughter, and how this relationship full of love, tenderness and sacrifice can be transformed by the mother towards Her sons are drawn to feelings of hatred, selfishness and self-love, and this is what the series deals with within its weekly episodes, and in this article we will present the most prominent course of the story of the series Tears of Paradise and important information about this dramatic work and its heroes.

The story of the series Cennet’in Gözyaslari

The story of the series begins with the scene of the mother, Javida, who suffers from the pain of childbirth accompanied by her mother in a poor house on a rainy night. Javida gives birth to a girl who bears a birthmark on her right shoulder, which is exactly the same as the birthmark on Javida’s shoulder, but she refuses to look at it and refuses to breastfeed or care for her, and ends up leaving the house the same night, leaving her daughter and mother. Years go by, until the day Jannah graduates, the daughter of Javida, who was abandoned and taken care of by her grandmother. Janna is a hard-working girl. She was studying, working and helping her grandmother, and she graduated first in her class in architecture. Events escalate to reveal that a friendly committee at the university is named Melissa, the spoiled daughter of a wealthy Turkish family specializing in construction and architecture. It turns out that Melissa is the daughter of Javida and Jannah’s mother, but no one knows this secret.

his story

Events follow after Melissa introduces Janna to her mother, until the latter supports Jannah professionally without knowing that it is her daughter who abandoned her, so she invites her to work in the company owned by her husband. Selim is the son of a friend of Melissa’s father’s family, as the latter is in love with him, but he does not reciprocate this feeling, but considers her just a friend. Selim falls in love with Jannah, and after many situations that bring them together, and after the company begins working hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder with Selim, she exchanges him with feelings of admiration. Javida admires Jane’s skill on the work side and her personality and praises what she does, but her feelings turn to the opposite when she notices a birthmark on Jana’s right shoulder. Events follow and the stage of covering up secrets and trying not to reveal them begins, but will this matter last long, this is what can be known when following the episodes of the series.

Tugce Isik starring in Kimse Bilmez

Kimse Bilmez series, produced by Baba Yapım, starring Karam Cem and star Ozgu Kaya, and the cast includes Ali Burak Ceylan, Zehra Yılmaz, Engin Habileri and Komash swimmers who are about to sign. It revolves around the young man ((Ali Oglu)) who lost his family and is looking for His missing brother, who has skills such as looking into the dark, is loved in his neighborhood and nicknamed the teacher, one day he will escape from the police in his house and take refuge in the house of Sevda, who is trying to help him.

And the story of the series Kimse Bilmez

Ali was working in the mafia and doing some missions for the intelligence, his brother suddenly disappeared, and his weak point is his brother who is always looking for him, as he had a son who died in a car accident, so that his life turned into a religious man and changed the condition of many people from evil too good To be a popular sheikh among the people who know him and resort to him always in order to repent or return to their senses, as for Sevda, she is a beautiful girl who is trying to help her brother who was involved in the drug trade, when his father discovered the existence of prohibited things in his house, he threw them, and he was required to pay for them, and in an attempt by Sevada To get that money from the man who wanted to marry her by force, she got the money and ran away.

She gave the money to her brother and ran away from the police to take refuge in the house of the imam (Sheikh Ali), the sheikh met her and tried to calm her down with an attempt to convey to him information that she is not a thief, but she is trying to escape from someone, to try to help her and mislead the police to stay away from his house, to be with him in his house, and begins Doubt about their relationship together, and they get to know each other, she told him about her story and how the affair ended with her in his house, to discover the neighborhood of his story with time.


Tugce Isik starring in Kimse Bilmez