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Asena Tuğal religion, age, nationality, husband

Turkish actress Asena Tuğal,

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Asena Tuğal her age, nationality, astrological sign and more

Date of Birth: 1 – January 1984
Age 2021: 37 years
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Profession: journalist, Turkish actress
The beginning of her artistic career: 2008 – until now
Academic qualification: a graduate of Bogazici University
Favorite Hobbies: Exercising
Favorite sport: Taekwondo
Favorite animal: dogs

Asena Tuğal, her life and studies

Turkish actress Asena Tuğal was born in 1984 in Istanbul, Turkey. Asena Tuğal graduated from Bogazici University with a double major in mathematics and science. Asena Tuğal excelled in her studies and excelled in chemistry. Actress Asena Tuğal received the Young Scientist Award from the Scientific and Technological Research Council Turkish in the field of chemistry.

in 2006

Asena Tuğal participated in the Miss Turkey contest and won the first place during the contest and won the title of Miss Turkey and was selected for the Miss World contest after that, in addition to the distinction of the Turkish actress Asena Tuğal in the field of sports and chemistry, but she loves with great passion such as playing games She is always keen on maintaining her health and physical fitness, and one of the sports she loves to practice is Taekwondo. She has a black belt in Taekwondo, and she also participates in the Turkish national Taekwondo team.

Asena Tuğal and her artistic career

The Turkish actress Asena Tuğal is one of the young actors in Turkey. As an actress, she is distinguished by her natural beauty, grace and elegance in her form and appearance. She is one of the most prominent beautiful artists in Turkey and enjoys great popularity among the audience who loves her and follows her distinctive artwork.

Asena Tuğal started her acting career in 2008, when she appeared for the first time on the Turkish screen as a guest in a comedy series entitled “Akasya Durağı”. Her fame and her real breakthrough in acting through her participation in the Turkish series Doria in high school, where this series achieved great success and a high viewership among other Turkish series at the time of its presentation and the beginning of the audience and the Turkish viewer asks me who is this young actress who is able and professional in acting for her strong and brilliant performance Like the giant actors in acting, she was known for her character in the series and the audience knew her to a large extent. After the success of the Dourieh series in high school, she got the absolute starring role for her in her first drama, which is the series “Öğretmen Kemal.” She played a character named “Nehir” in the series, and her artistic works continued. Distinguished after that and achieved artistic successes during it.

Asena Tuğal and a summary of her artworks

In 2008, she presented the Akasya Durağı . series
In 2009, she presented the series Omri Bidel
2010, she participated in the series “Maalem Kamal”.
In 2013, she participated in a movie entitled Mahmoud and Mariam – and the Alderma Gonul series – and the Tuzlu Yolar series
In 2014, she participated in the series Train Car
2016, she presented the series Kertenkele: Yeniden Doğuş
In 2017, she participated in the series Doria in High School – and the series Liz DeVriese
2019, she participated in the series Al-Ashq Al-Fakheriya
In 2021, she participated in the series “Innocence”.

Asena Tuğal and her husband

Turkish actress Asena Tuğal is married to the well-known Turkish artist Şahin Irmak, after a great love story that brought them together and reached marriage and they live a happy and stable married life.

Asena Tuğal and her husband
Asena Tuğal and her husband

Asena Tuğal and the series “Innocence”

The series “Innocence” is a new Turkish series that belongs to the type of Turkish drama and romance series. The story of the series “Innocence” revolves around a wife named Bahar, who is embodied by the Turkish actress Deniz Shaker. She has two daughters, the first name is Elida, who is 19 years old, and she is a university student, and her mother discovers that she She falls in love with her father’s boss at work, who is 35 years old, and tries to keep her daughter away from the failed love story and stop her from this wrong relationship. On the day of her daughter Elida’s nineteenth birthday, a sudden occurrence of events turns the family’s life upside down.

The Turkish series “Innocence” directed by Omur Atay and written by Serma Yanik and produced by the Turkish company Gold Film. A group of actors participated in the series “Innocence”, including actress Deniz Shaker – Muhammed Aslan Tog – Borgo Diri – Celine Sezgin – Serkai Totongo – Ilida Alishan – Deniz Ishin – Tolga Gülish – Neslihan Arslan and a group of other actors.

Asena Tuğal and the series “The Luxury Love”

The Al-Ashq Al-Fakher series is a Turkish series called Afili aşk, and it belongs to the Turkish comedy series and was shown in Turkey in 2019.
The story of the Al-Ishq Al-Fakher series revolves around a beautiful and gentle girl named Aisha, who lives a difficult life, especially after the death of her father.

On the other hand, there is a young playboy named Karam, who belongs to a wealthy family. Karam meets Aisha for the first time in his father’s workshop and tries, as usual, to draw Aisha’s attention and attention. He has, like all the girls Karam meets, but this time Karam fails because Aisha is different. About all the girls that Karam knows, and all his attempts to seduce her end in great failure, but Karam over time says that Aisha is linked to a love story with another young man, but she does not know that this young man is cheating on her with her closest friend, and Karam exposes this young man in front of Aisha and shows his betrayal She and her friend then turn events upside down.

A distinguished group of actors participated in the series Al-Ashq Al-Fakher, including Burku Ozberk – Altan Erkikli – Benyan Donmez – Nes Bakent – Ugur Ozunil – Ozan Dagiz – Zeinab Tugsi Bayat Juzid Arslan and other actors participating in the work.

Asena Tuğal
Asena Tuğal
Astrological sign Aquarius
Astrological sign Aquarius