Merve Nur Bengi

Merve Nur Bengi religion age, boyfriend, and bio

The Turkish actress, Merve Nur Bengi, we have collected for you a full report about her and everything you want to know about this actress and exclusive information that she knows for the first time, her nationality, religion, current age, astrological sign, educational qualification, and when did Merve Nur Bengi start her career with art and acting, and what These are the artworks she participated in, her upcoming artworks, and other details about her, along with a set of new photos by artist Merve Nur Bengi.


Merve Nur Bengi her age, nationality, religion and more

Date of Birth: 1 – January 2000
Age 2021: 21
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: unknown
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Shades: 173 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Academic Qualification: Graduated from the College of Fine Arts
Profession: Turkish actress
The beginning of her artistic career: 2014 – until now
Marital status: unmarried


Date of Birth: 1 - January 2000

Who is the Turkish actress Merve Nur Bengi

Merve Nur Bengi is a rising Turkish actress, born in 2000 in Istanbul, Turkey. During her high school education, she participated in a number of theatrical performances. She loved acting, especially standing on the stage. After obtaining high school, she decided to learn and study acting, so she joined Merve Nur Bengi University Dokuz Eylul College of Fine Arts, Department of Theater. During her university studies, Merve Nur Bengi was not satisfied with her, and she also joined a number of acting workshops to develop her artistic talent and become a professional actress.

Merve Nur Bengi and her acting career

The rising actress, Merve Nur Bengi, is considered one of the rising faces among young artists in Turkey. Despite her recent artistic start, she was able to achieve part of the fame among young rising actors in Turkey, despite the lack of her artworks in which she participates and progresses from her beginning until now. Merve Nur Bengi Her artistic career since 2014 and her first appearance on Turkish screens through a Turkish movie entitled Unutursam Whisper, during which she appeared as a child when she was 14 years old.

She participated in a Turkish series entitled Student House, and Merve Nur Bengi appeared during this work in a small role, where she appeared in the series in only 10 episodes of it, and Merve Nur Bengi also appeared in the same year in a short film entitled Awakening Nemesis, and from here was her artistic breakthrough and began In making her artistic name known in the artistic community, she also participated in many theatrical performances.


The artworks in which the actress participated Merve Nur Bengi

In 2014, she presented an animated film called Whisper If You Forget – and a short film called Awakening the Enemy
2019, she participated in the series New Beginnings (Çağla Erdem .).
In 2021, she participated in the series “House of Students – and the series “Hekaya Jazeera”


Merve Nur Bengi in the series Tale of an Island

Turkish actress Merve Nur Bengi is the latest actor to join the new Turkish series, Hekayat Jazeera, which will be shown during summer of 2021 on Turkish screens. In the series, actress Merve Nur Bengi embodies the role of the girl Melissa, and the series Hekaya Jazeera directed by Ali Belgin and starring a large group. Among the artists, including Alp Navruz – Aisha Turan – Tinolcay Harir – Nihan Buyukacak – Bulent Kulak – Setar Tanryugin – Merv Nour Benji – Jim Anil Edge – Beryl Bozam – Ozge Demirtel – Ipek Bilgin.

And the series “The Story of an Island” was filmed in Istanbul, Izmir, Turkey, and on one of the islands in a coastal town to match the scenes and story of the series.
Hekaya Jazeera series belongs to the genre of Turkish romantic dramas. It revolves around a great love story that combines Poyraz Demir, embodied by the artist Elb Navruz, and June Bozturk, embodied by actress Aisha Turan. Their love faces many problems and difficulties, and they try to overcome all these difficulties. to keep their love.


Merve Nur Bengi and her acting career

Merve Nur Bengi in the series Student House

Student House is a Turkish series that was shown at the beginning of 2021 on one of the platforms, which is the Turkish platform Exxen, and it is a youth drama series whose story revolves around 4 young men who continue their university education at the university “Öğrenci Evi”, who considers the university world a new and different world On them and the new situations they encounter and many of the situations they are exposed to, and each of them has his own story and his life different from the others of his friends, and the events revolve in an interesting dramatic framework, a group of young artists in Turkey participated in the series, including Bertan Aslani, Baran Bulukbashi, Zulal Sud Guler, Samet Kan Koyoko and Merv Nur Benji.