Neslihan Atagul religion age husband series, biography

Neslihan Atagul, her religion, her age, her husband, her series, and complete information about her the upbringing and life of Neslihan, her nationality, the religion to which she belongs, the truth about the secret of her intersection with her father, and the fact that she is similar to Goldan Dodarik, the most important works that Neslihan presented, the awards that she received interesting information about her.

Neslihan Atagul her religion and nationality

How old is Neslihan Atagul?28
Neslihan Atagul was born on August 20, 1992.
Where is Neslihan Atagul from? : Istanbul, Turkey.
Residence in the current period: Istanbul.
Neslihan Atagul’s husband: Kadir Doğlu.
Neslihan’s Sons: None.
Her studies: She studied at the Department of Theater at Yeditepe University.
The religion to which she belongs: Islam – Muslim.
Nationality: She holds Turkish citizenship.
Marriage date: Married in 2016.
Profession: actress.
What languages ​​does Neslihan Atagül speak? Turkish.
Years of work: From 2006 until now.
The most important roles she played: Nihan in the series Love Blind.
Her latest work: the series “The Son of the Ambassador” in 2019.
Hair colour: black.
Eye colour: Hazel.
Favorite hobbies: Horse riding – volleyball – swimming – reading – watching movies.

Neslihan Atagul Childhood Story

Neslihan Atagul is one of the richest girls in the world despite her young age. Neslihan was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1992, of a Circassian father and a Belarusian mother. Neslihan’s features are very similar to Koreans, which made her face familiar to everyone who sees her for the first time, she has one brother, Neslihan lived A luxurious life, as the girl was in the family. In addition, she is from a conservative family that respects social customs and traditions. Since her childhood, Neslihan loved acting and wished to become a famous actress. Her passion for art and the world of acting appeared when she was six years old. The parents were more aware of that talent. They encouraged her, and when she was thirteen,

she participated in the series The Fallen Leaves, and that was the first time she stood in front of lighting and cameras, and despite her young age, she was able to show her talent, and everyone admired her, and then she began to present many roles, and it was the most important work It was presented by him in the series Hayat, in which she embodied the character of Sherine, and in the movie Al-Aaraf, which sparked great controversy, she was awarded the title of title and starred Ozjan Deniz with her.

The husband of the artist Neslihan Atagul her artistic life after encouraging her

Actress Neslihan married young actor Kadir Doğlu after a three-year love story and he fell in love with her for the first time after she co-starred with him in the Fateh Harbiye series, and their relationship began to develop until they decided to marry in 2016. They held a big party with the participation of all family and friends, and the couple became famous They love each other and Douglu has declared his great love for his wife and that he is in love with her and he always encourages her to continue working to reach success, and despite not imposing his opinion on her in many of the romantic roles that she plays, Neslihan decided to delete nearly 15 romantic scenes.

From her films and series, and this came out of love and appreciation for her husband and respect for his feelings, Neslihan, with her intelligence and talent, was able to occupy a prominent position in the world of Turkish drama. Nearly 24 thousand dollars, and Neslihan had made an advertisement for Pantene shampoo for hair over four years and received a million Turkish liras, which made her the richest in the world, and when one of the editors asked Kadir Doğlu about his relationship with Zou His attitude and the extent of his jealousy over her said that he loves his wife very much and trusts her and her behavior, and that he defends the freedom of women and the importance of work and her position in society, and he emphasized in a hadith that no word comes out of his tongue or heart that offends her.

The fact that she interrupted her father and the suicide of her brother-in-law

When reports return to Neslihan’s past, we reveal her mystery, and the secrets she hid for us throughout her life. She was not a quiet, innocent girl, but was known for her participation to everyone. Neslihan also left her sick father without asking about him in order to search for fame until he died. I knew Neslihan. She loved animals, especially dogs and cats, and she worked on raising them and spending most of her time with them, and when she knew the artist’s brother, Kadir Doğlu, he fell in love with her, as if he wanted to marry her, so he began to get close to her. And he was saved.

Similar to Neslihan Atagul

There are many gossip and rumors about the star Neslihan Atagul and the Turkish actress Goldan Dodarik, who have many Asian features, as opinions were divided between supporters of a strong resemblance between the two between opponents, which abounded about their closeness in the family, due to the similarity in the eyes and the large size of the lips and The round face, while others do not see any resemblance between them, and Neslihan’s followers commented that she is the most beautiful.

Does Kemal marry Nihan?

Blind Love is a Turkish series that has been dubbed and shown on many Arab channels. It is one of the romantic series that carries a dramatic character inside it. It revolves around a poor young man named Kamal who works in the mines. He meets a rich girl, Nihan, and then falls in love with each other. They dated to marry. They live the most beautiful story. Love is fond of fine and romance, and shows the personality of Amir, a rich man who aspires to get Nabhan, so he does everything in his power for that moment, so he sets Nihan’s brother into a murder and threatens the family by reporting if Nihan does not marry Amir, Nihan finds no opportunity to save her brother but submission. For Amir and leaving Kamal, then Kamal travels to work in one of the countries and when he returns to see Nabhan again, their feelings begin to move again, then events follow after that with many adventures and dramatic episodes that reveal to us many mysterious secrets about Amir and his father.

Neslihan was able to capture the hearts of her followers on television and cinema screens, thanks to her grace, the consistency of her body, and her bright beauty, which made her a star at the beginning of her appearance.

The series, Son of the Ambassador, which was shown in 2019 and played a fiery role, the series achieved great success in the Arab world – the Al-Qaa series in 2018, in which I presented the role of Bilgi – the blind love series 2015-2017, the series in which Nari occupied the starring role and was the first heroic work presented to The TV screens and embodied the role of Nihan – the film What’s Left of You for 2015 – in which she presented the role of Elif – the Fateh Harbiye series, in which she co-starred with her husband Douglu.

The series was shown in 2013 and Neslihan presented the character of Nariman – Life continues in 2011-2012 – The Forgotten World series In 2012, she played a secondary role and occupied the character of Zahra – I chose my heart in 2011 and embodied the character of Melis – Dear Father in 2011, she played Pinar – the first love series in 2006 – Falling Leaves and her first appearance in 2006-2010 was the role of Denise.

Awards won by the series “Blind Love”

The series has achieved unexpected records, as it won the award for Best Foreign Series at the 2017 Emmy Awards, and this came after the awards ceremony in New York City, which is an international award equal to the value of the Academy Award.