Kadir Doğulu religion age series full report on him

Kadir Doğulu, his religion, his age, the story of his marriage to Neslihan Atagul, the reason for their divorce, is Kadir Doğulu jealous of his wife, what are the most important roles that Kadir participated in, and what works did he collect with his wife Neslihan, the most important works he presented and the awards he received, and a full report about him.


Kadir Doğulu Religion and Age

Omar Kadir now: 37 years old.
Date of birth: April 19, 1982, AD.
Residence: Marcin in Turkey.
Religion to which he belongs: Islamic – Muslim.
Nationality: Holds Turkish citizenship.
Languages: Turkish.
Profession: Actor.
Wife or friend of Kadir Doğulu: Neslihan Atagul.
His studies: Okan University.
Astrological sign: It belongs to the sign of Aries.
Height: 178 cm.
Weight: 75 kg.
Eye colour: brown.
Hair colour: brown.
Favorite Hobbies: He plays sports and loves to ride motorcycles.
His most notable work is the series The Fallen Leaves.
The beginning of his artwork: Small Secrets series in 2010.

Features of the origin of the artist Kadir Doğulu

Kadir Doğulu is one of the most famous actors in Turkey. He was born in April 1982. Doğulu belongs to a simple, modest family, but she knows well the customs and traditions of the society. She raised her children on these assets. Kadir has four sisters, the eldest of whom is Kemal Doğulu, a famous Turkish artist and model. His father was A simple employee and his mother is a housewife. Kadir is fond of cooking. Since his childhood, he has worked in many businesses. He started working in shops when he was ten years old, then worked in cafés and moved to Istanbul to work with his older brother Kemal, so he worked in Refika restaurant, working on preparing Iftar, and after a long journey of effort and struggle, he was able to establish his own company, Tpa. He is now presenting a radio program on TV with Emel Müftüoğlu. He married Turkish actress Nesilhan Atagul in 2016, after a love affair that lasted for more than three years.

His wife, Neslihan Atagul

She is a Turkish actress who, thanks to her beauty and intelligence, was able to become the richest woman in Turkey. Neslihan started acting when she was thirteen years old and all her roles were secondary, until she had the chance to star in the screen and occupy the hearts of citizens in the Arab world. It was her real starting point, and she also presented many advertisements for major commercial companies in Turkey. She met Kadir after participating with him in one of the romantic drama series in 2015 and called them the best couple of the year.


His wife, Neslihan Atagul

 Kadir Doğulu’s relationship with his father

The relationship between the Turkish actor Kadir and his father was a relationship of love and affection, and that relationship and the extent of its sincerity appeared after the death of his father in 2017, where Kadir collapsed from the great sadness and staying for his father, and his wife Neslihan stood next to him, sympathetic to his misfortune, as if that was clear, after capturing the eyes of the camera pictures of the funeral procession, and Neslihan appeared standing next to her husband, not leaving his hand.

The truth about the separation of Neslihan Atagul and Kadir Doğulu

There were many rumors about the story of the marriage and divorce of the artist Neslihan and Kadir. People do not leave anyone alone. These rumors came after the news of their participation together was broadcast after she was accused of negligence in her love for Kadir, and the artist Neslihan responded to these false statements that they had no room for truth. And she announced that she and her husband are currently busy with the new work presented to them and that their relationship is still strong and there is nothing affecting her, as she is living the most beautiful days of her life next to him, and Qadir had previously announced the extent of his love for his wife, respect and appreciation for her artwork and that he always seeks to encourage her, as he supports Women’s rights in the midst of a patriarchal world that sees only men’s actions.

Neslihan Atagul reveals many secrets about her relationship

Since the news of the two artists’ marriage was announced, and they became the talk of the hour, all newspapers and magazines published the news of their happy marriage and the love story that lasted three years and still exists so far, then the artist Neslihan began publishing many romantic photos that she collected with her husband, and each picture speaks of their love And the beautiful relationship that brings them together. As for the psychologists’ interpretation of the images they collected, it was analyzed that the image of placing the head on the head or the face, this indicates that the thinking of the two is the same as they have the same emotion and can understand each other.

Is Kadir Doğulu jealous of his wife in performing her roles?

Many rumors circulated about another artist, Kadir, about his wife, which made everyone approach the date of their separation, but in fact this never happened. In one of the press interviews with Kadir Doğulu, he stated some situations that occur within the cinematic and dramatic works of intimate and hot relationships in many From the scenes, he said that this does not bother him, but rather encourages her, because his wife is a talented actress and masters the performance of her work. I married her an actress who is loved by millions of people from different countries of the world, and you cannot prevent her from her work just rumors revolve around her, and in a statement to the Hurriyet newspaper, Kadir announced that He wants to repeat the first moment in which he met Neslihan and said that if it is repeated again, I will feel the same beautiful feelings that I felt since our first meeting. I do not regret my decisions and my marriage, but I love my wife very much and he talked a lot about his personal life and what he plans in the future .

Beginning of his acting career

He fell in love with acting and decided to participate in dramatic and cinematic works, so his debut was in the series Asrar Saghira in 2010, and in 2011 he starred in the End series, then roles rolled over, so he started working in the series “The Seven Evil Ones.” He introduced Ali in the series “Asrar Al Banat” and achieved fame in that series. Kabir, then joined a work team, but soon joined the work of the Fox show time channel, in which he presented many works, and in his performance of the Fateh Al Harbiyeh series, he led a real love experience, in which he embodied the role of Majed, and in 2015 he led a new character in the beloved Albora series He participated in the historical series Harem Al Sultan, in which he played the role of Muhammed Giray Khan, and his latest drama is the series Teach Me How to Love, which he started working on after spending his honeymoon and participated in the work by Mustafa – Ostendag Kadir Doğulu Sida and Kan, and the events of the series revolve around a young man who imports meat From Germany to Turkey, he meets a beautiful girl named Layla and admires her and proposes to her marriage. Then Lily knows the true profession of her husband, so she decides to run away. She works in a restaurant and then falls in love with the owner of the restaurant. The series Hawa Al-Ruh, which was shown in 2013 and co-starred by Neslihan Atagul. – Kadir Doğulu – Yunus Emre Yildirim – Serkan Sinalp – Gökçe Akildiz, he participated in the series Sultana Kosem, in which he embodied the role of Muhammad Khan, whose events are about the Ottoman Empire and the idea of ​​​​the struggle for power.