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Kenan Doğulu, his religion, his wife, his longevity, information and photos


Kenan Doğulu the singer, his religion, Muslim or Christian, his nationality, his wife, he is the husband of the Turkish artist Beren Sat, his date of birth, his place of birth, his astrological sing, his age, his life story, his artistic career, his most important and famous albums, and his most prominent songs, some Rumors about him, his photo album, full information about him, we put in your hands in this interesting article, so follow us.


Kenan Doğulu

Information about Kenan Doğulu

Religion Muslim
Nationality: Turkish.
Born: May 31, 1974.
Birthplace: Cihangir, Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey.
Astrological sign: Gemini.
Age in 2021: 46 years old.
Marital status: Married.
Wife’s name: Beren Saat.
Number of siblings: 2
Siblings names: Kanan, Ozan.
Children: none.
Hair colour: black.
Eye colour: black.
Occupation: Singer, author, composer, record producer, and performer.
Music Genre: Pop.
Musical instruments: voice, guitar, drums, keyboard, bass, piano, oboe, saxophone.
Academic qualification: Graduated from Bilgi etti.ilk University in Turkey.
The beginning of the artistic career: It started in 1993.
Years of activity: since 1993 until now.
His most important work: the album “I am everything to you”.

Kenan Doğulu life story

The star Kenan Doğulu was born in the town of Cihangir in the Beyoglu district of Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, on May 31, 1974. He is 46 years old. His astrological sign is Taurus. His religion is Islam. He has two brothers, including his sister Kanan, who loves fashion, designs and fashion, and his brother Ozan, who also loves music.

Kenan loves music, so he decided to enroll in private lessons to play the piano. He also joined the Institute of Music, the piano department. He also learned to use the flute, and his teacher was Erkan Albay, and the guitar was from his school, Erdem Sukmen, and completed his musical studies in the theater because he was a soloist. This was one of the most suitable places for him because there were many children and percussion instruments. Kenan Doğulu graduated from Bilgi etti.ilk University in Turkey. As for his love life, he is married to Beren Sat. A lot of rumors spread around them and a lot of disagreements occurred between them, and this is what we will discuss in the following paragraphs.


Kenan Doğulu life story

Kenan Doğulu’s career

The star Kenan Doğulu was very fond of music and applied to study in its institutes and schools, in addition to his basic studies, he attended high school to complete his studies at Kültür College, and joined Hesser College in New Hampshire, USA to complete the “Communication” certificate program, and after completing From high school, he decided to join the Los Angeles Institute of Musicians, after which he completed his university education to release his first album, “I Do You Know” in 1993, and many artists supported him, and he has many participations, including awards from the owner of social responsibility projects oldu.çeşitl.

He had other participations, as he is a member of a general assembly of the Galatasaray Sports Club, after which his albums and songs followed, and he became famous and known that he is the best pop musician in Turkey and has many fans, and in 2007 the number of his followers increased after he represented Turkey in the European song competition in Helsinki He succeeded in getting the fourth place and after accumulating one hundred and sixty-three points.

Kenan Doğulu and Beren Sat

Kenan Doğulu married the beautiful artist Beren Sat, and their relationship began in 2012, and they got engaged in 2014 in Istanbul and at the end of the year the marriage took place in Los Angeles in the United States of America, and Kenan had stated through a press interview, saying: “He had offered to marry Beren more than once, about sixteen times, and he also bought six rings for her to propose because he loved her so much and could not imagine his life without her.” He did not state the reasons for her refusal all these times and added: “He sees it as a flower garden that increases in wealth, And it blooms constantly like a variety of roses, and every morning he falls in love with her and loves her more, and he always flirts with her and writes her many poems even when they are together in the same house in different rooms.”


Kenan Doğulu and Beren Sat

Some rumors had spread about their separation, but after many disputes, Kenan shared a picture of him with his wife on the Instagram site, in which he wrote: “It has been years since our marriage and the love and respect between us increases more and more and it is one of the greatest sources of happiness for me,” and he continued: It is a great feeling that we are still together and we were able to overcome all the differences and difficulties and to feel safe together, and fortunately for me that she became my wife, “and thanks her for all the love and beauty that she added to his life and his world and for all the moments he felt love and all the songs that described their love.” Kabir on the occasion of their wedding anniversary to deny all the rumors that appeared about them, and through this ceremony, they confirm the end of all the differences and problems between them and that they were just crises, but they overcame them.

Rumors in the life of Kenan Doğulu

Some rumors spread about the star Kenan Doğulu and his wife Beren Sat because of their recent differences that they have already left each other, and that the reason was Beren’s publication of a picture of her old lover (Effie), who died in a traffic accident, and this was one of the most influential situations in her life.

Some rumors also spread that after publishing this picture, her husband became angry with her and doubts increased within him that she still loves him until now, and some disputes occurred, in addition to their many attempts to have children through artificial fertilization in Turkey and the United States of America, which failed, and many commented that he had the right to be angry and that A big mistake from her, and if he was the one who did that, he would have received a great attack from the artistic community, because this reduces respect for the husband or wife, and the marital relationship is the most important element for its success is respect.

But Kenan then appeared through a press interview, denying this and that he adheres to her and refuses to separate from her.” As for Beren, she deleted a lot of photos from her account, but left an old photo of them on her birthday and a photo of them swimming underwater and many photos with the family .


Kenan Doğulu albums

Album “Do You Know” 1993.
The album “Tight Tight Tight” 1994.
Kenan Dogolo’s third album, 1996.
“Kenan Dogolo 3,5” album 1997.
1999 album “I am everything to you”.
The album “Al-Sabeq Habibi”, 2001.
Kenan Dogolo 5.5 album, 2002.
The album “Don’t Say”, 2003.
Kenan Dogolo 6.5 album, 2004.
Kenan Doğulu participated in the “Festival” and in 2006.
“Kenan Dogolo 7.5” album in 2007.
2009 album “Boss”.
Album “Types of Things in Love” and 2012.
2016 album “Possibilities”.


Kenan Doğulu albums