Gupse Özay religion, age, husband Barış Arduç, biography

Gupse Özay

Gupse Özay, her religion, her age, her husband, information and photos

Gupse Özay, the Turkish actress, whose religion is, is she Muslim or Christian or holds another religion, is the wife of the Turkish star Barış Arduç, better known as Omar in the series “Love for Rent”, co-starring with the star Alcin Sangu, her age, birth date and astrological sign, complete information about her and her personal life And the career and details of her relationship with the artist Barış Arduç through this article and some photos.

Information about Gupse Özay

Born: July 30, 1984.
Age in 2021: 37 years old.
Astrological sign: Leo.
Birthplace: Izmir, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion: unknown.
Marital Status: Married.
Spouse name: Barış Arduç.
Children: Unknown.
Occupation: Actress and writer.
The beginning of the artistic career: started in 2014.
Years of activity: since 2014 until now.

Life story of Gupse Özay

Gupse Özay is a famous Turkish actress and writer, born on the thirtieth of July in 1984, so she is 37 years old and her astrological sign is Leo. She was born in the city of Izmir in Turkey and holds Turkish citizenship and her name dates back to Circassian origins and its meaning is spiritual, I studied Jobsy at Ega University and graduated from the Department of Radio Television and Film. She was distinguished as a talented and distinguished student since her school years. During her university studies, she formed a team with her friends and filmed a documentary film with them entitled “I Lived Courageous”, which achieved great success and through which she was honored and was the first award she received in The beginning of her artistic career.

She was taking her first steps towards the media, and after that she was able to work in the media field, so she worked in more than one magazine, then she collaborated with the famous production company TRT and worked in the field of behind the scenes photography. She became very famous after she was associated with the famous Turkish artist Barış Arduç, who was known for his starring in the series “Love for Rent”, and one of the most important Göpsy films is the movie “Zulekha”.

Gupse Özay and Barış Arduç

The young Turkish star Barış Arduç participated with the young star Gupse Özay in the movie “Zelikha”, which is considered the most famous and most prominent of her films, which was shown in 2014. The relationship of the duo began after this work that they presented together, and this relationship lasted for many years, but they were exposed to a lot of gossip And criticism, and she was bullied because of her shape because she had gained an excess weight of 20 kg and her shape became normal, and the audience considered that Barish is more handsome than her, and Barish, who became famous through starring in the series “Love for Rent” with the young Turkish star Alcin Sangu. They had a strong love relationship during the series, and the audience wished that this relationship would be completed in reality, so there was jealousy from the fans of the star Arduç and his fans, especially from the fans of the girls.

Gupse Özay and Barış Arduç
Gupse Özay and Barış Arduç

The star Barış Arduç also stated about his relationship with her, saying: “I love calm, and because our relationship is calm, we spend years and years together.” He also confirmed that he had never felt regret about his relationship with the star Jobs and also confirmed that he was not attracted to any girl during his relationship with her and described himself as lucky. Because he found someone to create a balance for him in his life, but Jobsy was disturbed by the fans of her handsome lover Barish, and this forced her to leave her house more than once to escape the inconvenience of the fans, but she confirmed in more than one meeting that changing her house was because of the pets she raises , but she was disturbed by what is happening by the fans of Arduç, who wished her death to get rid of her.

And in 2018, the star Gupse Özay appeared, confirming that she was living a love story with the star Barış Arduç, but she knew that Barış fans do not love her and do not wish to continue their relationship. She said: “Barış and I loved each other and I realized through the comments that young people love me and that those who hate me and do not want to see me They are only teenagers, and I laugh at their condition and pity them, and I even feel that they need to go to the doctor instead of the insults they address me.”

And Jobsy continued, “There is no problem in being associated with a famous person, but what damages the nerves and makes you live tense, is that the relationship is a subject of curiosity and everyone’s talk.” As for her response to the audience who sees it inappropriate with the star Erdots, Jobsy says: “There is no love This is ugly and this is beautiful, and this is famous and this is not famous, most of the attacks on me are by saying that I am ugly, and always their comments I wish you would die and we would get rid of you.”

Marriage of Gupse Özay and Barış Arduç

Turkey witnessed on July 29, 2020, the marriage of the young Turkish star Gupse Özay and the young Turkish star Barış Arduç, known as Omar, in the series “Love for Rent”, and that was after a six-year love affair that witnessed many gossip and criticism against the star Gupse Özay because of the handsomeness of Erdots. The duo formed the talk of social media and various social networking sites due to the sudden marriage decision, as some thought that they would never marry. The wedding was a simple ceremony that included a simple group of close family and friends, due to the current circumstances and the spread of the Coronavirus.

The bride appeared in a simple casual white dress, which she coordinated with the shoes, the simple calm make-up and some wonderful and not exaggerated accessories. As for Barish, he appeared in beige pants and a white shirt, with matching shoes.

Gupse Özay pregnant

Various social networking sites circulated some pictures in which the Turkish star Gupse Özay appeared pregnant, three months after her marriage, and she showed signs of pregnancy in the last months, which confirmed that she was pregnant before the marriage was announced, and some sources also confirmed that she had completely denied this news. Despite the rumors circulated by the social media that she hastened the wedding due to this matter, she confirmed more than once that all of this is not true.

Technical debut of Gupse Özay

Although Gupse Özay, the young Turkish actress, is not one of the most beautiful in Turkey, but she has a special talent, she was able to change her appearance to star in the movie “Zulekha”, which was shown in 2014, and despite being subjected to a lot of criticism due to her weight gain during filming. To 20 kilograms more than normal, but she highlighted her talent in the film and drew attention to her. Ozay also did not present much artwork during her career, but she excelled in providing a role in the series “The False World”, and then participated in the film “Small Things”, which was It was shown in 2016 and portrayed the character of Borgo, which achieved great success.

baby Gupse Özay
baby Gupse Özay

The works of Gupse Özay

Gupse Özay has presented several artworks, but they are few, and we will mention them now:

The series “The False World”
Film “I Lived Brave”
The movie “Little Things”
The movie “Zulekha”.