Wilma Elles and her husband kreem Josh

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many details about her age, religion, nationality, height and weight, other details about her lover, family and personal life, the most important works she has presented from series and movies, when she started her artistic career, her social media sites, and a collection of new and exclusive photos of her.

Personal information about Wilma Elles

Date of Birth: October 18, 1986
Place of residence : born in Cologne, Germany
Sexual Wilma Elles : German, Turkish
Wilma Elles religion: Muslim
Wilma Elles age : 33years

height: 177 cm
Wilma elles weight: 52 kg
Hair color Wilma Elles: blond
Wilma elles eye color: green
Academic qualification: graduated from the Abitur school in German – graduated from the University of Cologne Department of political science
Wilma Elles marriage: married to Karim Josh
Parents: Veronica Ellis, Stefan Ellis
Horoscope Wilma Elles: Libra
She started her acting career in 2005

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Wilma Elles

Instagram : Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wilmaelles1
Facebook : https://ar-ar.facebook.com/WilmaEllesofficial
Twitter : https://twitter.com/wilmaelles?lang=ar

Information about actress Wilma Elles

Wilma Elles (born 18 October 1986 in Cologne) is a German rower. A famous Turkish actress born and lived her childhood in Germany her parents are Veronica Ellis and Stefan Ellis she has two brothers and two sisters and both her father and mother work in engineering business and owns Ellesos distribution company, Wilma graduated from the French and German School of bitur and lived in Burgau-Gymnasium when she was one and a half years old until her first television role was in a Motion Picture in Germany.

In the summer of 2010, she got a role in a Turkish series in the same year, which is the role of the Dutch wife Caroline, the mistress of Captain Ali, who is married and is a father of four children and moved to Istanbul, Wilma speaks fluent English and said that it is just a language, and you can in all, She received many awards in her series, which continued in the seasons and gained a viewership of between 50-60% or 25-30 million views every week and Yilma migrated in Turkey and received the award of the Best Actress at the European Quality Awards in 2011 during the summer holidays and played the role of an Australian woman in a children’s film series over time and seems to be a good start for her as she started in many magazines such as fashion or what is known as Istanbul Fashion Week in 2011-2012.

Interests of Wilma Elles

Said Wilma Elles her interest in foreign cultures, that she loves Turkey and wants to get Turkish citizenship . She wants to take the Turkish name Asli alongside Wilma. She said that she ended up in the Department of political science at the University of Cologne Islamic studies with an award, the German actress Wilma Elles who embodied the role of “Caroline” in the series “all the time” decided to obtain Turkish citizenship and asked the German government to issue permission so that she could obtain a Turkish passport in her name along with her German passport. Upon receipt of the consent document, the representative will begin the procedure in order to obtain the Turkish passport at the earliest opportunity.

Things that influenced the life of Wilma Elles

Wilma Alis told Hurriyet newspaper: “after my participation in the film” Children of hang Qala”, I was very moved by the story of the film, so I decided to get Turkish citizenship. In 2005, Wilma Elles began studying in the field of theatre, taking acting and dance classes at the University of Cologne.Wilma Elles also played the role of an Australian woman in a children’s film, known for handwriting a script adapted from a film, which received an award at the golden orange festival.

Wilma received the Best Actress award at the 2011 European Quality Awards, among many other awards in her career. The Wilma Elles on the fourth season of “over time”, and fought in addition to the aspects of art and representation to many areas such as fashion or what is known as Fashion Week in Istanbul in 2011-2012.

Wilma Elles and her husband kreem Josh

German-born actress Wilma Elles celebrated the famous”Caroline” by tying the knot on Turkish businessman Kerem güosh. Wilma surprised everyone and converted to Islam at the hands of the sheikh who took her marriage, in a hotel in Istanbul’s Bebek district, and covered her hair completely in front of the Almazan, where her husband designed to make the marriage first in the Islamic Shariah way, and then to celebrate their marriage officially by the method of the family court next summer.

Wilma, who recently obtained Turkish citizenship, had received Kerem’s request to marry her romantically in the sky of Cappadocia, when the couple enjoyed a tour inside a balloon, to surprise the star of the series “all time” with a proposal to marry her lover, and indeed the couple wore engagement rings in a romantic and dreamy atmosphere.

Wilma Elles and her husband kreem Josh
Wilma Elles and her husband kreem Josh

Wilma Elles family

As for his family, she is living the trauma of her mother Veronica Ellis’s death in Germany after a long struggle with cancer. Wilma posted the news of her mother’s death on her personal Instagram account with kind, wrenching words, confirming that her eternal love will remain in her heart and the hearts of all her family forever.She has received thousands of condolences in social media from her Turkish, Arab and foreign fans.

Wilma Elles visited her mother with her twin children milad and melody and her husband, Turkish businessman Karim Ghosh, shortly before her departure, and was forced to return to Istanbul due to her association with the filming of scenes in the series “KAFA – yeter” a pivotal role alongside his first heroine Belen Karahan famous as Sultan Maryam.

The most important works of Wilma Elles series and plays

Melody’s Tune (filming)
Islamophobia (completed)
Silent Scream (completed)
2021 Silver Carnation (completed)
2019 Aylan Baby (completed)
2020 Loss of Grace
2020 Ondokuz 19 (Short)
Agent Zeynep
2020 The Insurrection
Joan Schaffer
2019-2020 Arka Sokaklar (TV Series)
Mendilim Kekik Kokuyor
Hemsire Beatrice
2019 Aglak Arif (TV Movie)
2019/I Linda (Short)
2018 Yari yol
2018 Yeni Gelin (TV Series)
Eyvah Karim
2018 Offscreen (TV Series)
Playing with Dolls: Havoc
Mia (as Jade Ellis)
2015-2016 Yeter (TV Series)
Emicem Hospital
2016 Temel ile Dursun Istanbul’da
2015 Para Para Para
2015 Ulan Istanbul (TV Series)
2014-2015 Filinta (TV Series)
Senden Bana Kalan
2015 The Tragedy
2015 Bir Gece
2013-2014 Gurbette Ask (TV Series)
Kizilelma (TV Series)
2013 Bu Iste Bir Yalnizlik Var
2010-2013 Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki (TV Series)
Laz Vampir Tirakula
2012 Çanakkale Çocuklari
2012 El yazisi
2011 Tolerans (Short)
Tolerans (Short)
Cafe Manager
2011 Fahr zur Hölle
2010 Death TV (Short)
2010 Ihr mich auch (TV Movie)
Tanja Schulz
2010 Aus dem Stand (Short)
2010 Underworld Cats (Video)
2009 Türk Usulü
2008 Das Weinen Davor
2008 Die Gustloff (TV Movie)
2008 Stolberg (TV Series)
Petra Schnuck
– Irrlichter (2008) … Petra Schnuck
2008 Kill or Be Killed (Short)
2008 Satan Claus (Short)
Jessica Krank
2007 SOKO Köln (TV Series)