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Ugur Kurul, the young Turkish actor, his age, date of birth, nationality, religion, education, artistic career, works done, and more in a detailed report about him, the name of the young actor Ugur Kurul has been associated with many distinctive Turkish works that have been shown on Turkish television screens and the entire Arab world, he is Jim the hero of the series

Information about Ugur Kurul

Date of birth: 23-5-1991.
Age: 29 years
Place of birth: Istanbul.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion: Muslim.
Education: studied at the Ministry of Commerce.

The life story of actor Ugur Kurul

Young Turkish actor Ugur Kurul born in Istanbul in 1991 lived his life in Turkey, and joined the Ministry of foreign trade in university development, and graduated from this university with honors, he was always superior during his studies, he was committed to all educational lessons and got a high degree from the university, as the Turkish actor Ugur Kurul began his acting life in 2007.

Ugur Kurul study

Young Turkish actor Ugur Kurul born in Istanbul who studied at the Industrial Technical High School. majored in computer programming department. his astrological sign is Gemini. he also completed his education at the Foreign Trade School. graduated with high honors. made a series of commercials and was his first appearance on the technical screen. showed his talent and became famous through these

Ugur Kurul’s acting work

The young Turkish actor Ugur Kurul presented the ads and it was his first appearance on television screens. and he made these ads while studying at the University. he was separating the homework and attending all the lessons and acting in the ads that was a hobby for him. the young actor managed to attract the attention of all viewers despite his young age through the Truth. and this is what made him so excelling in his works. and he managed to get the admiration of all viewers by the roles he offers.

Hobbies of actor Ugur Kurul

Turkish actor Ugur Kurul is always keen to practice his favorite hobby since childhood. and one of the best of these hobbies is acting. he was presenting commercials at the beginning of his artistic career. but at the same time he was keen on university education. and he was superior in both cases. and other hobbies preferred by Turkish actor Ugur Kurul exercise to maintain

Hobbies of actor Ugur Kurul
Hobbies of actor Ugur Kurul

Ugur Kurul series

The Turkish actor Ugur Kurul presented a series of television series. in which he participated in many roles that attracted the viewer. and he made his debut in 2007 through his first television work. which led to his wide fame that has continued until now. he is always keen to increase his talents and develop them in the right way so:
He presented the series the magic of my mother”in 2007.
They also presented the series “Naked Truth” in 2012.
The TV series “Kamal” he presented in 2012 ad. TV series “War of the roses” presented in 2014 ad.
The TV series” it’s enough to smile and presented it in 2016 ad.

The role of actor Ugur Kurul in the series Naked Truth

Turkish actor Ugur Kurul presented an important role in the series Naked Truth it tells the story of a family consisting of a mother. father and daughter. this daughter named Hazal lives a normal life in the circumstances of it. but the problems increase over the years and the father and mother decide to separate. then this daughter runs away from home after she reaches the age of 18. and meets a boy. Ugur Kurul

The role of Ugur Kurul in the series War of the roses”

The series War of the Roses is one of the most important Turkish series that has been shown in the state of Turkey and the entire Arab consists of two parts. the actor and the vanity of the Kroll provided a special role in this wonderful television work. it tells the story of the hero. Omar. who falls in love with two women. the first woman is called gory and the other woman from the middle class lives in the palace within a small space. he is from the rich class. conflict arises in the palace because of the hero’s love for the two girls. every girl is keen to get the love of the hero and does a series of problems that arise between her and the other boy.

The role of actor Ugur Kurul in the series enough to smile”

He plays a young man in his early twenties who meet a girl named Jasmine who is the daughter of a rich family. but this girl is going through a financial hardship which causes her father to marry her to a rich man against her will. but she meets the actor Ugur Kurul and develops an intense love story between them. which makes her

Official websites of Turkish representative Ugur Kurul

The famous Turkish actor Ugur Kurul owns official sites on social media sites to share the public with all his news and works that he has presented and continues to present to the TV screen in Turkey. and these accounts have many followers from the audience in the Arab world and in Turkey. he manages these accounts and share the:

Personal account on Twitter
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