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Firat Altunmese, his religion, age, sweetheart, nationality, education, Life Story, career, Films, series, and much information about him in a detailed report, this artist is famous for presenting distinctive roles to Turkish television, and we will learn about his best television and film work through this article.

Information about Firat Altunmese

Full name: Firat Altunmese .
Year of birth: 1990
Age: 30 years
Place of birth: Istanbul.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion: Muslim.

The life story of Firat Altunmese

Turkish actor Firat Altunmese was born in the city of Istanbul of the state of Turkey in 1990 ad, lived in the city of Istanbul and joined the University, completed his education at the University of Istanbul Department of film and television, was always distinguished in his studies, and began to act in 2013, presented distinctive works for Turkish television, also studied at the university stage.

Education of artist Firat Altunmese

Firat altunmese attended high school in Istanbul. and remained there until he joined the University specialized Department of film and television. he was studying film and theatrical acting art. and the first appearance of Firat Altunmese in 2013 in the series “wejdan”. which won the admiration of a large percentage of the Turkish and Arab audience. and this series includes many Turkish Stars.

Girlfriend Firat Altunmese

The young Turkish artist Firat Altunmese does not talk much about his emotional state and personal matters through his social media pages or to Turkish television. but magazines or the press publish all the news that you can access. and the latest news of the artist Firat Altunmese in with his beloved. a big quarrel between Virat and his lover who attacked him and caused him some bruises for them.

The beginning of Firat Altunmese’s artistic career

The young Turkish artist Firat Altunmese started his artistic career since he enrolled in the University in Istanbul. he studied a lot about acting and was keen to develop his acting talent until he became a global artist. and made many advertisements that had a big reason for his fame. but is considered the debut of the young actor Firat Altunmese in the Turkish series “wejdan” other Turkish that have been shown on Turkish TV channels and in the Arab world After it to the Syrian dialect.

Representative works of actor Firat Altunmese

The famous Turkish actor Firat Altunmese presented a collection of works with the participation of the top Turkish Stars. which led to his great fame he has only one film work. and the rest of the works presented by TV series presented to Turkish television. he was always keen on the diversity of roles in his television work. and shows this through the works:

The series “wajdan” presented in 2013.
Series “runaway brides” presented in 2014.
The TV series “Maral” which was shown in 2014 ad.
The series “Amber” presented in 2016.
Series “Jusoor” presented in 2017

The role of artist Firat Altunmese in the series runaway brides

The young Turkish artist Firat Altunmese played an important role in the series “runaway brides”. he was always keen to stand out through the works he presents. and this series tells the story of a young man escaping from his wedding. and there is a bride running away behind them from the wedding hall. and another bride running away after wearing the wedding dress before reaching the hall. and he becomes the Knight of her dreams and wishes to spend the rest of her life with him.

The role of artist Firat Altunmese in the series Amber

Amber series is a famous Turkish Series Presented By The Artist Firat Altunmese with the well-known Turkish artist. Uğur who played a famous role with him. the events of the series tell about a girl from a rich family who meets a young man and loves him deeply. but her father refuses this marriage and after this refusal the young man travels to Germany and
The role of artist Firat Altunmese in the series Bridges

One of the most wonderful TV series presented by the artist Firat Altunmese is the series bridges. he presented a special role in this series and was a great fame for him. he is co-represented by the famous artist “kevanch tattilong” young mysterious handsome. and the story of this series tells about a young man who goes to a village and settles in it and gets the admiration

The official websites of Firat Altunmese

Owns two tea Firat Altunmese many personal accounts on social networking sites. he always manages these accounts and the participation of the photos and offered to the public. as is always keen to provide all that is New through his personal accounts that contain a high percentage of followers. this account is:

Personal account on Facebook
Personal account on Instagram

Firat altunmese Artist Awards

Firat Altunmese received the Best Actor award in 2013 after making his debut in the series “wejdan”. he received the award for Best Promising Actor. these are considered the best awards he received. he also performed many roles that made him famous. and received other awards due to the audience’s great viewing and admiration.

Firat Altunmese
Firat Altunmese
Firat Altunmese Personal account on Facebook
Firat Altunmese Personal account on Facebook