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Cihangir Ceyhan and many details about his personal life and the political and starch it details more about height, weight, educational qualifications and when to start his career in acting and the most important works made by the series of ideas and social media own official group photo New and exclusive to him.

Cihangir Ceyhan nationality, religion, age, weight, height, starch and other details

Cihangir Ceyhan biography

Date of Birth : October 15, 1989
Place of residence : Adana-Turkey
Nationality : Turkish
Religion : Christian
Age : 29 years
Weight: 76kg
Height : 177cm
Hair color : black
Eye color : brown
Academic qualification: ascoritem University in Business Administration
Marriage : single
Horoscope: Libra

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Instagram Cihangir Ceyhan: https//: WwW. instagram. com. Cihangir Ceyhan
Facebook Cihangir Ceyhan: https//: WwW. Cihangir Ceyhan
Twitter Cihangir Ceyhan: https//: WwW. twitter. com. Cihangir Ceyhan

Full information about actor Cihangir Ceyhan

Cihangir Ceyhan is a Turkish actor, born in Adana in October 1989, his astrological sign is Libra, his origins are due to Diyarbakir by mother and from Elazığ by father, his ranking among his last siblings he is the youngest child in the family, continued his educational life at ascoritem University in Business Administration, received an acting education in Istanbul, studied business

After his education he returned to Adana where he was born and raised he still lives in Adana amid his family and from his talents read, write, swim, play wrestling and loves to play sports to keep fit, he also likes to share his photos while training with his followers. He became famous for playing the role of Cio in the TV series Sifir Bir. He also starred in the film Yusuf. His first role was as Sardar in the 2015 film Yusuf. He worked as a cinematographer in the TV series Ehveniser. He has amassed more than 650,000 followers on ceyhancihangir Instagram account.

The beginning of Cihangir Ceyhan by acting

His acting debut was through some short films and music videos, he co-made a film about the suburbs of Adana and the world of crime, it was always something that he and his friends dreamed about, directed by director Qadri, he is also a long-time friend of Beran Taskin along with him, they realized their dreams about the streets of Adana,

Cihangir Ceyhan in the series Sifir Bir Azer Kurtulus in the series Çukur

Çukur is a Turkish drama series action and crime, produced by Al-Qamar Productions, starring Aras Bulut inmeli, Dilan çishek Deniz, Erkan Kolchak kostendel, UNIR Arkan, Ercan kesal, Reza kocoğlu from the first part, Najib memeli, Tansu Bashar, Berkay Atash, Arkan Oji from the second part, Cihangir Ceyhan, Burak Dakak, Damla sunmes and Hazal sobashi the series was announced on September 25, 2017, and was shown on 23 October 2017 .

The story of Çukur series

The series revolves around the most dangerous neighborhood in Istanbul under the control of the kochovali family, yamash (Aras Bulut enemli) is the youngest son of the kochovali family is a rich family with a lot of business and interests, and despite those actions he has banned the trade in all bad things like drugs and weapons, but not many are satisfied with this

Yamash got to know a beautiful girl and loved her and decided to propose marriage to her to be surprised that his mother came to him and told him that he had to return to Çukur because she needed him and leave his wife and his lover alone and return to Çukur to start adventures and intrigues to seize Çukur . Idris is the father of yamash Malik Çukur whose motto is “Çukur beitna and Idris Abuna” as Idris Kahraman’s eldest son dies due to an attack on him when he was with his brother Salim, and Salim is a traitor working for vartulu. Yamash knows that his father has a living illegitimate son named Saleh and in fact he is vartulu and looks for him to find him while mother Sultan wife Idris kushvali hinders him because she is well versed in hiding him. Yamash begins to look for the traitor but does not know that he is Salim his brother, and Idris gets a stroke when his son Kahraman dies and then recovers from it and entrusts his son yamash to protect Çukur

Watch Cihangir Ceyhan in the second season

Share the events of the second season enter a new gang fighting the kochovali family is (karakozlar gang, you will see new and exciting conflicts, facts will appear, survival of the strongest, retrieval of Çukur again, the name of the kochovali family is written on a hole again, but with animosity and conflict between them and the karakozlar gang that caused the last bloody episode. The comments were shocking and ironic, because of the many deaths in it, one commented sarcastically saying (This is not the end of the series this is the end of the world), another said that the reason for this change of actors in the second season