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much information about her personal life, nationality, religion, age, upbringing and other details about weight, height, academic qualification and when she started her artistic career and the most important works she has provided from series, movies and official social media sites of her and a collection of new and exclusive photos of her .

bestemsu özdemir nationality, religion, age, weight and more.

Date of birth: 27 June 1992
Place of residence : Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality : Turkish
Religion : Muslim
Age : 27 years
Weight: 47 kg
Length: 173 cm
Hair color : black
Eye color : dark brown
Academic qualification: she received her secondary education from the French School of Saint-Benoit, and attended ito University to study fashion and fashion design
Marital status: she was in a relationship with the well-known Turkish actor Jan Yaman until she announced her separation from him.
Horoscope: Cancer
She started her artistic career in 2011

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Full information about the actress bestemsu özdemir

The representative of the Turkish born April 20, 1992, in Istanbul, graduated from high school in Saint Benoit Bennett French, she lived with her grandmother found it in Ankara for three years due to the departure of her father and her mother was two years old. she studied French language and because of her studies at the school of Saint Benoit Bennett French. during her studies at school.

shaken Fashion. Fashion Design opted to include her in college. she studied jewelry design at the University of Istanbul and then studied industrial paint. oil. coal. and finally graduated from the Istanbul University Department of fashion design. then I got lessons in drawing.

Bestemsu özdemir’s favorite sport

She is constantly running outdoors. she says that what changes the energy of man is running in nature is not on sports machines. but she also goes to gyms when she does not find time to run in nature. she says that the secret of her agility is healthy eating and exercise especially running constantly.

When she was at the opening of her film the audience and journalists asked her about her thinness and is this because of the disease. she denied the idea of her illness once and for all. and said that she eats a lot but does not gain weight. but because of the effort that she presents in her new series made her lose She loves dog breeding. she owns two dogs. the first named Lucky and the second Bodhi. she loves them very much and takes care of them.

The beginning of bestemsu özdemir’s acting career

She went from modeling for the Mavi brand. to acting again in some Turkish television works.Her artistic career began in 2012 the first work in which she participated in the series Firat Sakarya known in Turkey and the Arab world through the character “Sara”.

which she embodied in the famous Turkish drama “the other face” next to the beloved Turkish star “Saruhan honil” known in the Arab world as “Asmar”. But her real breakthrough came through the romantic action series “Black adoration” in which bestimso embodies Roshan. the spoiled youngest daughter of the denizar family. and Eileen’s younger sister. the main character in the work.”.She shared the video clip” with singer Mohamed Hamaki .

In 2017

“the most beautiful smell in the world” (Dünyanin En Güzel Kokusu). the film “the most beautiful smell in the World 2” talks about Hakan and Derya. after their deep friendship. they fell in love with each other and had a fairy tale. Their love was fruitful and they became children. But life took Derya away from Hakan and their child.

After Derya’s death. Hakan did not recover. But with the help of his friends. he tries to survive for the sake of his daughter “Elif Zeno”. One day. he meets “Kandan”. an unusual woman who is struggling with her pain. Kandan slowly enters Hakan’s life. and she makes an exciting friendship with Hakan. Will the two be good for each other’s wounds?

The series revolves around 6 young friends who decide to travel to Istanbul to look for work. but it was not an easy search. one of them ( kahit) is a brilliant computer engineer but does not succeed in job interviews. another athlete who did not graduate from the university so he made it unlucky in his career and hopeless his future. the last engineer. Firat Al – Bayram. tugçe kursunoglu. Sidi ksapli.. the film succeeded and received a high rating .

bestemsu özdemir nationality
bestemsu özdemir nationality

Year 2018

She starred in a romantic comedy series called (Aegean fish). in the role of Zainab. a girl who finished studying architecture far from her city in the Black Sea. and chooses to work in engineering in Izmir in the area called Aegean. and after her father initially refused he decided to finish his business and move to live with her in Aegean .

bestemsu özdemir in the series adoration black

The series revolves around two characters who combine a detective named Omar Demir with a jeweler from Rome named Ellen denizer. Elif is a famous jewelry designer who returns from her place of residence Rome to her native Istanbul to celebrate with her family her 30th birthday and is surprised by a huge party prepared for her by her father Ahmet denizer in the presence of all family and friends and gave her the family company as a gift.

The other character is a detective who works in the crime branch office and gets a month’s leave for his upcoming wedding with his fiancee Sibal andash in Istanbul. The circumstances of the series combine the two characters. and a love story arises between them despite the two facing the odds by the mafia.

bestemsu özdemir and her lover Jean Yamane

As for pastemso Ozdemir and her lover Jan Yaman. they had a great love story. after the photographers took some photos of them together more than once. which confirmed this relationship that they did not deny this rumor and just kept silent. but suddenly the famous model and actress announced her separation from her beloved famous Turkish star Jan Yaman.

this was obvious because he did not attend the opening of her film ( Syed Al-Seagulls). she was next to the artist Mehmet gonsur famous Prince Mustafa. the hero of the film. which led to her question about her separation from her lover . She said that they broke up definitively. that their relationship did not go well because of their lack of understanding, so they chose to break up.

After a very short time she was photographed with another person Shatai olusoy. holding hands and getting in the car together. she was very upset about the presence of journalists and photographers and the journalists tried to track her down, but she managed to escape from them and then went to a nightclub

Movies and serie
Black adoration series
Aegean fish

Film the most beautiful smell in the world
Movie Master of gulls
The other face 2011
Mothers and mothers 2015
We’ll be back. Alec.
Tubald Rosa
Mariam Series 2017.