The story of the series Kahraman Babam, the crew


The story of Kahraman Babam is a Turkish summer action coming soon on Show TV. The makers of the Kahraman Babam series decided to air it in June 2021 on the 14th day. The Turkish drama is one of the most important shows on television. It is also watched by all the world, including the Arab world, to a great extent. Kahraman Babam is a new series that describes the relationship between a father and daughter and the many gentle feelings between them.

The series kahraman babam

When we mention gentle works with many details and feelings, we mention Turkish drama. This summer we are introducing a valuable series called Kahraman Babam. What is the story of this work and what is under its name. Is a relationship between a father and his daughter getting into trouble? Or under this title is a bigger story than it appears. Follow us for the full story.

The whole story is the kahraman babam – the red truck

It is noteworthy that the episode of the series was previously shown under the name of The Red Truck, but due to the poor viewership, it was postponed with some changes to the events to be presented with a new version under a new name.

As for the story of the first episode, whose name was changed by the father of the hero, it was about the profession of a fireman. How is it a difficult work so much that keeps its workers away from their families. And it puts them at risk.


The story of the series Kahraman Babam, the crew


But behind this work is a lot of stories punctuated by mixed feelings. In the first trailer for the second episode, “Ugur”, we saw a man looking to please his only child. He thinks about how to satisfy her. To make her understand the nature of his work.

The second episode of Kahraman Babam

We see Ugur trying to get closer to his daughter. He goes to convince his ex-wife to give him his daughter a day to spend the day together. When the mother goes to tell her daughter, she refuses to meet her father. But she convinces her to spend one day with him.

His ex-wife is not convinced that he can raise or maintain his daughter, especially after his daughter refused to go to him to spend a day together. But she is obliged to agree. But events evolve and the story changes over time.

Ugur is shown seeing in the sky a plane falling to the ground. An attempt was made towards her to follow the victims and the injured, along with a large crew of firefighters. It is noteworthy that the episode of the series was previously shown under the name of The Red Truck, but due to the poor viewership, it was postponed with some changes to the events to be presented with a new version under a new name.

Who are the heroes of kahraman babam

Kahraman Babam is one of the series that started with the name and changed its name. Especially after the very little viewership that got the first episode. And it made those responsible for it stop showing the series until June 14, 2021. The name was changed to the father of the hero. Will the events of the series change as well?

Text of the red truck: Meriç Deniray. Director: Osman Kaya. Preparations for the red truck chain are continuing. Actor Gorkam Sivendik is participating in full speed. The series, directed by Osman Kaya and written by Meresh Demirai, is scheduled to air in the first few months of the new year. The series will air on ShowTV in March. The staff signed a contract with Görkem Sevindik. She tells a great story to firefighters.

He has his first acting experience in the 2007 Kurtlar Vadisi Ambush series. Jorkim Sivendik emerged from the role of Pusat and then played Kalbim Chose You in the series. Bandit Will Not to Rule the World, Söz. Jorkim Sivendik starred in the TV series Söz with Kishanli and starred in Star TV, earning Bose overall recognition in Ramo TV 2020 series. He is a successful player. Height of 1.78 meters, weight of 75 kilograms and weight

Görkem Sevindik is the hero of the action (Ugur)

Görkem Sevindik has loved and admired acting and art since he was a child. His whole dream is to become a famous actor and artist, so he joined the Arts House to learn and teach acting. Art began in the year 2010. A craft, and was made clear for the first time on the Turkish screen through his contribution to the Turkish series “Famous Wolf Valley C5”, which was evident on a loose level since his first artistic creation. He is the actor of difficult and complex roles, because he can consider and perform the large number of plays and roles from comedy, romance, action and other acts and roles that are commissioned and successful, and then leave his artistic career in the fans. He saw the image of the deep finger seal not also in Turkey except that in the entire Arab world, his name is clear at an extended level, and his personality and artistic name devoted to wide gratitude among the young Turkish stars, and through him he won a famous and a specialized name among famous actors.

Gorkem Sivendick will play the lead role in the Red Truck series. Görkem Sevindik. In the series “Ramo” last season, he was very popular with Boss. In the past few years, he has been one of the actors in memorable TV series (like Kurtlar Vadisi and Söz) and will play the lead role in the new season “Red Truck” series. A TV actor born in Adana on October 17, 1986.

Görkem Sevindik is the hero of the action

Görkem Sevindik and Ida Nisnel are kahraman babam

In 2014, Gurkim Sivendik was awarded Best Upcoming Actor by Magazine Journalists Association. In 2018, he won the Turkish Youth Award for Best Supporting Actor; And this year, he also won the Young Turk Award. Ayaklıgazete Award for Best Supporting Actor. In 2018, he was awarded the Media and Art Award for Best Supporting Actor in Turkey, and in 2019, artist Gökem Sivendik won the Best Supporting Actor award at the Aydın University Awards in Istanbul.

Ushan Çakır is co-starring in the series, so let’s know more about this actor. Auchan Shaker is a famous Turkish artist, known in the Arab world for the role of Adra. The works he presented in the series (Layla and Majnun or Majnun Layla) graduated from the Istanbul Academy of Drama and the School of Art and Music, and passed his performance in Bilali Baldes in 2005 (he played in Balali Baldes). He works in different theaters and has shown many plays. He also owns several cinematic works including a feature film. In addition to his acting career, he has also taken part in various works. The voice actor for this cartoon, Okuyama has won several awards, including his award for Best Actor in the Movie Sev Beni at the 5th Odessa Art Festival in 2014, and won Best Supporting Actor. In 2016, at the 20th Yapi Kredi Aviv Joel Awards.