The story of the series Kusursuz , the cast and its timing


Kusursuz is a work that combines Furkan Anditch and Ibuki Pusat with a new dramatic work. To be shown on Blue TV. Kusursuz is a new Turkish series to discuss together what is behind this work, who its heroes are, and its story in detail. What is the date of display.

Kusursuz premieres and channel

The new Turkish series Kusursuz is it a sequel to the series “You are Everywhere” or is it a new work? This topic will cover the Perfect Series Cast (Blu TV) thematic channel. The name of the new series has been announced by BluTV, one of the leading digital platforms in Turkey. Nowadays, the TV series industry has begun to persist on digital platforms. This is why she is so curious about digital TV series. In this regard, we want to share and know who is on the cast of the Perfect Series to be broadcast on Blu TV, what is the topic of the Perfect series, and know. Aybüke Pusat Furkan Andıç became the main actor of the series Kusursuz. Bushra Devili and Serkan Badur also joined the cast as supporting actors. Cast of the series Kusursuz.

Kusursuz series story

Title: The perfect new Blu TV series will star: Ibuki Busat Furkan Andash Bushra Devli and Serjan Badur. His Kusursuz series will be broadcast on BluTV. The TV series Perfect, directed by Cem Karcı, continues its preparations. Leaving the red room regulations, Cem Karcı started preparing a special series for Blu TV. Who will be on the cast of the Kusursuz TV series? We will add information about the characters of the series Kusursuz to our thread and inform you. The first major actors of the series Kusursuz are Aybüke Pusat and Bü; ra Develi, Furkan Andıç, and Sercan Badur. The duo previously sealed the screen with their summer series that called you everywhere.

← The work tells about a group of friends meeting on a ship, but events will turn upside down

The story of the series Kusursuz


The story of the Kusursuz series is a new Turkish story

After revealing the male and female actors of the series Kusursuz, special research was conducted for the supporting roles. No information has been shared about the players who are still in the negotiation stage. However, efforts will be made to select the supporting players who can be compatible with Aybüke Pusat and Furkan Andıç.

Since the lead actors in the series Kusursuz are well known, we will add supporting actors to our theme once we select them. Casting work continues on the series Kusursuz. We’ll share it with you as the cast becomes clearer.

As for the story of “Kusursuz”, it is a little ambiguous. It is said that it is the story of four friends who fall on an adventure inside a ship and are unexpectedly upended. So what will happen to the four friends? Will the events of the series change upside down? Catch up on Blu TV in the summer of 2021, which premieres in June.

Furkan Andi is the hero of the Turkish series Kusursuz

Actor Furkan Anditch in the cast of the Perfect Series. Furkan Andes, born in Istanbul in 1990. He completed his primary and secondary education in Atasehir. He studied Visual Communication and Design at Yeditepe University. His curiosity for acting drove him to the TV series. She played roles in successful productions such as Sweet Revenge. , Broken Flowers, Runaway Brides, and Love Bread Dreams. Upon running from the rain, he introduced a girl named Fariha: Prince’s Road, Desperate Housewives, Sibling Children and You Everywhere He played the lead role in The Roof Floor series, which will be the Summer 2020 series. In the summer of 2021, he will play again with Aybüke Pusat in The Perfect Series.

Furkan Andyk participated in several commercials and started his acting career. In 2007, he participated in the series “School Diaries”, and in 2008 and 2011 he participated in the television series “Desperate Housewives”, a successful American comedy series. The series debuted on the ABC network in the United States on October 3, 2004, and made its Middle East debut on MBC 4 Arabic. After the show, the series won six Emmy Awards.

Who is the heroine of the Turkish series Kusursuz

Ibuki Bossat, a talented star who has a lot to offer. She lived in Ankara with her family until she finished the fifth grade of high school; She had sisters, and she was the youngest sister; Imitate them on TV, hoping to become a famous ballerina, after graduating from high school, she joined Ha Not just this, but despite her break, she is still studying open-education business in the business administration department of Anadolu University. Same, she also received a lot of performance training. He joined the Education Agency.

Playing the piano and practicing dance, she participated in many workshops; For her, she is one of the girls who like to study because it is always adding to her new life. Spirited work does not cause boredom; She loves to read new things, no matter what time she spends, she can learn everything, even she learns English, and now she is learning French. She made friends from Europe, and hopes to go there and receive them in Europe. She also loves to travel and move from one country, and the other is to be aware of many different information and cultures.

Furkan Anditch and Ibuki in Kusursuz

Furkan Anditch and Ibuki are collaborating on a new series after working together on You Everywhere. Furkan is a young Turkish actor who was born in Istanbul on April 4, 1990. He studied Russian and then studied economics in Ukraine, but due to difficult academic conditions in this country, he returned to Istanbul, he started learning. He graduated from Bilgi University (Bilgi University) in the Faculty of Radio and Television, then transferred to the University’s Department of Design and Visual Communication. Yeditepe graduated in 2012. His mother is from Bosnia and father is from Trabzon, Turkey. There are two brothers and he is one of them.

Ama Busat was born in Ankara in 1995 in 2014. She graduated from Hacetti University in the ballet department of the Anzera State College, and after studying dance and piano playing, she prefers to be a ballet dancer, after which she decided to pursue her career. They are best known for playing the role of Bahar Kotlu in the TV series Soze, she lived with her family in Ankara until the end of the fifth grade of high school. Her sisters, her family is an artist who helps and supports her. She studied ballet since she was a child. For him, because she saw ballet dancers and wanted to be like them, she entered the Hacetepe Conservatory despite being stopped while in the ballet department of the university, she was also studying open education work in the business administration department of Anadolu University, in addition to joining an educational agency to receive the necessary training in performance.

Who is the heroine of the Turkish series Kusursuz