Cam Tavanlar is a love tale between two.

The story of Cam Tavanlar, the series, the cast



The story of the series Cam Tavanlar,

glass ceilings, a new Turkish series for the summer of 2021. The Turkish screens are preparing to present the new Turkish series Cam Tavanlar on their channels for the rising stars of Bansu Soral and Kubilai Aka. Although there is a lot of talk about Cam Tavanlar. and a lot of mystery about the series and its story. Emphasis was placed on the protagonists. story and timing of the action.

What is the story of Cam Tavanlar?

Bansuo Soral has been confirmed to join the role of the main lead and will be Copilay Aka’s partner in the summer series “Cam Tavanlar”. Written by the writer Merich Ajimi. whose works are Love for Rent. Minor Crimes. and Love 101. Directed by Fahmy Ozturk. the series will be featured on Show tv.

The series will tell the story of Jim. the restaurant chain. and the beautiful Laila. who will be in competition between each other at the opening. and then that competition changes to an overwhelming love.

The whole story

For the full story of Cam Tavanlar. follow the next article. Cam Tavanlar is a love story that begins between two competitors to become lovers. He speaks the events of this work inside a restaurant. Cam Tavanlar will have a beautiful summer flavor as we are accustomed to it from Turkish drama. when it introduced us to Jan Yaman and Demet’s Early Bird series. Also. you knock on my door for Karam Bursin. and other soap operas.

Kubilai Akka. his first role on the screen was Ali Kamal / Dimitri Papadopoulos in the series You are my patriot from 2016 to 2017. just as he contributed to the series The Pit as Gilason (Turkish: ÇUKUR) is a Turkish drama series Action and Crime. issued by the Moon Foundation for Production from a competition Aras Bulut Enemli. Dylan Cicik Deniz and Arkan Kulchak.

the series revolves around one of the neighborhoods of the city of Istanbul. but one of the most dangerous ones. which is controlled by the “Kushovali” family. and its laws are imposed in the neighborhood. as it is not possible to dialogue or dispute these laws. and the most important thing is what happened It is imposed on the people of that neighborhood not to trade in narcotic substances in any way. and if they go outside that constitution. the penalty shall be applied immediately. And the father of that neighborhood is Idris. The series was announced on (09/25/2017). and it was shown on Show TV one day (10/23/2017).

The full story of Cam Tavanlar

Cam Tavanlar is a love tale between two.

A tale of love that emerges between Laila and Jim. and the first promo is very attractive. Where he talks about Laila. the beautiful girl who did not look like the rest of the girls looking for the prince or knight of her dreams. Rather. her dream is to rise in her career. She chose to work in a lot of jobs until the great opportunity came for her at work. especially after her graduation from university.

Laila meets someone and asks her about her dream after graduation. what is it? She told him that her dream was to search for self-development and to find an investor for her project. To be surprised. Laila was chosen to become the partner of a major investor in her project. and she does not know how this became? She continued to be stunned by what happened to her.

Leila agreed to her partnership and when she came to get to know her partner. she saw the young man who had spoken to him in a restaurant by chance. who told her that he had finally found the important person with whom he shared her project and her dream. and from here she started igniting the fuse of love between them.

Leila is the heroine of the Cam Tavanlar series

A girl looking to fulfill her dream in her project. to find herself in front of a great opportunity. The role of Leila is played by the artist “Bansu Sural”. a Turkish actress who became famous with many roles. She became a well-known actress with time. She was loved by the fans and had a large number of followers that qualified her to become a first star. Here are many data and pictures of her modern and old and in her series. which is small. pictures in special moments Out.

Her first appearance was at the hands of the Adam 3 series. a person from the talk show in 2013. she appears in the same year in the series Conscience. which revolves around years after I issued Kariman’s decision to return to the neighborhood in which she resides. The family and the overwhelming love that exists. plays all the stones in Younes’s life along the Akkar Alpes. Afrim Al-Asya and Euphrates Al-Tunisi.

In 2014 she presented the role of Mirai in the series Boynu Bükükler. bending necks. about the head of the commercial enterprise. Semavi. who explains his bankruptcy. and Melik takes immediate action and searches for a modern investor to buy the school. The children are unaware of this and continue their daily lives. A sound decision was made to submit an appeal to the original companies to reach her mother. but she cannot go abroad due to the exceptional situation in the school. Corhan intervenes and finds an investor. however as soon as the investor metrics are high. he cancels out a series of changes in the school and soon terminates the school’s representation of the investor as a college.

Bansu Sural is the heroine of Cam Tavanlar

Kubilai Aka is the hero of our story for this beautiful Turkish series and the hero of the series Cam Tavanlar. who plays the role of a young. humble businessman. a rising Turkish actor. whose birth was in Istanbul in 1995. and he entered the world of art with the series “You are my country”. which achieved widespread popularity on his hand. He is currently working on filming his role in the series The Pit.

Ghulam Kubilai Akka in a year on May 5. 1995 in Istanbul. He is a Turkish actor known as Cihan in the series The Pit. he also participated in The Pit 2017. Arif v 216 2018 and Ask Bu Mu? (2018). He has over 470.000 followers on his kubilayakaa account

The Kobylai Aka family

His maternal family is of Bosnian origin. No information remains about his brothers. All data related to his assigned life is hidden or anonymous communication. so it is difficult to determine whether he has a partner or children. Kubilay Aka’s source of income is acting. He stood on his feet by posting a picture with his sister to Instagram in August 2017.

Jim is the hero of Cam Tavanlar’s tale

Kamal played in the series “You are my country. you are my country” (in Turkish. vatanım sensin). a Turkish historical drama series. produced in 2016. from the competition of Khaled Arrang. Berghuzar Kuril and Onur Saylak. It was messed up on the Turkish Canal de channel on November 27. 2016 and was completed on June 7. 2018. The largest season consists of 31 episodes that ended the effort on June 8. 2017.

the series shows the events of the conquest of the Turkish town of Izmir and the First Balkan War that took place during the period from 1912 to 1913. according to the opinion of the military leader. Jawdat and his beautiful wife. Aziza. The series revolves around an Ottoman soldier who was betrayed by the Ottoman armed forces. so he works with Mustafa Kemal to liberate his homeland from the Greeks. as he works as a general in the Greek armed forces and delivers news and plans of the Greek armed forces to the Turkish steadfastness. Kublai Aka (the role of Ali Kemal).

The story of Cam Tavanlar
The story of Cam Tavanlar
Cam Tavanlar is a love tale between two.
Cam Tavanlar is a love tale between two.
Leila& gim
Leila& gim