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Enis Yıldız, the Turkish actor, his nationality, his religion, his age, his artistic beginning, his sign, his place of birth, his date of birth, his life story, his artistic works, the role of the artist Enis Yıldız in the Poyraz Karayel series, 
the story of the Poyraz Karayel series, the story of the Koyverdin Gittin Beni series, the story The series Eve Dönüs, Anis Yıldız’s photo album, all in a full report on him.

Details on Enis Yıldız

Place of birth: He was born in Germany.
Date of birth: He was born on January 1, 1972.
Age: 48 years.
Nationality: Turkish _ German.
His Astrological Sign: Capricorn.
His religion: Islam.
Marital status: Married.
Wife’s name: Unknown.
Number of children: unknown.
His acting debut: 2006.


Enis Yıldız Childhood and Life Story

Enis Yıldız Childhood and Life Story

Enis Yıldız is a famous Turkish actor. he was born in Germany and that was on January 1, 1972, he was born in Capricorn, he knows about the artist Enis Yıldız the handsome, he has blue eyes and white skin and he is fit despite his old age, the artist Enis Yıldız is distinguished by the wonderful acting And he mastered his roles professionally. 

although he did not disclose his qualification in the press interviews that were conducted with him. and Enis Yıldız is considered one of the most secretive Turkish actors on his personal life. so that some do not know whether he is married or not. and the artist did not By declaring his marriage and he did not know whether he had children or not.
Anis started in 2006 when he performed the role of the priest Farid in the series Koyverdin Gittin Beni. after performing his role in that series. the directors discovered his talent and his wonderful ability to act. and offered him many roles In serials and some Turkish plays.

Enis Yıldız acted

Enis Yıldız acted

Artist Enis Yıldız started in 2006. and his role in the series Broken Wings was that of Saint Fred.
He played a role in the series The Police in 2006.
The artist Enis Yıldız also made a role in the series Bitter Love in 2009.
The artist Enis Yıldız also made a role in the Purple Violet series. and that work was in 2011 and this work continued until 2012.

He participated in a role in the series Mercy in 2013. He played a role in the series Tide and Root in 2013 and filming the series continued until 2014. Likewise, he played a role in the series Poyraz Karayel and starred as Najdat and that work was in 2015 and the filming of the movie continued for two years until 2017. The last work by Enis Yıldız was in the series Eve Dönüs and that work was in 2017.

Enis Yıldız in the series Poyraz Karayel


The artist. Enis Yıldız. participated in the most watched Turkish series. Poyraz Karayel. and took the lead role with many famous Turkish artists. He played the role of Najdat. a lawyer for a member of a large mafia gang. who is his right hand and assistant in solving complex cases that stand in front of his client.

The story of the series Poyraz Karayel

The story of the Poyraz Karayel series revolves around a policeman who was dismissed from work and imprisoned for a whole year due to a false accusation of taking a bribe unjustly. This policeman was known for his integrity and sincerity at work. but no one believed him. this policeman lost the most precious thing in his life. he lost his job And his wife also lost the most expensive of that.

Which is his son. and the father of his wife took his son from him. after the separated policeman spent a whole year. he went out to work as a driver until he took his son from his wife’s father again. but that policeman received an offer from his former police chief and that offer in exchange for his son’s return to him Once again. the show is working as a spy in a big mafia gang.

The policeman accepted that offer. entered the mafia gang. but he met a doctor and from the first meeting between them, they expressed their admiration for each other. but he did not know that that doctor is the daughter of the head of the mafia gang. events are going on. 

The series during the episodes about that story and that love and will love to turn into a lot of revenge or not ?. This work was done over three seasons and was one of the best series that was shown at that time and the number of episodes of the series reached eighty-three episodes.

The story of the Koyverdin Gittin Beni series


The Turkish artist Enis Yıldız participated in this huge work and although it was at the beginning of his artistic career that he received the role of the priest Farid in the most successful drama series at that time. and the series revolves around a war that arose between Greece and Turkey and the heroes of that series were three girls and their home was In a small village in western Turkey.

When the war between the two countries broke out. there was a Greek army officer who fled to that village in Turkey. and those three girls hid and protected him. but the matter was soon discovered by one of the men. he was called the Mukhtar, and he was a lewd man. He wanted to marry his son to one of these girls and the girls did not agree. so he accused them of treason.

The Greek policeman who was called Jamal fled. but after one of these girls loved him and did not express her love for him. there were two girls who loved that policeman at the same time. which led to the emergence of disputes The family among them. the events change between love. war. betrayal. trauma. and many interesting events that take place in a sequence that attracts all viewers and followers. which made this work one of the most powerful works in Turkish drama. and that work was selective. His great artist Enis Yıldız and a lot of works opened to him after that.

The story of the Eve Dönüs series


The artist Enis Yıldız participated in that interesting and interesting work. and that work was his last appearance. The events of the Eve Dönüs series revolve around a young man called Yusef who works as a mechanic. A poor young man killed his mother when he was young at the hands of a member of a large mafia gang. The leader of the mafia gang is against Youssef and offers him to join that gang. but he refuses that offer and Yusef falls in love with Zainab.

A beautiful girl. but Youssef knows after that that Zainab is the daughter of the leader of the mafia gang and the events unfold until he knows that the leader of this mafia gang killed his mother and that he He is the father of Zainab. will this love be complete or not? The episodes start in an attractive and varied manner between drama and romance. which made him a popular series and among the most popular Turkish series to watch in that period.