Tulin Yazkan

Tulin Yazkan religion, husband, her series, information



Tulin Yazkan Her religion, her husband, her series, information

Tulin Yazkan, her full name, her religion, her husband, her series, her nationality, her place of birth, her date of birth, the life story of the artist Tulin Yazkan, the story of the series Revenge of the Snake, the role of Tulin Yazkan in the series Tale of Summer, the story of the series Swallow Storm,

the role of the artist Tulin in the series Tale Bodrum, the role of Tulin Yazkan in the series Small Crimes, the role of the artist Tulin Yazkan in the series The Daughter of the Ambassador, her photo album, all of which we will present in a full article about her.

Information on Tulin Yazkan

Date of birth: She was born on the 28th of February 1991.
Place of her birth: Istanbul.
Nationality: Turkish citizenship.
Her astrological sign: Gemini.
Her length: a meter and sixty-two centimeters.
Likewise, her eyes color: Green.
Weighing: forty-five kilograms.
Sweetheart: Artist Anjin Akyurek.
Marital Status: Single.
Academic qualification: Graduated from Acting Department.
Current profession: Actress.
Age: Twenty-nine.
Her artistic debut: 2014.

Who is Tulin Yazkan?

The young Turkish artist Tulin Yazkan was born in Istanbul, Turkey, she was born in 1991 and her birthday was on the 28th of February, so she is one of the owners of Gemini, the artist Tulin Yazkan has a graceful and athletic body, with a length of one meter and sixty-two centimeters and a weight of forty-five kilometers Gram, the actress Tulin Yazkan has charming green eyes,

she graduated from the acting department and began her artistic career in 2014 after she played a role in the series Revenge of the Snake, after brilliantly performing this role, she worked on her and then got roles in other successful Turkish series, and she also got Starring roles in several series, Tulin Yazkan’s fame came after her role in the series Ambassador’s Daughter.

Most of the Turkish actors are known to be unwilling to disclose their personal lives and among those actors who do not talk much on television and press interviews about their wonderful personal life is Tulin Yazkan.

The role of Tulin Yazkan in the series Snake Revenge

The Snake Revenge series is the first Turkish series in which the Turkish artist Tulin Yazkan participates, and the story revolves around a simple family who lives in a small village and the village chief comes one day to tell them to visit the provincial governor, then that family and some members of the village make preparations to receive the provincial governor,

during that Preparations happen a lot of events and problems, and upon the arrival of the governor, a person comes and tells the governor of the province to solve these problems and impose a penalty on the guilty. The events of the series revolve in an interesting and dramatic way.

The role of Tulin Yazkan in the series Summer Tale

After the artist Tulin Yazkan performed her role beautifully in the series Revenge of the Snake and drew attention to her, the directors offered many roles on her, but in 2015 one of the directors offered the title role to the artist Tulin Yazkan, and that was a very wonderful show for an artist at the beginning Her artistic career and a wonderful move for her,

the story of the Saif Tale series revolves around a group of children who grew up inside a shelter, and they consisted of two girls and two boys, which included the young Turkish actress Tulin Yazkan, the four children began to suffer from abuse in the shelter, which forced them to dream about the time of their departure From him and living in a real family, the events of the series began to attract viewers by dramatically suspending them during the episodes.

Swallow Storm series by Tulin Yazkan

After the actress Tulin Yazkan achieved success in the series A Summer Tale, she was given a role in the series Swallow Storm and that work was in 2017, and the events of the Swallow series revolve around a girl who became illegally pregnant and to survive that act after giving birth to her son, she gave her child to her brother, and it was Fate helped them when the wife gave birth to her brother on the night of that girl’s birth,

so her brother placed his sister’s child next to his child and told his wife that she had two children, and the two children lived together, and neither the brother’s wife nor his sister knew the truth so that the brother did not know who his real son was, but the series did not end. At that point, but one of the characters in the series appears, who knows all these facts, will that character remain the bearer of the secret as it carried it all those years, or not?

The role of the artist Tulin Yazkan in the series Bodrum Tale

In the same year that the artist Tulin Yazkan participated in the series Swallow Storm, she was offered a role in another series called The Bodrum Tale, which revolves around a very rich family that owns many ships and hotels, but that family is exposed to a great loss and is exposed to bankruptcy through it due to fake companies With whom the family used to deal with and evaded paying taxes, and accordingly,

their bankruptcy was declared, so the family members decided to return to a village called Bodrum to start all over again. The events of the series revolve in comedic and dramatic form about that family, and will the family members adapt to their new situation or No ?, and many interesting and beautiful events that are shown during the episodes of the series.

The role of Tulin Yazkan in the series Small Crimes

At the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, and after the artist Tulin Yazkan finished filming her role in the Bodrum Story series, she was offered the lead role in the series Small Crimes. The events of that series revolve around four girls between whom a great friendship develops and that relationship develops with the passage of years, but after it has been done.

After completing high school, each one of them went on their own path to study a specific field. Many conversations took place about that series, and it was said that it was taken from another series and some scenes were distorted by it, and despite that the series was popular and attracted the admiration of many viewers. The series is famous for combining drama, action, romance and logic, and the roles were played by brilliant actors who have talents that enable them to perform scenes in a way that attracts all followers.

The role of Tulin Yazkan in the series The Ambassador’s Daughter

This work is the last thing that Tulin Yazkan did and that was in 2018, this work was different, wonderful and a difference in her career, although Tullen played a rickety role, that girl who grew up in a simple family and married a young man who was poor in the beginning, but He worked for many years and became rich,

so she married him and did not leave him after she knew that he loved another woman, and her role embodied the bad girl character, but she gained very great fame after that role, and it is known that the series “Daughter of the Ambassador” is one of the wonderful Turkish series that many follow Viewers. Those were the roles and works of the artist Tulin Yazkan during her career so far.

the artist Tulin Yazkan
the artist Tulin Yazkan
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series by Tulin Yazkan