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Çagla Simsek, age, husband, nationality, date of birth, personal life, artistic life, religion, movies, series, all this and more in a detailed report about her, as she is the heroine of the series Zahrat Al Qasr, which has achieved many great successes and the beautiful actress Çagla Simsek shines in This series, which consists of five parts, was the brilliant actress Çagla Simsek, one of the actresses who entered the world of art at a young age, but achieved great success.

Details on Çagla Simsek

Çagla Simsek’s date of birth: August 2002.
Çagla Simsek’s birthplace: Istanbul – Turkey.
Residence: Istanbul – Turkey.
Çagla Simsek Nationality: Turkish.
Her religion: Muslim.
Çagla Simsek’s career: an actress.
Qualification: Secretarial and Business Administration at the American University.
Age of Çagla Simsek: 18 years old in 2020 AD.
Çagla Simsek’s husband: not married.
Astrological Sign: Leo.
Her beginnings in acting: She started her artistic work in 2007.


Çagla Simsek Religion

Çagla Simsek’s Childhood and Life Story

The young Turkish actress Çagla Simsek was born on August 1, 2002, in Istanbul, and despite her young age, she achieved great success in the world of acting in a very short time compared to the art giants who took a long time to achieve great fame.

Çagla Simsek entered the world of acting at a young age. she was about five years old when she began participating in acting in 2007. and she won the admiration of many actors and directors who expected her great success in the world of acting in the future.

Since 2007 AD. which is the artistic birthdate of the beautiful star Çagla Simsek. she has been the focus of many directors’ eyes in order to participate in many works of art. and indeed there was a real start in her participation in many varied dramas in which she achieved many successes. 

but the real breakthrough for her, She is her participation in the wonderful role in the series “A Moment Farewell”. which was shown in 2008 AD. This series achieved great fame for her in the Arab world. and the series was broadcast on many Arab channels.

Çagla Simsek’s beginning of acting

Çagla Simsek has a special character in performing different roles in dramas. as she can attract viewers to her because of her attractive beauty. wonderful green eyes. and her beautiful laugh. all of these factors. along with the wonderful artistic performance. was able to be a full-fledged actress in order to perform the required role. Success.

The beautiful actress Çagla Simsek stated that she has other hobbies besides her great love of acting. she loves to read stories and novels. loves to travel and do cruises. in addition to her great love of swimming.

Çagla Simsek and her acting business

Çagla Simsek achieved great success in her participation in a lot of artworks at a young age. her first participation was in 2007 AD. she was able to draw attention to her. and many art stars expected that Çagla Simsek would be one of the great actresses in Turkey in the future and this has been achieved. 

And the most important characteristic of a concern was that she had a special charisma that attracted the viewer to her and was able to perform the required role to the fullest. Her artistic journey is full of various dramas in which she participated and achieved great successes. and we review the dramas that she participated in.

 which are as follows:

  1. 2021 Kardeslerim (TV Series)
  2. 2019 Ferhat ile Sirin
  3. 2017-2018 Elif (TV Series)
  4. 2013-2015 Kucuk Gelin (TV Series)
  5. 2014 Çesme (TV Movie)
  6. 2011-2013 Hayat Devam Ediyor (TV Series)
  7. 2010 Vay Arkadas
  8. 2010 Cuma’ya Kalsa (TV Series)
  9. 2007-2008 Elveda Derken (TV Series)

The role of Çagla Simsek in the series The Moment of Farewell

This series was the real launch of the star Çagla Simsek. due to the wonderful role she played in this series. in addition to the great success that the series achieved and was shown in many Arab countries.

The series revolves around a doctor named Laila. who is a doctor with a wonderful personality and has two daughters. Ghani and Inas. Actress Çagla Simsek plays the role of the daughter Inas. and after the mother was living a quiet life with her daughters and her husband.

 the mother feels sick and does some tests to discover that she has a malignant disease. hence, The great shock occurred to the mother who was not afraid for herself but for her daughters after her.

The mother wanted to provide a safe life for her daughters afterwards. especially with her feeling that she would not live long. and there was the teacher of the two girls who was suffering from reproductive problems to offer her to marry her husband and raise her daughters to agree after that. but the daughter Inas did not agree to that.

Her teacher is like her mother and she loved her dearly. and when the teacher married her father. all this love turned into great hate. but what happened unthinkable was the mother’s recovery from this malicious disease after she underwent surgery and this operation succeeded. but she was very sad because of her leaving Of her daughters. as she tried to bring her daughters back into her bosom.

This wonderful series has been shown on many screens in Arab countries. and its number of episodes has reached 51 episodes containing many interesting events. and the beautiful actress Çagla Simsek has achieved great success in this series due to his young age with great performance.

The role of Çagla Simsek in the series Zahrat Al Qasr

The series Zahrat Al Qasr is a huge artistic work that was produced in 2014 AD. consisting of five parts that were shown from 2014 AD to 2016 AD. in which a large group of major stars in the field of acting in Turkey participated.

The series revolves around a beautiful 14-year-old girl named Zahra. who excelled in her studies and wanted to complete it until she graduated from university. but what happened to her was unthinkable as her father forced her to marry a rich young man named Ali.
 and indeed the marriage happened and she lived with her husband and his family In a large palace. Zahra did not feel happy because of her husband’s neglect of her and the cruel treatment of his family. 
she gave birth to a child from her husband Ali. but she could not bear this harsh life. so she decided to get rid of this psychological pain that she is exposed to and leave her husband’s house and take her son with her.
After she ran away. she met her mother. who left her ex-husband. who is Zahra’s father. and married Adnan Agha. who was treating her very badly as well. so she decided to escape like her daughter. and she met Zahra Ali’s husband and her mother’s husband. Adnan Agha. 
they agreed to search for them until they found them, and they really managed. but Zahra managed to escape with her son to Istanbul. and her mother fled and met with her first husband. 
the events take a romantic and social character in the different parts of the series, which has achieved great success in the Middle East and Arab countries.