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Burcu Biricik,

her full name, date of birth, age, place of birth, astrological sign, nationality, religion, husband, personal life, beginning of her artistic career, series, films, artistic life, all of this and more in a complete report on her, the name of the artist Burcu was repeated Biricik carried out many interesting dramas and movies. She played many roles, the most important of which was the role of “Hülya” in the series “Hayat Sarkisi,” which was very wonderful and perfect.

So much about Burcu Biricik

Date of birth: 4/5/1989
Place of birth: Antalya, Turkey
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Age: 31 years old
Religion: Muslim
Nationality: Turkish actress of Yuruki descent, an ethnic group from Turkey
Profession: Actress
Beginning of the artistic career: 2007
Years of activity: the years of its activity so far reach 13 years
Her husband: Married to Emre Letkin

Burcu Biricik’s Childhood and Life Story

The Turkish actress, Burcu Biricik, was born in the city of Antalya, Turkey in 1989, her parents separated from a very early age, and therefore she spent her childhood with her small family consisting of her mother and her brother, who is a few years younger. She lived with her family in her grandmother’s house. her mother worked with her grandmother.

then she enrolled in high school During her high school period. Borgo was working to support her family. and she also joined the theater group in high school. until she moved with her family to Istanbul. but she did not live with them because of her job and she was living in her home in Besiktas.

In 2006 Burcu Biricik joined the Miss Antalya contest and for her stunning beauty and slender body that distinguished him from others. Borgo won the Miss Mediterranean Award. and that during her high school period and this was her first step on the path to fame.

Acting in the life of Burcu Biricik

The artist Burcu Biricik was interested in acting since her childhood. as she participated in a theater festival in 2006 and won an award in high school for her professional performance and perfect acting. and from this moment Burcu Biricik decided to become an actress. and she started the first steps in her artistic career after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in science. Archeology from Aegean University. after which she began receiving training in acting at the Municipal Theater of Bornova. and from here the beautiful Burcu Biricik began her artistic path. participated in many series and films. and also appeared in some commercials.

Hayat Sarkisi is most famous for the role of Burcu Biricik

The beautiful artist Burcu Biricik began her artistic career by participating in many sub-roles in many films and series from the beginning of her artistic career in 2007 and until 2016. and she played the absolute starring role in the Hayat Sarkisi series. which consists of two parts. in which she participated in the role of “Hülya Kamuli Sivahir” She is a sharp-tempered girl. with a strong personality in a way that calls for fear. but in reality this was not her true personality. but rather she was pretending to be strong and indifferent. and the reason for this was her father’s harsh treatment and his constant beating of her. which caused her personality.

Hülya grew up in a poor family. She has one sister. Malak. who is played by the beautiful Isim Ozkaya. who is several years older than her. Unlike Hülya. she was a tender-hearted “Malak”. receptive to their difficult financial situation. and she did her best to take care of her younger sister since Their mother’s death. “Malak” gave up her education and started working to provide her sister with the necessary money for her university studies. due to an old debt of her father.

until one of their father’s friends tries to help him by marrying his younger son “Karim” and in turn. the artist Birkan Sokolu from his daughter Malak For “Hülya” to refuse this marriage because of her love for “Karim” since childhood. “Hülya” begins to do everything it can to prevent this marriage. and the events of the series follow this dramatic pattern. and this series received the highest viewership in Turkey in 2016. This series represents the first step in the heroics of the artist Burcu Biricik and so far she continues her artistic career as one of the brightest stars in Turkey.

Series by Burcu Biricik

The beautiful Burcu Biricik participated in many wonderful roles. in which she showed her love for acting through her elaborate performance and the wonderful portrayal of the characters that play her role, Borgo played many sub and pivotal roles in a large number of series such as:

2021 Fatma (TV Series)
2021 Camdaki Kiz (TV Series)
2020-2021 Kirmizi Oda (TV Series)
Insanlar Ikiye Ayrilir
2019 Kuzgun (TV Series)
Cornelia Kapp
2018 Her Sey Seninle Güzel
2018 8 Gun (TV Mini-Series)
2016-2017 Hayat Sarkisi (TV Series)
2016 Çok Uzak Fazla Yakin 2014-2015 Seref Meselesi (TV Series) 2015 Ulan Istanbul (TV Series) 2015 Bana Masal Anlatma 2013 Inanc odasi 2013 Kedi Özledi
2013 Beni Böyle Sev (TV Series) 2012 Düsman Kardesler (TV Mini-Series) 2012 Ustura Kemal (TV Mini-Series) 2007 Çilgin Dersane 2006 Topragin Günlügü (Short) 2006 Maçolar (TV Series) 2006 Ümit milli (TV Series)

Date of birth 451989
Date of birth 451989
Burcu Biricik
Burcu Biricik