Cagatay Ulusoy religion age, wife, information about him

Cagatay Ulusoy, his religion, his age, his nationality, his date of birth, his wife, his biography, movies, series, his artistic works, as he is the prince of the hero of the famous drama series Her name is Fariha, in this article we present you a detailed report about him.

Information on Cagatay Ulusoy

Cagatay Ulusoy’s Birthdate: 9-23-1990.
Age of Cagatay Ulusoy: 30 years.
Birthplace of Cagatay Ulusoy: Istanbul.
Cagatay Ulusoy Nationality: Turkish.
Residence: Istanbul.
Cagatay Ulusoy Religion: Islam.
Academic qualification: Graduated from Fine Arts, Istanbul University.
Brother’s name: Atalay.
Cagatay Ulusoy’s wife: Unknown.
Cagatay Ulusoy height: 188 cm.
Weight of Cagatay Ulusoy: 85 kg.

Biography of artist Cagatay Ulusoy

Young actor Cagatay Ulusoy is of Turkish descent to a Bosnian mother and a Bulgarian father, his astrological sign is Libra, after completing his high school studies, Chatay studied fine arts at Istanbul University.

In 2010 he received an acting course from the talented actress Ayla Algan, and Actor Chatay has loved writing, sports, drawing and basketball since he was a child.

He has worked in art since he was 19 years old, the father of actor Cagatay Ulusoy was a government employee, who lived most of his life in Bulgaria, Olsoy’s first movie called “Anatolian Eagles” in 2011, and he had a supporting role in this film.

Artistic debut by artist Cagatay Ulusoy

Actor Cagatay Ulusoy began his career as a model in 2010, won the best fashion designer in Turkey in the same year, and then began his career in film and television in 2011.

He participated in the first television work in the series Back Streets, and then participated in the famous drama series My name is Fariha. which achieved great success during its premiere.

Which was the reason for the fame of the Turkish actor Cagatay Ulusoy among the Turkish actors. and the star “Hazal Kaya”. known as Nihal. participated with him in the title role.

Actor Cagatay Ulusoy’s family

Actor Cagatay Ulusoy was born to a mother of Bosnian origin and a father of Turkish descent from Bulgaria. born in Istanbul. Turkey. and has a younger brother named Atalay. after graduating from high school he completed his studies at Istanbul University design department. especially garden and scenic design. he was a fashion designer when he was He was 19 years old. his mother was a housewife. and he spent his childhood in a happy atmosphere with his family.

He stated that the best time he spent in his life was in childhood. he used to play basketball with his friends. and he still kept friends of childhood and adolescence. because the friendship between them is real and strong. and it is not affected by a change of residence. field of study. or fame.

Marriage of Turkish actor Cagatay Ulusoy

Actor Cagatay Ulusoy spoke in an interview with the media about his emotional relationship. and said that one of the most important things about his preference for women is a woman with a strong personality. confident in her ability to stand alone in life’s hardships.

He also has beautiful girlfriends of the same type. he was in a relationship with actress Sayed Gonen from 2010 to 2012. but they separated and the relationship did not last for a long time. then he joined the Turkish actress Barak Tuzunac in 2012. and they separated.

He had another relationship with Turkish actress Gizam Karaja. who participated in the TV series “Fariha” in 2012. and rumors circulated about his relationship with actress Hazal Kaya. but both parties denied these rumors. which confirmed that they are just good friends. and then he appeared with the actor. Serenai Sarikaya in the series Tide in 2013. and there were rumors about their marriage. but the relationship did not develop and they separated in 2014.

Dramas by Cagatay Ulusoy

The young actor Cagatay Ulusoy presented many series during his artistic career that won the admiration of many viewers in Turkey and the Arab world. which was one of the reasons for his widespread fame among his Turkish and Arab audiences. and among these works are the following:

I named it Fariha in 2011 and it continued in 2012.
The ebb and flow of 2013 and continued into 2015.
Inside 2016.
The Protector 2018.

Cinematic works by actor Cagatay Ulusoy

Actor Cagatay Ulusoy participated in a number of films that achieved high viewing rates during their first showing. including the following:

2011 Anatolian Eagles movie.
Honey craze 2015.

The first heroic role of the artist Cagatay Ulusoy

The first starring role of the artist Cagatay Ulusoy in the series Namitha Fariha. signed with the production company after winning the title of best model for the year 2010. and then embodied the character of Amir in this series. which won a high viewing rate in Turkey and the Arab world.

Like the best duet with Hazel Kaya. after the great success of the first and second parts of the series. the producer presented the third part of the series. which he called The Journey of Prince. but the number of views decreased and he stopped the show.

His most famous artwork

Actor Cagatay Ulusoy participated in the series “Inside”. which achieved widespread success after its premiere in 2016 on the Turkish Show TV channel. and was dubbed into Arabic. and he starred in the title role with actor Aras Bulut Enemli. actor Cetin Tekindor. and a group of actor Yen Turks.

The series revolves around “Sarib.” the actor Cagatay Ulusoy. whose younger brother “Omot” is kidnapped at the age of three. by “Jalal. the kebab seller.” the owner of a famous restaurant group. and a gang leader involved in many illegal activities.

Jalal raises “Umut” and his name is changed to “Mart”. then he entered Umut the Police Academy so that he would be an eye for Jalal within the police. make many things easier for him. and win the confidence of the investigator who wanted to arrest Jalal 20 years ago. but he has no evidence to convict him. At the same time. Sarib enters the Police Academy without knowing each other. At the graduation ceremony at the university. everyone was surprised that Commander Yusef expelled Sarib from the university because his father was sentenced to prison and accused of being one of Jalal’s assistants.

This was a plan between Yusef and Sarib for Sarib to enter Jalal’s gang. considering that he was a policeman fired from his job. after all the policemen had condemned him. the brothers entered another team and both became “inside”. so the name of the series came with that name.

Awards won by Cagatay Ulusoy

Actor Cagatay Ulusoy won the Best Model Award in 2010 and won the Golden Butterfly Award for Best Actor for his role in the series Tide.

Communication sites of the artist Cagatay Ulusoy

The young actor Cagatay Ulusoy has an excellent relationship with his fans through various social media sites. as he has a lot of followers on these various websites.

For example: Actor Cagatay Ulusoy has more than 170.000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. video views exceed 4.5 million views. and on his Instagram website. he has more than 4 million followers. as well as Facebook has a large number of followers on him. He has a lot of followers. and he has wide local and international fame.