Merve Akkaya and her husband

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Merve Akkaya,

the heroine of the series The Unknowns, her nationality, her date of birth, her place of birth, her age, her academic qualification, her astrological sign, her height, her weight, personal information about her, her life story, her artistic achievements, the love story and marriage of the artist Merve Akkaya, the husband of the artist Merve Akkaya, a story Backstreets, Merve Akkaya’s work, Merve Akkaya’s photo album, we will provide in a full report on it.

much about Merve Akkaya

Date of birth: the eleventh of July 1988.
Place of birth: Germany.
Current place of residence: Turkey.
Her astrological sign: Gemini.
Length: one hundred and seventy centimeters.
Weight: fifty kilograms.
Her husband: Turkish artist Burak Sardar.
Her artistic debut: 2009.
Marital Status: Married.
Age: Thirty-two (32).
Academic qualification: She graduated from the Faculty of Law, Istanbul University.

Life Story of Merve Akkaya Her Religion, Age and Height

The young artist, Merve Akkaya, was born in Germany, and she was born on the eleventh day of July 1988, distinguished by black hair and brown eyes, and she is tall, with a height of 170 cm and a weight of fifty kilograms, which gives her a wonderful and attractive look, she graduated Artist Merve Akkaya from Istanbul University’s Faculty of Law.

Things Merve Akkaya loves to do and excels at

Artist Merve Akkaya loves science and learning and loves culture. and the evidence for this is that after she graduated from the Faculty of Law and obtained graduate studies in law. she went to study Communication. Acting and Diction Sciences at the Academy. and after she finished she studied English and German brilliantly.

she loves swimming and sports, and therefore I got Gold medal in swimming and after that I became the captain of the team and that was for three consecutive years. she participated in basketball competitions. the artist Merve Akkaya started in 2009. the first role she played is a role in the series Backstreets. in which she performed her role in attractive. wonderful and elaborate manner Which opened the doors for her in the field of acting dramatically after that.

Is Merve Akkaya married?

After the actress Merve Akkaya participated in the series Back Streets. and the artist Burak Sardar was one of the heroes of that famous series. the artist. Burak Sardar. got acquainted with the artist Merve Akkaya. and a friendship developed between them and over time. participation and acting together in the series Back Streets.

the relationship between them strengthened a lot and took a focus other than Friendship. which is love. and years later. the artist. Burak Sardar. admitted to the beautiful artist Merve Akkaya that he loved her and offered to marry her. and after several weeks of confessing his love for her.

the artist Merve Akkaya published her pictures with the artist Burak Sardar and announced their engagement in 2016. despite the fame of Akaya. however. does not like to talk about her personal life and does not like to shine the spotlight on her. and this is the case for many Turkish actors. but Akaya is limited to publishing some of the photos that she collects with her husband. artist Burak Sardar. on her Instagram site only.

Merve Akkaya and her husband

Her husband is the Turkish artist. Burak Sardar Chanal. who is a month or older than Merve Akkaya. He was born on the 28th of August 1988. the same year in which the artist Merve Akkaya was born. Artist Burak Sardar graduated from the Department of Acting and TV Drama from the University of Maltepe in Istanbul. his artistic start was in 2008. he played a role in the series Little Women and was a participant in the series Back Streets.

which brought him together with his dream girl and his beloved actress Merve Akkaya. who was also participating in a wonderful role in that series. Among them: No one knows. the series of young women. the series a fairy tale. and he also participated in the series Europe and other works in which he performed the roles perfectly. which made him one of the most famous artists in Turkey and the Arab world.

The story of the series Backstreets

At the beginning of the career of the Turkish artist Merve Akkaya. she received a role in the series Backstreets and the beginning of filming that series in 2006. the series Back Streets is one of the longest Turkish series and the most in the number of episodes. the number of episodes reached 500 episodes and the series was divided into 13 chapters and the series was filmed for 13 Year.

The Backstreets series brought together many Turkish artists and artists. which led to the success of this work in a wonderful way. and it received the highest viewing rates and won many awards. including the award for the best police series in the Antalya TV Awards and that was in 2011. which was organized through the organization The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and the Antalya Foundation for Culture and Arts. the series also received the Special Achievement Award. and the Journalists’ Association Award for the Golden Goal in 2016.

The series revolves around a group of policemen who work in a special team in public security in the Security Directorate in Istanbul and present the lives of the families of that group of policemen as they shed light on the adventures of policemen and the various humanitarian situations that occur with them during their journey and the performance of their work.

The events around various situations occur during the episodes in a way that combines drama. excitement and suspense. and the biggest reason behind the success of this wonderful work are the actors who participated in this work. they worked with great perfection. which led to this overwhelming success. and the Turkish actress Merve Akkaya and her lover. the artist Burak Sardar. were among the actors Those who participated in this great work. which increased their fame.

Works by Merve Akkaya

Despite the famous actress Merve Akkaya and her ability to act elaborately. she did not appear in many Turkish dramas. her debut in 2009 was through her role in the series Back Streets.
The artist took the lead role in the series Green Sea. then she played a role in the Ramadan Tatar series.
She participated in the series The Unknowns and that work was in 2017. and artist Merve Akkaya did not appear after that in the Turkish series until now.

Merve Akkaya married
Merve Akkaya married
Merve Akkaya Religion
Merve Akkaya Religion
Merve Akkaya and her husband
Merve Akkaya and her husband