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hande kaptan, the heroine of the wonderful groom series, her religion, her nationality, her date of birth, her age, her life story, her artistic career, her works, films, series, all of that and more in a full report on her.

Information about hande kaptan

Full name: hande kaptan.
Date of birth: 1-1-1985.
Age: 35.
Nationality: Turkish.
Place of birth: Ankara.
Academic qualification: Department of Music and Theater.
Marital status: single

What you want to know about hande kaptan

The young artist, hande kaptan, is a Turkish actress, born in Ankara, Turkey, her astrological sign is Capricorn, she received a scholarship to study music and performing arts at Bilkent University in 2006, she obtained a master’s degree in the human resource management department, she also speaks multiple languages ​​on Example: English, German, and Spanish.
Handy enjoyed dancing and singing since she was a child, and achieved widespread success, after that she began to appear on the screen in 2010, and then in 2012 she participated in the work of the Benim Için Üzülme series, in which she played the role of Velez, and she also worked in the motion picture industry.

hande kaptan

Study and teach hande kaptan

Actress hande kaptan was famous for her intense love of dancing and singing since she was young. she enrolled for Bilkent University to study music and performing arts. after completing her studies in human resources management. and she hoped to become a famous actress one day. as she did not depend on talent only. but She insisted on studying the arts of theater and cinema to perfect her talent. The artist. hande kaptan. was not only known for dancing and singing. but her name was able to create controversy in dramas after her first starring role in the series “The Wonderful Groom”.

Who is the hande kaptan pair

Newspapers and magazines talked about hande kaptan’s marriage. but the young artist denied the news on her official website. She always shares her life with fans through pictures and news. but the social status of the young artist. hande kaptan. did not provide any news about her.

hande kaptan Series & Movies

The artist hande kaptan began her artistic career not long ago. but because she was always passionate about the diversity of roles. her role in Turkish cinemas is very unique and won wide fame. and after that she became famous in the Turkish series “The Wonderful Groom”. which won a high rate of views. and the artist became famous from After him. and in it she played the role of “paradise”.

List of hande kaptan business names

The Turkish actress hande kaptan presented some Turkish drama series. which starred in her role brilliantly. and among these posts the following:

2019-2021 Benim Adim Melek (TV Series)
2019 Ask Sarkisi
2016 Sahane Damat (TV Mini-Series)
2014-2015 Yilanlarin Öcü (TV Series)
2013 El-Cin
2012 Benim Için Üzülme (TV Series)
2011 Muhtesem Yüzyil (TV Series)


hande kaptan In Benim Için Üzülme

hande kaptan In Benim Için Üzülme

The first dramatic work of the young artist. hande kaptan. is the series Benim Için Üzülme. which is a social drama series that talks about romance. hatred. revenge. acquaintance and traditions. which was released on Turkish screens in 2012 AD.The series “Benim Için Üzülme for Me” tells the story of two young men who love one girl. Boki. a girl of Kurdish origin. who goes with her father to work in the Black Sea region in northern Turkey. Unfortunately. the two Niyazi and Harun do not know that they love the same girl.

The girl’s cousin also loves her. but she falls in love with Niazi. and the girl knows that Aaron loves her but cannot say that to her lover. Young Aaron asks to marry the girl but she refuses. and when her lover approaches her. she agrees to him. and then he learns Aaron and gets angry. and quarrels With a friend of his age for the sake of the girl. and the events of the series continue. ending in the other with the tragedy of Bucky and the two friends. the young artist hande kaptan embodied a secondary role in this series and was playing the role of “Velez”. with some Turkish artists Tancil Angel. the great artist Rana Kabar. and the beautiful artist Volya Caterpillar.

The Hottest dramas by hande kaptan

Turkish actress hande kaptan participated in the famous drama series The Wonderful Groom in 2016. and starred in her role brilliantly. and the series is varied between romance and comedy.

The wonderful series “The Wonderful Groom” revolves around Malika. a lying girl. and its purpose is to convince her family that she can live in Istanbul. and her family lives in Germany. and she believes that Malika is a successful journalist. lives in a beautiful house and is betrothed to a doctor. and soon they will get married. But in reality Malika is a foolish and nervous young woman. and she tries to live in a wild forest called Istanbul. and her dream is to become a reporter for a magazine as a writer of Towers. to make things worse. Her family believes that she is engaged to a plastic surgeon named Mehmet Shirai from a high society. but in reality he is the fiancé of her manager at work.

The events of the series revolve around. and how it is possible to reveal Malika’s lie in front of her family when they return to Istanbul. and how it is possible to obtain the love of her life that he does not know. and when he knows her to hate her more. and the young artist hande kaptan plays the role of “heaven” in this series. next to the artist Ali Arslan. the artist Borgo Ozbirk. and some Turkish artists. but the series stopped for a while and no one knows the reason for its interruption until now. and the series was shown for the first time on the Turkish Star TV channel. and the series was also dubbed into Arabic to be shown on Arabic screens.

hande kaptan In other series

The Turkish actress. hande kaptan. participated in the social and dramatic series “I loved two”. which was shown on Turkish channels for the first time in 2017. and it is one of the Turkish series that talk about crime and the mafia. and about crimes in society. The series tells about a young man and a girl who love each other Since childhood. there was not much time left to marry. the girl is called Sana a journalist.


hande kaptan In other series


the young man named Hassan works for the Caracapi family. and this family works in crimes and the mafia. and Hassan participates with them in these businesses and loves the daughter of the man who works with him. Sanaa later discovers that this family She works in these suspicious works. and at that time she is confused about whether this family reveals. or conceals the news and contradicts her conscience so that her lover does not go to prison. and at the same time the family tries to kill the journalist who discovered them and she is Hassan’s fiancée. and the artist hande kaptan participates in the role of “Ezra” in the series With the artist. Amina Gulcha. and the talented artist Mehmed Mammadov.