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Jessica May

Nationality: Brazilian – Turkish
Date of birth: 5 – 12 – 1993
Place of birth: Paraná – Brazil
Residence: Istanbul – Turkey
Mother’s name: Maria Aparecida Mai
Father’s name: Ruggiero Drosionas
Age in 2020: 27 years
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Religion: Muslim “whose sect is not specified”
Weight: 50 kg
Height: 172
Favorite sport: swimming
Hobbies: acting – interest in fashion
Marital Status: Married
Spouse’s name: Hussain Kara
Spouse profession: photographer
Online Revolution: $1 Million
Hair color: Shiny brown
Eye color: blue

Life Story of Jessica May

Jessica May is one of the most beautiful faces that appeared on the Turkish screen in the recent period. Jessica May was known through her famous role in the well-known Turkish series “The New Bride” or as it is called in Turkish “yeni gelin”, which won the highest viewing rates at the time of its presentation, Jessica May’s full name is “Jessica May, Rogiero Drosionas.” Jessica May was born in Brazil, specifically in the Brazilian city of Paraná.

Her mother is Mrs. Maria Aparecida May. She was working as a teacher when the Jessica May family lived in the countryside, and her father is Mr. Rogiero Drosionas Who was working in the countryside her time, Jessica May spent most of her time with her parents between the countryside and farming until her fifteenth year, Jessica May was born December on the fifth day in 1993.

When Jessica May completed her fifteenth year. Her family members decided to move to the Brazilian city of San Paolo. Leaving the countryside and farm life they had always lived in. During this period. Jessica May began to pay attention to her great talent in her love and great love for fashion and fashion. And Jessica May began her career. Artistic as a model in San Paulo when she was only 15 years old.

Jessica May supermodel

Jessica May is considered one of the youngest girls to have worked in fashion shows at this early age. For her overwhelming beauty and attractive features were essential elements in Jessica May’s success as a model. In addition to her ideal weight and height that matches other models. Which made her receive great success in This field. Despite her young age. Jessica May was able to obtain many great opportunities that enabled her to be a familiar face with the masses. and through her beautiful features. She was able to get the opportunity to present advertisements for the most famous international products.

Jessica May Ads

Jessica May in her role was a well-known model and capable of many famous advertising campaigns. Through which she was able to be the public. Whether in Brazil or in Turkey as well. Jessica May got the opportunity to present the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Which was held in Istanbul. Turkey. Then. She managed to be the advertising destination for many of the most famous fashion designers around the world. Jessica May was the advertising face of the well-known designer Gedem Akin. and she was also able to become the advertising face of the “Dosso Doce Fashion Show” designs.

As for advertising. Jessica May got a great opportunity in the field of advertising in Turkey. until it became the advertising face of Turkish Airlines in 2018. and also won the advertising campaign for “QNB” banks. and after a long period of time spent by Jessica May between fashion shows around the world. between By providing many advertisements. she was able to get an important role in the famous series “The New Bride.” which is one of the most beautiful Turkish comedy series. Which has achieved record numbers in viewership rates in Turkey and in  many countries for another.

Jessica May And more

Not only was Jessica May a young girl who. in her fifteenth year. was able to participate in various fashion shows only. but Jessica May was a talented girl. besides being a talented actress. she won the title role in her first drama. Jessica May. a girl who loves knitting. from her young age and appeared She has a talent for knitting and designing. she used to make hats with her mother in her childhood, and she was talented in combining different colors. to create a new and wonderful look. Then show, it.

Jessica May Marriage

Jessica May is always keen to keep her personal life in complete secrecy. far from the press and from the media. so Jessica May refused to talk about love or engagement. until her audience was surprised that she announced her marriage to the well-known Turkish photographer “Hussain Kara” on the 30th of June In 2018. the press reported that there was a great love story between the two parties who agreed to marry, and indeed Jessica May celebrated her marriage to Hussein in the family of both the groom and the bride. with the presence of a few presses, and Jessica May appeared in her white dress with a simple and wonderful look.

Jessica May’s First Dramatic Work

The new series “yeni gelin” is one of the most beautiful Turkish dramas. in which Jessica May managed to get the absolute starring role in it. The work appeared for the first time on Turkish screens since 2017. and the series got a very high viewership due to the spirit of comedy and situations. The funny thing in the events of the series.

The series revolves around a foreign girl. The daughter of an ambassador called “Bella”. who appoints her father at the Turkish embassy. ​​Forcing them to move from their country to Turkey. Bella lived a beautiful life in her father’s house. She is a rich. spoiled girl. but an intelligent girl who knows how to deal with people. The events of the series turn around so that Bella.

The ambassador’s daughter. gets to know “Hazar Agha.” the handsome young man who grew up under the sun in harsh conditions. The young man and the girl fall in love with each other. and no one can stop this marriage despite the objections of many family members. Bella becomes the spoiled girl who She moves to the simple family. So how will Bella deal with those events?

Awards won by Jessica May for her role in “The New Bride”

She won the Best Actress Award from Istanbul University in 2017won the Best Comedic Actress award from the Golden Lens Awards in 2018
She won the Best Actress Award at the Golden Palm Awards in 2019
Awarded Best Foreign Actress from Okan University in 2019.

Jessica May Action Movies Series

2020 Maria ile Mustafa (TV Series)
2019 Dert Bende
2017-2018 Yeni Gelin (TV Series)

Jessica May Boyfriend
Jessica May Boyfriend