Emel Dede, Boyfriend, Religion, Age, TV Series and Biography



Emel dede

Date of birth of Emel Dede: September 5, 1989.
Place of birth of Emel dede: Istanbul – Turkey.
Residence: Istanbul – Turkey.
Emel dede’s Nationality: Turkish.
Her religion: Muslim.
Career of Emel Dede: Actress.
Academic Qualification: Department of Art and Acting.
Age of Emel Dede: 31 years in 2020.
Emel Dede’s husband: Not Married.
Astrological Sign: Virgo.
Years of activity: She started her artistic works since 2010.

What is the life story of Emel dedeThe wonderful artist Emel Dede was born on September 5, 1989, in Istanbul, Turkey, and her age is now 31 years in 2020, and she used to live with her simple family during childhood in Istanbul, and because of her great love for acting, she entered the field of art and acting in the house of art and worked very hard. She excelled in this field until she graduated from the House of Art, and began her artistic career in 2010.

During 31 years the brilliant actress was able to achieve many successes in the artistic field. and in order to stand in front of the camera for the first time it was necessary to prepare well for that. She trained a lot and got a lot of academic courses and training that help her in that.
The beautiful artist Emel Dede is distinguished by a slim body. And her weight 52 kg and 170 cm in length. Her eyes are distinguished by a beautiful brown color. To which many fans are attracted. And in order to maintain her slim body. She exercises daily, and follows a good diet.

What defines the artist Emel Dede 

Emel Dede loves acting a lot. I always dreamed of being one of the most famous actresses and having her own audience that loves her and loves to follow her wonderful artworks. and she tried a lot until she succeeded in achieving her dream and entered the field of art in 2010. and she was the most famous rising artist at that time.

Actress Emel Dede has a very distinctive look because of her beautiful smile. and her look that enters directly into the hearts of the audience. Which made her be one of the best actresses that the audience loves in a short time since her appearance.

Emel Dede is distinguished for having a special charisma that made her one of the most famous rising actresses in a short time. She became one of the most famous actresses in Turkey. 

Providing very distinct roles that made her have a large audience in Turkey. and she was able to play many very distinct roles. and she has won many awards A tribute to her for her wonderful artistic performance.

much about the Emel Dede series

The wonderful artist. Emel Dede. shone in the world of art in Turkey in a very amazing way. because she has all the elements required in the actor. the wonderful performance and the personality that attracts the audience to her. her very beautiful look and smile. She participated in many dramas that made interesting in its events. and the artist entered The great artist in the world of art in 2010 AD. participated in many series since that period and began writing her name in the world of art in golden letters. and among the most important of her works are the following:

Participated in the series “Al-Wadiah”.
Participated in the big series “Throughout Time”.
She participated in the series “More Than the Cost”.
In 2016. I participated in the series “Love Bird Wing”.2017. I participated in the series “The Unknowns”.


The role of Emel Dede in the series The Unknowns


The great Turkish actress. Emel Dede. participated in the wonderful series “The Unknown”. Which is considered one of the most famous works of art that many fans have watched since it was shown on the screen. Because the series has many wonderful exciting events that attract the audience to watch it and follow its wonderful events.

The story of the anonymous series


The series revolves around a young man named Fatih who works in the political field and is distinguished by his proficiency in his job. and because of his excellence in his job. Fateh was nominated to take a large position in Turkey.

then the suspense events begin when the Turkish foreign minister is assassinated. and Fatih takes over the mayor of the municipality. Who is chosen as a leader For the investigation team of the assassination of the Turkish foreign minister.

Then Fatih meets one of the girls who accompany him throughout the events of the series. which is characterized by a romantic character in some episodes and an action character in other episodes. Follow the events of the series.

This series was classified as a historical action series. and it participated with the star Emel Dede a group of brilliant actors such as Yorgos. and because of the wonderful performance that Amal did. the viewership at the beginning of the series reached nearly a million views. and a second part of the series was produced due to the success The great one that he achieved in the first part.

The role of Emel Dede in the series “Once Upon a Time”

A series over time is one of the most famous works of art that was produced in Turkish drama in 2010. and its parts reached three parts. and the number of episodes of the first part reached 95 episodes. the second part 105 episodes. and the third part in 110 episodes. and the beautiful actress Emel Dede participated in this series Al-Kabeer. a rising artist. but she was able to play the same roles that many of the older actors present in this huge artwork.

The events of the series revolve around the events in 1967 AD. as the situation in Turkey was characterized by multiple turmoil in the political situation. The exciting events begin with the Turkish captain on Akarsu. who used to travel a lot. and is far from his family. and during one of the trips he gets to know a beautiful girl and loves her very much. 

She was trying this beautiful girl to be her property only and to leave his wife and children. and events begin after that take the character of excitement and suspense. an internal struggle is going on in Ali. which is to continue with this beautiful girl or to abandon his simple family.