The story of the series Yesilcam heroes & showing dates

Information about the Turkish series Yesilcam

Serial name in Turkish: Yesilcam
Written by: Volkan Sumball – Levent Kantik
The series is directed by: Cagan Ermak
Number of episodes of the series: 8 episodes
Genre: drama – social
Seasons: 1.

Show dates of the Turkish series Yesilcam

The Turkish series Yesilcam will soon be shown on BluTV.


The heroes of the series Yesilcam

– Çağatay Ulusoy
– Afra Saraçoğlu
– Selin ekerci
– Güngör Bayrak
– Nilüfer Açıkalın
– Altan Erkekli
Yetkin Dikinciler
– Özgür Çevzeri
– Bşguréki
– Ayt

Yesilcam series story

The series Yesilcam. whose full name is in Turkish. “Yeşilçam: A Cinema Animal” is one of the new Turkish series that the team started filming its scenes. Yesilcam belongs to the type of Turkish social and humanitarian drama. So the events of the series revolve around the sixties of the last century around a director A filmmaker named Samih H. and he is embodied in the series by Turkish actor Chatay Ulusoy. Who is a famous Turkish film director.

This director has advanced by age and with time has lost everything with his life that he owns except for the cat who lives with him in the house. so he became lonely after he was a famous artist and director and he had everything he wanted. 

after time passed and he became lonely no one asks about him thinks This director in the work of a cinematic movie with which he retrieves the tape of his life that he lived and all the memories he went through and the story of his struggle since he was a beautiful and ambitious young man who dreams of being a famous artist and how he can achieve his dream and what are the difficulties and problems that he met in his life and combines Everything about his life in this film and he wants to show it to the public so that he knows everything about him and his suffering. and how it became the case for him to be alone after he was a big star and events take place in an interesting dramatic context.

 Turkish actor Shatay Ulusoy the hero of the series

Çaatay Ulusoy is a Turkish actor and model. born in 1990 in Turkey. his father belongs to a Bulgarian immigrant family and a mother from a Bosnian family. Acting Academy 35 and Half Art House. He went twice a week to study acting.

Actor Chai Ulusoy started his artistic career since 2011 and was his first appearance on the Turkish screen through the famous Turkish series Fariha. in which he embodied the character of Prince Sarrafoglu. and this series has achieved great success and a high viewership in Turkey and the entire Arab world.

After this series. he participated in a successful movie. Anatolian Eagles. in which he performed the movie as Lieutenant Ahmed Onur. and the Turkish actor Shatai Ulusoy won great acclaim for his role in this film and achieved great success and then rolled out his distinguished and successful artistic works. Many distinguished artistic awards for his artistic works. which have reached more than 15 artistic awards.

Turkish actor Shatay Ulusoy the hero of the series

Actress Afra Saraçoğlu

In the series Yesilcam. the character of the girl (Tullen). who is the friend of director Samih H. and actress Afra Saracoglu. was born in 1997 in Istanbul. Turkey. and began her artistic career since 2016 and appeared in her first drama through the Turkish series A Second Chance.

Then. in 2017. she presented the Turkish series Mrs. Fadila and her daughters. during which she embodied one of the main roles in the series. and after that she won the absolute championship in her next artistic work. whether dramatic or cinematic. and achieved many successes during it and received a number of artistic awards for her works Among these awards are the Turkey Youth Awards for Best Supporting Actress and the 45th Gold Pantene Awards.

Actress Afra Saraçoğlu

Actress Celine Skearcy

Celine Shakurji is a young rising Turkish artist. born in 1989 in the region of Izmir. Turkey. her father is of Arab origin. Her mother is of Azerbaijani origin. She received her education from primary to high school from Izmir schools. During the study stage. she participated in many plays in private theaters and children’s games in Izmir. She entered the field of commercials as a model such as TARIS. olive oil. TURKCEL commercial. and panda in toys for children.

Her artistic career began in acting since 2007 through a youth series called Kavak Yelleri. and she appeared in only 3 episodes in the series with the character of a university student named Ozgur. and then participated in several artistic works. the most important of which are the series Laila. Majnun. Izmir Gang. and the series I Can’t Sleep When The Moon Grows Up – A series Don’t Feel Sorry for Me and I won the absolute championship for her for the first time in dramas during the series Runaway Brides and other dramas.

Actress Aita Sozry

She is a Turkish actress. singer and activist in the field of human rights and gay rights. She was born in 1976 in West Germany. Her mother is of Circassian origin. Actress Aita Sozri graduated from Ege University. Department of Business Administration. then studied Turkish music at Dokuz Eylül University and started her professional career in the beginning in The field of singing. and at the age of 20. She moved with her family to live in Izmir. Turkey. and underwent a male-to-female sexual transformation.

Actress Aita Sozri presented many successful songs. which won me great praise for the beauty of her voice. And was part of the jury in the program of the “Tell Me With Me” competition program. Among the most famous works she presented are such as “Rustic” (with Uraz Kaygılaroğlu) (The Battle of the Elts) soundtrack) and a singing album entitled “Gülü Suuz I Will Never Leave You Without Love” and her last album in 2020 entitled I pity my memories. in 2018 Turkish actress Aita Sozri won the Film Writers Union’s 50th Best Supporting Actress Award.