Buğra Gülsoy Religion Wife Age Children and Biography

Buğra Gülsoy start acting

Who is Buğra Gülsoy?

Date of birth: February 22. 1982.
Age: He is now 38 years old.
Astrological sign: Belongs to the owners of Pisces.
Nationality: He holds Turkish citizenship.
Place of residence: Ankara. Turkey.
Languages ​​Spoken: Turkish.
His studies: Graduated from the engineering department of the Middle East University.
The religion to which he belongs: Islam – Muslim.
Marital status: Married.

Bogra Gulsoy’s Wife or Girlfriend: He was married to Porco Kara from 2011 until 2012.
Siblings: Onur Gulsoy.
Occupation: TV Actor. Architect. Director and Photographer.
First Artwork: He made his first play when he was thirteen years old.
The beginning of his artistic career: he started his first work in 2002.
His most prominent drama: What is the fault of Fatima.
Weight: It has a weight of 78 kg.
Height: 175 cm.
Eye color: dark brown.
Hair color: black.

Buğra Gülsoy’s life story

Buğra Gülsoy has known since his unique appearance on the Turkish and Arab screens. he was born in the city of Ankara in 1982 and belongs to a middle-class Muslim family that worked to raise them and brought them up right. he has one brother called Onur. who received his first teachings for the primary and secondary levels in the city of Ankara. then he went to Cyprus To complete his education. he enrolled at the Eastern Mediterranean University and completed his studies at the Faculty of Architecture. from which he graduated in 2004. Bogra was very obsessed with cinema and the artistic world. despite that. he did not enter the Faculty of Acting. but he responded to his father’s request and studied engineering.

Buğra Gülsoy start acting

After Buğra Gülsoy graduated from the Faculty of Architecture. he worked on becoming a famous artist. so he began his work in acting. and his first work was in 2002. but his real work. which emerged as his character. was the series Hippies Essien in 2008 as that work was the beginning of his real breakthrough. And he starred in his first movie in 2010. which is the Guinnessy Gordum movie. and in the same year he played Ahmed in the series Dark Faces. and then he started doing many artistic works. the last of which was the North and South series in 2012. who excelled in performing his work and presented the southern role. He performed many different plays on the Cyprus State Theater. then went to directing and worked as an actor and director for short films. He is also the project designer and director of the Cyprus International Festival. He participated in the Golden Orange Film Festival 2010. which was the first time he participated.

Buğra Gülsoy’s son and his wife Porco Kara

Bogra lived a long love story before marriage with Porko. the heroine of the series The Moment Farewell. who presented the role of Zainab and the audience knew her with this name. and she was two years older than Bogra. and the marriage took place in a huge ceremony in 2011. but soon their lives turned and became full of problems and disagreements. which forced the two parties to make a decision The separation in the following year 2012. as if the reason was the preoccupation of each of them with his artistic work. which erased the love and interest that was exchanged between them before marriage. so their lives became more boring. and after five months of separation. Bogra led a new love story with a beautiful-looking girl named Nilifor Gharbouz

He appeared with her in many parties and events. which suggested that there was a strong relationship that would be followed by marriage. and Bogra did not disclose any personal details related to his new relationship. and the press was invited not to publish unconfirmed news. as this is his personal life and no interference is accepted by anyone.

The shock that Bogra brought to the fans after marrying his girlfriend

After the success of the Turkish series What is Fatima’s Blame. many news about Bogra were broadcast. and this news came as shocking to the audience. because of his announcement to marry his sweetheart Nilufer

Which came suddenly and quickly. which surprised everyone. then the British newspapers went on to search for the real reason behind the news of the sudden marriage. and it became clear that his girlfriend was pregnant in the second month and the marriage came to cover that work. and Bogra told the newspapers that his wife must be very much and they will go together to spend Their honeymoon.

Most Popular Series Buğra Gülsoy Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?

That series was a good fortune for Buğra Gülsoy. after he played the role of Murad. serial series hit him. and the rest of the series was very popular from various countries of the world. and the events of the series revolve around a simple and poor girl. Fatima who lives in the city of Izmir. according to the village of the monastery.

engaged to a poor young man who also works A fisherman claims Mustafa and a beautiful love story between them. and Fatima dreams of the day that will bring her together with her lover. but the calamity occurs four days before the joy.

she is raped by 4 drunk young men. including Buğra Gülsoy who plays the role of Murad and the actor Anjin Akyurek who presented the role of Karim and the circumstances change Fatima Her habit turns into the sadness of her life into hell. after her lover Mustafa abandoned her. Karim is forced to marry Fatima in order to cover the crime that his friends did and they go together to live in Istanbul.

Karim falls in love with Fatima while Fatima was always faced with hostility until she fell in love with him as well. then the events of the series revolved around a dramatic romantic story that the couple live under one house. while Murad leaves his beloved Zainab and does not go to the scholarship he dreamed of. destroying his life Because of his guilt that does not leave him for what he did in Fatima.

Buğra Gülsoy Series Movies and TV Shows

Buğra Gülsoy presented a huge collection of artistic and cinematic works that were extremely popular among the public. due to his mastery of the profession and his handsomeness that attracted the audience to him among the most prominent works presented by Najd

Aziz’s series. which was co-performed by the artist Bogra Gulsoy – Handy Ercel – Mustafa Afkiran. and it is his last drama. as it was shown in 2019.

The series Hot Helw Hamid. which was released in 2017. the series revolves around a girl named Daegu and a young man named Murad. both of whom fall in love with each other since childhood. and dream of marriage since the beginning of love.

when she graduates from college and Murad proposes to her. but the surprise occurs. which is great for Murad. which is an interview His sweetheart answered by waiting. he co-starred Özji Uzbernçe-Bogra Gulsoy.

The movie Görümce Sister-in-law

Directed by Kivanc Barono and written by Giuseppe Ozai. the events revolve around a girl named Wells who lives with her brother and does not accept anyone to share with her. she adores him madly. but when her brother proposes to a girl. all dreams must be shattered. Zainab Cancund – Ida Eiji – Danilo Zana.

The series Muhannad’s return in 2012. in which the artist Oiko Karayel – Bogra Gulsoy – Kivanc – Tatlituj – Hossam Skaf participated in the work.

The Fatima series in 2012. the series “Dream of the Butterfly” in 2011. the series “Love again” was shown in 2015.