Gökçe Akyildiz Her Religion Her Religion Series A Report On It


Songül Akildiz, famous for Songul and her role in the series Kirgin Çiçekler the reason for her fame, the reason for her absence from acting and the birth of her first child, and the change of the script of the series for her and the roles that she nominated for and refused to participate in it because of her childbearing.

Biography, photos and information on Songül Gökçe Akyildiz

Songül Akildiz Nationality / Turkish Nationality.
Date of birth of the artist Songül Akildiz / October 30, 1992, AD.
Songül Akildiz Zodiac sign / Scorpio.
Omar Songül Akildiz in 2020 AD / 28 years old.
Birthplace of Songül Akildiz / Silop – Turkey.
Marital Status: Songül Akildiz / Married.
Husband or friend of Songül Akildiz / Mustafa Oz, New York.
Date of marriage of Songül Akildiz / in 2017.
Sons of Songül Akildiz / She has one child named Omar.
Songül Akildiz Qualification Studies / She studied theater in Turkey.
Beginning of Songül Akildiz Technical / 2002 CE.
Songül Akildiz has 4 sisters.
Songül Akildiz arranged among her sisters / she is the third daughter.
Beginning of Songül Akildiz Art / 2002 CE and she was 10 years old.
Songül Akildiz / Muslim religion.
The most important work of Songül Akildiz / Film Touch of Spice.
Songül Akilds / 164 cm tall.
Songül Akilds Weight / 50 kg.
Songül Akilds complexion / white.
Songül Akilds eye color / green.
Songül Akildiz’s hair color / brown.

Gökçe Akyildiz

Biography and life story of Songül Akildiz

The Turkish actress and young woman. Songül Akildiz. was born in Silop. Turkey. on the date of October 30. 1992 AD. She is a famous Turkish actress whose religion is Muslim and born in Scorpio. She began acting at a very young age in 2002 AD and her age at that time was 10 years of her most important work. Kirgin Çiçekler series.

The most important works of Songül Akilds films and series

1996 Sir kapisi
2003 A.G.A. (TV Mini-Series)
2004 Büyük bulusma
2004 Bütün çocuklarim
2008 Kollama
2013 Bizim Okul (2013)
2013 Fatih Harbiye
2014-2015 Medcezir
2011 Hayat Devam Ediyor 2012 Kötü Yol
2015-2018 Kirgin Ciçekler.

The reason why Songül Akildiz is so popular and onscreen

The beautiful artist Songül knew Akildiz by chance. through the appearance of her family on television to celebrate the victory of her father in a car in a competition. Songül was a member of the family that appeared on television and because of Songül’s extreme beauty. she drew the attention of everyone who was in the photography and even the broadcaster who presented the paragraph and everyone predicted She has a great success and that she will become one of Turkey’s famous one day. and after everyone drew her attention to this matter. she began acting and participating in roles when she was five years old. and after that she was involved in the works and participated in a large number of the most famous works in Turkish drama.

Her pregnancy’s relationship to changing the events of the Kirgin Çiçekler series

During the actress Songül Akildiz’s filming of her famous series Kirgin Çiçekler. she became pregnant with her child and upon reaching the fourth month she asked to separate from the staff due to the conditions of pregnancy. also because of her shape change and her weight gain after pregnancy. but the role that Songül was presenting is a very large starring role and is considered one of the most important roles in The series was impossible to dispense with. Therefore. in line with the new situation for Songül. the staff changed the script of the series to suit the load in the Kirgin Çiçekler series. one of the most famous series that was shown on AT channels on June 29. 2015. and the work received great admiration from Viewers.

Gökçe Akyildiz son

The events of her famous series Kirgin Çiçekler

The events of the famous series Kirgin Çiçekler begin about the heroine. a young teenage girl who is only 16 years old and named September. whose events began when she lost her father and she is only 11 years old. and after the death of her father. her mother. called Masouda. got married to her other husband. called Kamal. and she also has a sister. A younger girl called Bushra. but her mother’s husband was very uneven. who used to harass her several times.

during which she kept silence to her mother. but to no avail because of her mother’s lack of belief in what she says. She also accuses her of trying to differentiate between her and her husband. and after that she carried Masouda from her husband Kamal and based on that She put her daughter. September. in an orphanage because of the many problems that she had on the pretext that she could not raise her with her younger sister and the child that came from her husband. and while September was in the orphanage she lived in a room with three daughters. Miral. Songul and Qadar. and with them Jimmy. Great that transcends the sibling relationship and they gather while one of them is in a problem and are trying to solve it. but her stepfather’s order to harass her has not yet ended in harassing her inside the orphanage as well. but the girls who are with her in the room are trying to brother Bar director of the house about this in order to intervene and end it because he tried to harass the girls also besides September.

in another context. girls are studying in one of the major schools in the neighborhood. The orphanage is located in the richest neighborhoods and they wish to receive university scholarships. but the girls are exposed to a lot of bullying because of their situation in the neighborhood. They are girls of an orphanage. and they are poor. and while they are in school. each of them gets to know her boyfriend. so the series is directed by Serkan Berensi and with the participation of a number of Turkish artists such as Hazar Mutan. Ibek Karabnar. Yilda Ergulo. Elina Sokaz. Ozgo Chvik. and the two occupants of Armak. Piran Damla Yilmaz. and the series is the scenario of Gul Abus Simmer.

Why Songül Akildiz is out of the limelight after Kirgin Çiçekler

When Songül Akildiz asked why she stopped acting and kept out of the limelight after her successful series and work Kirgin Çiçekler. She said that she stopped working for a long time because her son was in his first months. And after he reached the ninth fame. she asked her manager to return to work again and told him that she wanted Participation in the current works. And as her time was already offered a group of works. but the reason for her rejection and unfortunate for her is that the embodiment of these characters required her to travel.

Such as some roles in the Ambassador’s Daughter series and the Ramo series in Adana. Which required filming in a remote place like Mersin and in Bodrum. It is impossible for her to travel to film outside the city in which she lives. and despite her strong desire to participate in the Ramo series and that she has already prepared for the role and the crew liked her in auditions. but it is difficult because it concerns her son and because it is difficult for her to go and return every day. so she did not participate in the work.