Tolga Güleç embodies the character of Ahmed in the Turkish series Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki

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 Who is Tolga Güleç?

Date of birth: the twentieth day of September in the year 1981
Astrological Sign: Libra
Age: 39 years
Place of birth: Iskenderun, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
Marital Status: Separated from his wife
Wife’s name: Yeliz Sarr
Wife’s place: Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey
Duration of marriage: from 2013 until 2017
Academic qualification: He studied theater arts at Dokuz Eylul University
Profession: Actor
Preferred hobbies: horseback riding, hunting, volleyball, fencing, swimming, diving.
Beginning of work on the artistic journey: 2009
The number of years he worked in the artistic field: 11 years and he still works in the artistic field.
The most important artistic roles: Gokhan in the series Fadila and Her Daughters, Ahmed in the series Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki.

Tolga Güleç’s life story and info

The distinguished Turkish actor Tolga Güleç was born in the Turkish city of Iskenderun. on the 20th of September 1981, and he was born in the sign of Libra.
Tolga was a troublemaker child. a troublemaker teenager. and his grandmother used to say that he would never succeed in his life. and he was lazy in education and did not like to study despite his great intelligence.
He finished his secondary education in 1999. and joined Istanbul University to study business administration.
He decided to study theater due to his passion for acting and theater. He joined the University of September 9 in 2003 to study theater and performing arts. and he graduated from the university in 2009 after gaining 6 years of experience in the field of theater acting.

The start of Tolga Güleç’s career

After completing his studies at the University of September 9 in 2009. and after gaining full 6 years of experience in the field of performing arts. he began to play a group of interesting small roles in a group of successful Turkish works such as: (Remember. My Dear. Broken Wings).

In 2010. the hard-working Turkish actor Tolga Güleç was chosen to play the role of Ahmed in the successful Turkish series Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki. and Tolga Güleç was able to excel in performing his role in the three parts of the series.

In 2017. the hardworking Turkish actor Tolga Güleç was chosen to play the role of Gökhan in the successful Turkish series Fadela and Her Daughters.

Romantic relationships in the life of Tolga Güleç

The personal life of the artist Tolga Güleç is full of various surprises. Tolga was associated with a strong love story with the beautiful rising Turkish actress Yeliz Sar. and they got married after a short-lived engagement. but after nearly five years of their marriage they separated from each other.

The news of their separation was a sad surprise for the entire audience. because the fans of the two stars never expected that the beautiful love story between the two Turkish stars Tolga Güleç and Willis Sarr would end in divorce.

Each of them stated. explaining that the divorce was done by agreement between them. and the divorce was done amicably. and on the reasons for the divorce. the two stars stated that the divorce was due to their preoccupation with their work on the other.

After the divorce. the two stars continued to live in the same house. but in one of the nights that the two stars gathered together with their friends. a sharp dispute broke out between the two stars. due to Tolga Güleç’s intense jealousy of Yeliz Sar. and Tolga left the place of the evening and went home and packed his bags and left home. and both of them rose up. By deleting the shared photos of them. canceling the friendship and following up on social networking sites.

The rising Turkish star Yeliz Saar has stated that she can no longer tolerate Tolga Güleç’s excessive jealousy. and that he can no longer tolerate his interference in her clothes. business. and friendships, and that this time there will be no way for them to return again.

Artworks provided by actor Tolga Güleç

2013 Adini Kalbime Yazdim (TV Series)
2013 Eksik sayfalar
2012 Zor Yillarin Kayip Çocuklari (Documentary)
Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki (Parts 1. 2. and 3) in 2010. he presented the role of Ahmed.
Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari in 2017.
Kizim Gibi Kokuyorsun in 2019.
2014 Sürgün Inek
2014 Hayat Agaci (TV Series)
2015-2016 Poyraz Karayel (TV Series)
2019 Yüzlesme (TV Series)
2019 Leke (TV Series)
2020 Kirmizi Oda (TV Series)
2020 Kefaret (TV Series)
2021 Masumiyet (TV Series)

Tolga Güleç embodies the character of Ahmed in the Turkish series Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki

It is considered the most important stage in Tolga Güleç’s artistic career. which was his starting point to the world of heroism and stardom. when he was nominated to play the role of Ahmed in the famous Turkish series Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki in 2010. when he participated in the three parts of the series.

The series Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki was written by the successful Turkish author Gökçün Ermak. and directed by Zainab Junai Tan. and the series was co-starred by a group of the best Turkish drama stars. including Arkan Btikkia. Aisha Banjul. Wilma Elis. Zainab Abdullah.

The series revolves around the political events that took place in Turkey in this period in a thrilling drama in the year 1967. through the story of the life of a captain who is married and loves his wife very much. but the nature of his work makes him travel a lot, and on one of the trips he gets to know a woman of a high amount of beauty called “Nariman” and the captain falls in love with her.

Tolga Güleç Age Religion
Tolga Güleç Age Religion