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Information about Ozge Yagiz, the heroine of the series – Ozge Yagiz, an artist and actress known for the Turkish TV drama. Exclusive and renewable.

Information about Ozge Yagiz

Birthdate April 10, 1997
Place of birth is Istanbul
Turkish citizenship
Academic qualification Capital Academy of Communication Sciences
Martial status: single.

Birth upbringing and study

A young artist from Turkey. despite her simple and little beginning. but she became a well-known artist and the search requests for her are very large. she is only 22 years old. she became one of the most beloved actresses on television. and she has a great future in art. she graduated from the Capital Academy of Communication Sciences. after her graduation. she immediately studied acting Then she acted and stood in front of the cameras. her astrological sign is Aries. her height is 169 cm. and her weight is 52 kg.

Technical journey

At the age of twenty-two. she enchanted the audience with her natural beauty. strong presence and great talent. very quickly she became one of the leading artists and has a great future. and got a large fan base due to her successful roles. and her great acting skills. she appeared for the first time in the series (Adini sen koy). revolves around About after his father left his father for another man. Omar’s perception of women has been forever damaged. and he considers them unreliable. untrustworthy. and even dangerous.

The only woman who has time for her is his beloved sister Aize. whom he would do something for her. Ace herself is a great romantic and wants nothing more than her brother to be happy and find love for himself when she gets sick. with only months left. Omar understands that the only way his happy sister dies is if She marries. he arranges a deal with Zahra. a woman in desperate need of money.
and that he will pay her what she needs. and their marriage will last only six months.

believing that Zahra is nothing but a gold digger. treats her without affection and expects her to simply fulfill her side of the deal and do Exactly as he says but over time. he sees another side to it and the two show unexpected feelings that further complicate matters.

Ozge Yagiz in the series section

She presented the role of Rehan who is an orphan girl in her twenties. the city of Sri Lanka is the city in which she lived childhood. Rehan grew up without a mother and father. the biggest support for Rehan in these difficult days came from Fikret Bey. who lives in Istanbul. is her mother’s brother. A dependent for Rehan since his childhood. and he realizes that Rayhan is a responsible girl and has a small sense of evil. I thought of you. a request from Rayhan to marry his son Amir.

but Amir and Rayhan are two opposing characters. and agreed to marry his son. Rehan agrees even though he does not like the prince. Marrying him because of his promise to her uncle. but when a young. irresponsible and unshakable prince swears by the prince that he will never touch him until he becomes more intrusive.

Secrets and Relationships of Ozge Yagiz

She has neither a lover nor a close friend. all she thinks about now is her artistic future only. She loves animals. especially cats. and she also has many friends that she loves to hang out with him. Facing his first lead role in the new series Yameen after the TV series You Name. he was loved by the life-giving character Zeliha in the eponymous TV series. and his producers were fascinated by his beauty and talent.

Özge Yağız will enter a difficult marathon with Reyhan’s character. which will appear in Yemin. which is also a daily series. after accepting the proposal of screenwriter and producer Nazmiye Yılmaz. among the many offers that came to him after the Sen Koy series. Özge Yağız. player manager Hassan Gungur. is mostly a young player. Ozge Yagiz. now 22.

dazzles the crowd with the beauty of her wall. She appears among the leading actresses of the future.

she is especially admired for her successful acting. Who tries to give full rights to every role she plays. she owes her acting skills to the communication lessons he took at the Academy of Communication Sciences in Shekant and the acting lessons he took at No10Studios. The pioneers of the future.

Ozge Yagiz kid
Ozge Yagiz kid

She is particularly admired for her successful acting. Özge Yağız That you seek has been granted the full right to all the role you play. She owes her acting skills to the communication lessons she took at Bakent Academy in Communication Knowledge and the acting lessons she took at No10Studios. Much of her gorgeous beauty was admired. the young actress began to investigate after the hashtag was opened by her fans about Özg Yagiz. who gave the role of Rayhan in the Yameen series.

which talked about Kanal 7 screens. Some other social media pioneers noticed that they found little similarities Among the features of Ozgeyagiz and the features of Ozge Turar. who is now famous for Pala Hatton from the series “Resurrection of Osman”. who is sharing the tournament in front of the Turkish star Burak Ozjevit.

Ozge Yagiz Resurrection Osman

Although she is now 23 years old. all the details about the artist who made her name known and loved from a series You Call it and Right. which was broadcast daily on the screens. are a matter of curiosity. But the most strange thing is the similarity of the shape of our artist with another actress. who is the heroine of the series Resurrection Osman. so that some believe that she is Ozge Turar. but she only converges with her in form. Özge Yağız was born on the 10 of April 1997 in Istanbul. Graduated from Baskent University Academy of Communication Sciences.
Özge Yağız. who had his first acting experience published in 2017 with the name given by the Koy series. Özge Yağız. who now brings life to the character of Rehan in the Yemin series published on Kanal 7 screens. is 1.69 meters tall. 52 kilograms and payload.

Ozge Yagiz and her husband

She is not married and has no relationship with one of them. so let’s find out who is Rehan? Rehan is an orphan girl in her twenties.
Rehan. who ate the silence of life in his childhood. grew up with both mom and dad. In these difficult days. the biggest support for Rayhan came from Fikret Bey. who lives in Istanbul. I knew about you. Rehan. since childhood. and realizes the responsibility of Rayhan. a girl who is not the youngest evil in his heart and heart.

I thought of you. he wanted to marry Rayhan with his son Amir. But Prince and Rihan are opposites. Rehan does not break Fikrit of you. who loves. like his father. and agrees to marry his son. Although Rehan is not in love with Amir. she agrees to marry her because of her promise. but Amir. an irresponsible and impenetrable teenager. has sworn that she will never touch her. which makes things even more complicated.

Relationships of Ozge Yagiz
Relationships of Ozge Yagiz