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a full report on the beloved Turkish actress Sinan Kara, her religion, her husband, her age, her nationality, all the details about her personal life before fame, how she entered the artistic community, her marriage, her fame in the Arab world in the recent period.

Personal information

Place of birth: Izmir – Turkey
Date of birth: August 9, 1978
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Weight: 56 kg
Height: 174 cm
Educational Qualification: College of Fine Arts
Marital Status: Married
Astrological Sign: Leo

The life story of the actress Sinan Kara

The Turkish actress Senan Kara was born in Izmir, Turkey, on the 9th of August 1978, the religion of the actress Senan Kara is Islam, her weight is 56 kg, and her height is 74 cm. Making her one of the most beautiful Turkish actresses ever, Kinan studied fine arts at Dokuz Elyl University and graduated from it, and Sinan began her artistic career after graduating from the university in 2000, and she was one of the actresses who got strong beginnings that enabled her to prove her talent since her first appearance to the Turkish public.

Senan Kara’s beginnings in Turkish theater

It is known technically that the most difficult sections for acting are acting in theater. and that any actor whose beginnings are in the theater. gets enough experience that enables him to enter the artistic community. whether in cinema or television with ease. and due to the great talent of Sinan that she has enjoyed since her childhood. she was Sinan’s beginnings in Turkish theater since she graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts. in 2000. she participated in her first play and her first work of art ever. It was her first play on the state theater. and then she participated in many theaters in Turkey. until she got Sinan won the praise of the public and critics. and after that she won many important roles. whether in dramas in television or in cinema.

Sinan Kara’s marriage

In 2007. the actress Senan Kara announced her marriage to the well-known actor. “Sirat Tutumler”. one of the most famous actors in Turkey. She gave birth to only one child from the biographies of one child. and tries as much as possible to create a balance between her child and her home and between art and work. as she is one of the most famous actresses. In Turkey. many series are shown to her. which she must always present as required.

The work that brought together Sinan and his biographies

Turkish drama annually produces many strong dramas. which are widely recognized not only in Turkey. but also in the Arab world. In the recent period. we find that many Turkish drama actors and actresses have become a popular base among the Arab world. and the Arab world has become following With a passion for Turkish series. due to its interest in presenting social stories that attract the attention of all ages.

One of the most popular series that attracted the attention of the Arab public and gained wide fame in Turkey is the series “You are my country”. one of Turkey’s largest productions. produced in 2016. and it is a historical series that tells about the Turkish state in the time from 1913 when a city was occupied Turkish Izmir. the series tells the story of an Ottoman soldier who was betrayed by his own Ottoman army. until he decides to become a general in the Greek army. to transmit all news from the Greek army to the Turkish residence. along with many paradoxes of the soldier who has to choose between the love of his life And between his love for his country.

Senan Kara’s own artwork

Senan Kara presented during her artistic career many wonderful cinematic and dramatic works. in addition to her distinguished works in Turkish theater. where Sinan has always been keen to present roles that attract attention. and show her great talent in the field of acting and impersonation. You are my homeland from which I came from two seasons in 2016 and 2017. and the work was dubbed into the Syrian dialect and shown on Arab TV in 2018. and Sinan also presented many wonderful dramas such as the foreign groom series. the series There is a woman on the station. the series Your destiny is the home. next to many The wonderful cinematic and theatrical works that leave a great impact on the minds of viewers. whether the Arab or foreign viewer.

The first play in Senan Kara’s life

Senan Kara’s first play is the magic people play. which Sinan presented in 2000. the play takes place in two main chapters. During the two chapters. the story of the handsome young Tamino. who begins the first chapter with him. tries to fish with his bow in a vast green forest. and Tamino realized the sunset without To return to his kingdom. to lose the way and go to the city of darkness. during his journey in the city of darkness Tamino tries to return to his home.

as a large snake appears in the dark trying to swallow him. three girls come to rescue Tamino from the snake. then the princess of the dark city admires Tamino’s handsome. and asked From him to free her daughter who was kidnapped by Sarastro. and she promised him that she would announce their marriage if he managed to save her. After Tamino recognized the charming beauty of “Bamina”. he fell in love with her and took upon himself the task of saving her. so that he could marry her as promised by her mother. a city princess. Darkness. and Tamino’s weapon during the trip was that sad flute. which turns the big beast into a pet. so that Tamino can save Bamina and marry her.

Awards won by Senan Kara

As a result of her wonderful roles. and her right choices. Sinan was able to obtain the love of the Turkish public. in addition to forming great popularity for her in the Arab world. and during her artistic career. Sinan was able to obtain important awards from the Turkish state in appreciation of her wonderful roles. Awarded by the Turkish Women’s Union in 2007.

Most famous of his works is Senan Kara

2019-2021 Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir (TV Series)
2020 The Gift (TV Series) Cep Herkülü: Naim Süleymanoglu
Yildiz Sunar
2019 Bilmemek
2019 Kuzgun (TV Series)
2016-2017 Vatanim Sensin (TV Series)
2004 Yabanci damat (TV Series)

Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir
Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir
Senan Kara's beginnings in Turkish theater
Senan Kara’s beginnings in Turkish theater