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Burcin Terzioglu, the heroine of the Poyraz Krael series, complete information and life story, her personal card, Burçin Terzioglu’s works and upcoming projects, her upbringing and family, her marriage to Ilker Kalieli, many secrets about her life that she knows for the first time, her talent and works she loves to do, her favorite food and her ideals in acting, and photo albums New to her.
Personal card and special information about it

Date of birth: March 9, 1980

Age in 2019: 39 years.

Place of birth: I was born in Istanbul.

Nationality: Turkish.

Burchin Terzioglu Religion: Muslim.

Burçin Terzioglu and her husband: She was married to the artist, Murad Yildirim, in 2008, and they separated in 2014.

Weight: 55 kg.

Height: 160 cm.

Hair color: golden.

Eye color: Hazel greenish.

Academic Qualification: Majdat Jezzine Center for Arts.

When did she start her artistic career: She started her artistic career in 2004.

What is her favorite sport: swimming in the sea.

What her hobby: Her hobby is dog breeding and photo sessions.

Burçin Terzioglu’s works, movies, TV shows and plays


Burçin Terzioglu

2021 Hükümsüz (TV Series)
2020 Menajerimi Ara (TV Series)
2018-2020 The Protector (TV Series)
2019 Güzelligin Portresi
2019 Kursun (TV Series)
2015-2017 Poyraz Karayel (TV Series)
2013-2014 Merhamet (TV Series)
2013 Halam Geldi
2010-2011 Ezel (TV Series)
2009 Ey ask nerdesin (TV Series)
2008 Çemberin disinda (TV Series)
2006-2007 Firtina (TV Series)
2004-2006 Kadin Isterse (TV Series)
2005 Anne babamla evlensene (TV Series)
2004 Melekler adasi (TV Series)
2002-2004 Kinali kar (TV Series)
2003 Tastan kalp (TV Movie)
2000 Üzgünüm Leyla (TV Series)
1998 Sirilsiklam (TV Series)
1997 Yasemince (TV Movie)
1996 Cinayet masasi
1995 Çiçek taksi (TV Series)
1994 Iki küçük yaramaz
1993 Firar (TV Series)
1993 Solan gül (TV Series)
1992 Mahallenin Muhtarlari (TV Series)
1991 Menekse Koyu
Fazilet 1990
1989 Doktorlar (TV Series)
Baba yüregi
1987 Evlat Acisi (Video)
1987 Menekseler Mavidir
1987 Yeniden dogmak (TV Mini-Series) (1987) (uncredited)
1986 Iki Milyarlik Bilet
1985 Çiplak Vatandas
Ibrahim’in Kizi
1985 Patron duymasin

Secrets and her life story and biography

The Turkish actress. Burcin. was born in Istanbul. she was a spoiled and stubborn child. but she had a beautiful face. boldness and personal strength. which gave her a great opportunity to appear as a child actress in advertisements. movies and series. Five years old. she showed her creativity in playing roles. and her ability to download her tears if the role required this. She chose to crown her talent with study. and then she studied acting at the Majdat Jezzine Art Center until her real beginning came after she finished her studies.

Her artistic debut in acting

She started the real work as an adult actress in 1998 in the series Sirilsiklam. and continued from her time to present simple roles. including Ozlem in Tastan kalp and Umit in Olaya. Pinar through Kinali Car. and also the character of Siren in Milliker Adassi. she was distinguished in her television and cinematic work also during this period. The audience knew her previously. as she is one of the artists who grew up on the screen.

In 2010. I participated in the famous Turkish series Ezel. and presented the character (Azad Kreisky). which won great popularity. starring the artist Kinan Emerzalioglu and Gansu Dere. which takes place after Omar Ozar was betrayed by his trusted friends and the woman he loved. Ezel to check his revenge. a young age full of beauty and good spirit. He has just returned from military service and is about to marry his dream girl. Isan. his two best friends. Cengiz and Ali. like his two brothers. and he trusts them with all his heart. but his whole life lies before him.

The drama begins when the police break into Omar’s bedroom when he is still sleeping. and he was arrested for murder and robbery in the casino the night before. Omar is imprisoned for committing the crime and his life is destroyed. Friends disappear until his fiancée also instead of standing next to him. He thinks about one question over the ten years Coming up: Why? Omar is clearly set up. but was such a horrific crime really possible by two of his best friends and fiancée Isan? Omar’s death is eventually announced in prison. but the death is a cover-up for revenge. After plastic surgery. Omar returns to Ezel. with only one mission in life – to find.

Aisha Gul’s role in Poyraz Krael

The most important and largest series that got its starring. its episodes lasted for two years. co-starring her lover Ilker Kaleli. who loved her after this work. and the artist Moses Ozanlar. produced by the limon film company. shown on the Turkish channel Kanal D.

Its events revolve around an honest and honorable police officer named Ahmed Poyraz Karayel. who was accused of taking a bribe unjustly and spent a whole year in prison as punishment. as he was his son Sinan in favor of his wife’s father (his father-in-law) Unsal Uzbekan. then he became a tax driver to get his son back. until His police chief chose him to work as a spy for the police. a spy in the mafia run by Bahri Ouman and obtaining information about her and in return for the work will be the guardianship of Sinan. before Poyraz immediately accepted the offer. then he falls in love with an independent girl who works as a doctor. only to discover that she is the daughter of a mafia man.

Burcin Terzioglu Husband and Boyfriend

The actress married actor Murad Yıldırım in 2008 after they fell in love with each other during the filming of the series “The Storm”. their divorce. then they separated for a while until they decided to divorce in 2014 AD. but they shocked everyone with an announcement. after a marriage that lasted 6 years that did not produce children. to be associated with a hero Poyraz Crail Ilker Kalili series. to appear shortly after the end of the series after the problems and pressures between the two lovers. to announce in 2018 her separation from him after she canceled his follow-up on her accounts. although their followers were waiting for their wedding date. and the duo loved the audience.

Burçin Terzioglu Husband