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All you want to know about Deniz baysal, her life story and biography (Hazan), the heroine of the Fadila series and her daughters, and (Zainab) the heroine of the series The Heart of Rosgar. Her religion is her husband, her series, much information about her and a collection of her most beautiful pictures.

Who is deniz baysal?

Nationality: Turkish nationality
Date of birth: April 5, 1991
Age in 2020: 29 years
Place of birth: Bornova, Izmir, Turkey
Habib Deniz Baysal: Artist Furkan Andash
Acting began: in 2011.
The name deniz baysal in Turkish is deniz baysal
Her religion: Muslim

deniz baysal the story of her life

Deniz baysal. the nationality of deniz baysal is the Turkish nationality. the date of birth of the actress deniz baysal is April 5. 1991. her age in 2017 is 26 years old. the place of birth of the actress deniz baysl Bornova Izmir. Turkey. the name of the Turkish actress’s lover Deniz baysal is the Turkish star artist Furkan Andash. Deniz baysal graduated from Celal Bayar University. Faculty of International Trade. and Turkish actress deniz baysal started acting in 2011.

Deniz Baysal
Deniz Baysal

Information about deniz baysal

Deniz baysal is a Turkish actress. born in a city in Izmir. her astrological sign is Aries. and her parents divorced since she was young. She loved acting from her younger age. She studies acting at the age of ten. Her beginning was in the municipality’s theater. She participated in many children’s plays and was encouraged by a school teacher to act In the school theater. she graduated from the College of Foreign Trade and worked at the time in many commercials. her first real appearance in 2011 AD in the series (Deep Water). the first cinematic work in the movie (Love Dreams Bread) in 2014 AD. As for her private life. she is in a relationship With the rising Turkish artist Furkan Andash. they watched them holding their hands together. and said that they were living a love story. but he did not confirm or deny this.

Deniz baysal series

The series “Fathers and Sons” in 2012. the series “The Missing City” in 2012. “The Runaway Bride” in 2014-2015 AD. the series “White Lie in 2015”. “The Heart of Rosgar.” 2016 AD.

her husband of Deniz Baysal and Biography

Deniz. or known as (Hazan). a young Turkish artist despite her young age. but she became a large fan base. quickly grabbed the heart of the Turkish and Arab viewers as well. it is known that she was born in a city called (Bornova) Izmir. and she was born in April and its tower Astronomer is pregnancy. since she was young and she is in a life full of excitement and adventure. especially after the divorce of her parents and she chose to live with her mother. since she was young and she is a lover of acting and used to play basketball with her school friends and then she hit a ball in her nose. which forced her to do a plastic surgery In which .

Deniz Baysal Husband
Deniz Baysal Husband

She started acting at the age of ten on the municipal theater. in children’s plays.
Her teacher encouraged her a lot to continue acting and that she has a great future in the world of art and fame. after her graduation from the Faculty of Commerce. she began appearing in commercial television commercials. and when the directors saw her talent and strong presence. she got an opportunity in the series Deep Water in 2011 and then the works that she participated in began quickly How big is her role. about her most important work. which is the series Fazilet Hanım ve Kızları. As for her favorite sport. it is playing basketball and boxing. As for her future dreams. she has not set a goal like what she will do after 10 years. She loves her work very much and his human being Organized and ambitious.

Deniz Baysal Husband

The role of Hazan in the series Fadela and her daughters:

It is considered one of her most important roles on television. as she gained great fame in the Arab world. She presented the role of a simple girl from a poor neighborhood. Who lives with her mother and her younger sister. Works as a box coach. In one of the big gyms. Where the elders and celebrities of Turkey come. she loved Sinan in secret. He is an irresponsible rich boy. She contributed a lot to raising her sister.

Who dreams of working as an advertisement model. Events turn and save years from death. and their relationship begins to close. And they become lovers. But after she got to know his brother (Yagiz) who fell in love with her before he knew his brother’s love for her And a friendship relationship begins between her and Yagiz and turns into love. the series has a lot of romance. feelings. drama. stories. and interesting and exciting events. it got a very large viewership. and it became one of the most important Turkish series shown in this period.

Her role in the series On the Wings of Lovebirds Sevda Kusun Kanadinda

I participated in the series On the Wings of Lovebirds Sevda Kusun Kanadinda. a historical and dramatic series. The first of which was shown in July 2018. The events of the series revolve around the period of the coup between 1968 AD and 1970 AD. that period was difficult, and it talks about the coup politics and social life at the time and how The influence of all people in this period.

Her personal secrets and relationships

Deniz has become one of the most important stars of art in Turkey. Especially after she presented the role of Hazan in the series Fadila Hanim and her daughters. And proved that she is an artist with great talent and deserves great success. After she got all that fame, and the number of her followers reached more than two million followers. Many wondered about her life The character is in a relationship with the Turkish rock singer Barış Yurtçu.

They have been in love for a long time. And they shared a lot of pictures on Instagram. On November 5. 2018. their engagement was held at her home, and the family and loved ones attended. Deniz wore a thin golden dress And she was very happy with her and her fiancé. And she shared many photos of her followers on her social networking sites.