Nurettin Sönmez

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Date of birth: July 24. 1978
Age: 42 years.
Place of birth: Istanbul in the country of Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish nationality.
What religion is bamsi in real life? Muslim.
Academic qualification: Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering. Mining Department. Istanbul University – Ditib University. Department of Theater.
Profession: Actor.
Is Nurettin Sonmez married? Married.
Beginning of his artistic career: 2011 AD.
Hair color: black.
Eye color: black.
Height: 185 m.
Weight is 90 kg.
Astrological Sign: Leo.
His first work: The Blue Butterflies series.
Fame: Role of Bamsi Beyrek in Dirilis: Ertugrul.

What is religion of Nurettin Sonmez?

Nuruddin Sonmar is from Istanbul in the state of Turkey. where he was born and raised. His birth was on the twenty-fourth of July in 1978 AD. He received his full education until he reached the university stage. So he decided to join the Faculty of Engineering.

Mining Department at Istanbul University and after obtaining a degree Graduation decided to study art. so he joined Ditib University to study theater and this is due to his great love for the world of art and cinema.

Nurettin Sönmez
Nurettin Sönmez

The most important role

that brought him fame was the role of “Bamsi Beyrek” in the great artwork that caused a global sensation. “Dirilis: Ertugrul”. Which he performed in a superb way and said that the reason for his distinguished performance is his great experience in the world of horse riding and the use of swords as the actor was able The Turkish Nurettin Sönmez who drew attention around him in Turkey or outside his country by starring a character named Berek in the series Artgrel. Which talks about the life story of Artgrel Ghazi. Father of Osman Ghazi. The founder of the Ottoman state.
In 2015

Nurettin Sönmez. The actor Nurettin Sönmez. made a traffic accident in Adrianople while driving a motorbike. Which made him start in the second part of the series “Dirilis: Ertugrul” at a late time. And actor Nurettin Sönmez was paid in the one filming for Dirilis: Ertugrul amounts to approximately twenty thousand liras.

Actor Nurettin Sönmez in the series Blue ButterfliesIt

a Turkish series that was produced and presented on the screen in Turkey for the year 2012. And its hero was the actor Nurettin Sönmez. And it was presented in the Middle East on January 26. 2014 on Fox.

The blue butterfly was a sign of the extent to which the Bosnian people suffered from the Serbs in the mass war and the great destruction of the organization in the year 1992 and 1995 in the year 2007.

Actor Nurettin Sönmez
Actor Nurettin Sönmez

The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina also submitted cases against Serbia with evidence of genocide cases that we collected to the International Court of Justice. so the court postponed that these proofs are insufficient. This decision motivated the Bosnian people to work for a commission to find mass graves. And after a year some geological structures were replaced on a large scale in some places. and the authority found about 300 mass graves.

The series revolves around a war in a dramatic space. highlighting some villages in which a number of Bosnians and Serbs lived and how the war separated them and changed them into enemies of each other except for 3 people. who are (Marco – Mirna – Philip) who kills the last of the Serbs for the first episodes and how (Mira is a Serbian friend of the Bosnian (returnee) and they were studying with each other in the same classroom and after a while how she became a guard for the prison in which she was (returning) and was torturing her By itself and how the Serbs are pressuring the Bosnians to change their religion. otherwise they will be detained. tortured and their women raped by Serb soldiers.

Actor Nurettin Sönmez Tatar Ramazan: Ben Bu Oyunu BozarimThe events of this series revolve around what was happening after the Second World War. Where there was a person called Ramadan Tatars, and we can say about him Ramadan the Tatar was working in the blacksmith profession in one of the small villages where he lived. But his whole life was spent in showing truth and justice among people He was distinguished by manliness and courage. He was of a strong build that feared and feared God in all his deeds.

Who is Nurettin Sonmez wife?

This transformation that occurred in his personality was due to the murder that occurred in ancient times before entering prison. The crime of murder was the victim of the president who handles affairs of the town. This town was called “Ovacik.” The town guards managed to arrest him and throw him in prison.

Where this decision was issued from within the council Then Ramadan Al-Tatari went from one prison to another until one of the directors of the prisons in which there was a lot of injustice came. He was called “the director Hamid” and he agreed with the head of the prison in which Ramadan was at the time. Within which prisoners are tortured. and among the prisoners in this prison there is a sinister man called “Leader Azouz”. Indeed. Ramadan moved and many problems and disagreements appeared between Ramadan and the leader Azouz.

Actor Nurettin Sönmez wife
Actor Nurettin Sönmez wife

Is Turgut dead?

Ramadan has many friends. But the closest to his heart are two (Abbas) and (Uncle Hassan). At one point. Ramadan decided to take revenge for his father. Who was killed by the merchant Akram Ozturk. and after his father’s death. Intense grief dominated his mother’s heart. So she followed his father and died. Also.

(the uncle) was killed by the son. But the matter was hidden and no one was able to discover it. But everyone thought that he was killed at the hands of the leader Azouz. which led to an increase in hatred in the heart of Ramadan in the direction of Azouz. as Azouz was not satisfied with this matter only.

But he did what is worse He killed his sweetheart “Soraya” and the mother of his young son. so the unjust director Hamid put him in solitary confinement and then came to prison. a new investigator called (Amr). he is a just person who made a decision regarding Azouz. which was his release. and then about two years later. Ramadan was released. About this place and travel to Istanbul.

Nurettin Sönmez Series

1999 Aksam günesi (TV Series) 2011 Mavi Kelebekler (TV Series)
2012 Bir zamanlar Osmanli: Kiyam (TV Series)
2013 Osmanlida Derin Devlet (TV Series)
2013 Tatar Ramazan: Ben Bu Oyunu Bozarim (TV Series)
2014-2019 Dirilis: Ertugrul (TV Series)
2019-2021 Kurulus: Osman (TV Series)