Story of the Cyprus Winter Island Series

Story of the Cyprus Winter Island Series – Kıbrıs Ada Kışı- Heroes and Full Report



Turkish series Winter Island of Cyprus – Kıbrıs Ada Kışı

To all the fans and followers of the Turkish drama. We have collected a complete report for you about everything you want to know about the new Turkish series Cyprus Winter Island and a lot of information about it.

The story of the Cyprus Winter Series and the heroes of the Cyprus Winter Series. Information about them. The series show dates and the channel presenting it. With a set of pictures of the series and its protagonists the participants.

Information about the series – Kıbrıs Ada Kışı – the winter island of Cyprus

Number of episodes of the series: 26 episodes
Episode duration: 60 minutes
The series is produced by: TMC Film
Written by: Başar Başaran and Emre Özdür
The series is directed by: Hakan Inan
Genre: Dramatic – Romance.

The dates of the Cyprus Island winter series and the channel for the series

The Cyprus Island Winter Series will start showing at the beginning of 2021. and the series will be shown on the Turkish Trt 1 channel.

Heroes of the series Cyprus Winter Island

Ahmet Kural / Ahmed Coral
Serkan Çayoğlu / Serkan Çayoğlu
Pelin Karahan / Pelin Karahan
Gülper Ozdemir
With another group of artists. they are currently being selected by the work team.

The story of the Cyprus Winter Island series – Kıbrıs Ada Kışı

The team of the Cyprus Winter Island series will start filming the series’s scenes on the first of January. and the series will be filmed in the city of Cyprus because the series talks about Cyprus and its events take place entirely in this city and also because of the beautiful and charming landscapes in it. The series “Island of Cyprus” belongs Winter to the type of Turkish series that take place in a social. dramatic and romantic context. with some interesting and exciting events. as is the norm of most beautiful Turkish series. which many audiences in Turkey and other countries love. The events of the series take place in the period between 1963 and ending In 1974.

As for the story of the series. there is a state of extreme secrecy about the story and events of this series from the entire team. and we and the entire audience are waiting for this interesting series.

Actor Ahmet Kural is the hero of the series

Turkish actor Ahmet Kural will play the lead role in the series Cyprus Winter Island. and Ahmet Kural will play a different and new role completely as he stated

Who is the Turkish actor Ahmet Kural: He is a Turkish actor. born in 1982 in Kutahya. Turkey. His father used to work as a police officer while his older sister entered the field of art and acting. and he was very influenced by her and loved this field. so Ahmet Kural decided to go into acting like his sister.

Acting began in the high school theater. At the university level. the actor Ahmet Kural joined Selcuk University in the Department of Radio. Television and Film. and after that he joined Bilkent University and obtained a master’s degree from it. and then the actor Ahmet Kural went to the Mogdat Jazan Center for Arts to receive lessons in art Acting and its teaching has reached the level of Levent Kırca-Oya Başar Tiyatrosu in theater studies.

Ahmet Kural’s first appearance on the screen was in the series “A Thin Rose of My Thoughts” in 2007. and during the year he also appeared in another Turkish series entitled My Home Man. then he got the absolute starring role in the series Evimin Erkeği. but the series did not achieve a high viewership. Failure to achieve the required success so he was stopped after episode 19 only. then he participated in many distinguished Turkish series. through which he achieved wide fame and among these series such as Haluk Bilginer. Köksal Engür. Hümeyra and Ozgü Namal. Then he appeared in one episode of the Ramadan Güçler series. the Çalgı Çengi series. the İşler Güçler series. and other series.

Pelin Karahan is the heroine of Kıbrıs Ada Kışı

Actress Pelin Karahan is participating in the series “Winter Island of Cyprus.” and is currently finalizing the details of her role and character in the series.

Who is Bilin Karahan: She is a Turkish artist and actress. born in 1984 in Ankara. Turkey. her father is called Bayram Ali Karhan. and her mother is Nural Kocijet. and her maternal grandmother was an immigrant from the Albanians to Turkey and she lived in the actress Bilin Karahan in the elementary stage Arı College School As for the preparatory stage. she was from Ankara Gazi Osman School and she graduated from Anatolia University. majoring in tourism companies.

Turkish actress Pelin Karahan appeared at the beginning of her career before acting in many important and famous commercials such as Coca-Cola Light and Carrefour. she appeared in 2007 for the first time as an actress on the screen and that during the Turkish series Kavak Yillery. her real fame came in acting. Through the series Muhteşem Yüzyıl in 2012 and the series Mihrimah Sultan. which deals with the life story of Sultan Suleiman the law.

In 2011. the actress. Pelin Karahan. Received the Sixth Beirut International Festival of Awards. a prize from the Media and Arts Awards. the most successful actress for her role in the Kavak Willary series. in 2015 she received an award from the Sixth Beirut International Festival of Awards as the best international actress.

As for the personal life of the actress Pelin Karahan. she married twice. her first marriage was to the sports coach Erdense Bekiroglu. and she separated from him after only two years of marriage. While the second marriage was from the Turkish actor Badri Gontai and she gave birth to two sons. Ali Demir and Ayoub.

Kıbrıs Champion Ada Kışı Serkan Çayoğlu

He is a Turkish actor. Born in 1987 in Germany. and he belongs to a Turkish family from the Turkish community living in Germany and returned again to his original home after he obtained his education in the field of economics in a German university and began his career at the beginning as a Turkish fashion model. But After a while. He decided to enter the artistic and acting field. and he resorted to a number of veteran artists for lessons in acting and theater.

Actor Serkan Çayoğlu appeared for the first time as an actor on the screen through the Turkish series “North and South” or Muhannad’s return in 2012. And his role in the series was a small and minor role. In 2014, he got a bigger role in the series “Olive Hill”. but his fame and launch The truth came through the series “Cherry Season”. During which he won the title role. and the series was able to obtain a high viewership rate and a great success that made the name of the actor Serkan Çayoğlu launch in the world of art and drama and became one of the most important and prominent young stars in Turkey and the homeland Arabi .